Stardust bonus charts and farming guide: Stardust Blast and Cyndaquil Community Day edition

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Trainers, we’ve received multiple request from our readers asking for a simple, yet comprehensible, Stardust chart for the current Stardust Blast event and the upcoming Cyndaquil Community day event. Niantic has recently confirmed that we will have quadruple (4x) Stardust gains from catches during Cyndaquil day, acknowledging that event bonuses stack on top of each other.

Quadruple Stardust, increased hatch and catch bonuses and Star Piece make this a particularly good time to farm Stardust, and we wanted to help out our fellow Trainers. With that in mind, we created this Stardust farming guide that helps you maximize the Stardust gains over this week.

Stardust bonuses during Stardust Blast and Cyndaquil Community day events

Stardust Bonuses: Stardust Blast + Cyndaquil Day edition
Stardust Bonuses: Stardust Blast + Cyndaquil Day edition (click the image to download full resolution)

Stardust Blast event catch and hatch bonuses

Stardust blast event features double Stardust from catching Pokemon and hatching eggs. All other methods that give Stardust are not doubled, so forget about chain raiding or stacking Field Research. These will be naturally boosted if you activate a Star Piece, but other than that, everything works as it would usually work.

In the tables below, the ⭐ emoji denotes Stardust amount if you have an active Star Piece and the Baseline column shows “normal” Stardust amounts when no bonuses are active.

Stardust bonus chart for catching Pokemon during Stardust Blast event
Evolution stage Baseline Stardust Blast SB + Weather
Base 100 (150 ⭐) 200 (300 ⭐) 250 (375 ⭐)
Evolved 300 (450 ⭐) 600 (900 ⭐) 750 (1125 ⭐)
Final evolved 500 (750 ⭐) 1000 (1500 ⭐) 1250 (1875 ⭐)

And now for the Egg hatches during the Stardust Blast event (do note that this table has a dedicated Star Piece⭐ column only for hatches during the event, as it was simply easier to outline everything in this way):

Stardust bonus chart for hatching Eggs during Stardust Blast event
Egg type Baseline Stardust Blast SB + ⭐
2 km 400 – 800 800 – 1600 1200 – 2400
5 km 800 – 1600 1600 – 3200 2400 – 4800
7 km
10 km 1600 – 3200 3200 – 6400 4800 – 9600

Honestly speaking, we were never big fans of the 7 km eggs, and this event makes us even more reluctant. They have a poor hatch pool (given you have collected everything that can hatch from them), they give the same amount of Stardust as 5 km eggs and they are a complete annoyance once they pile up. Using Super Incubators to get rid of them is not mandatory, but it sure does help a lot. We’ll talk more about this issue later on tho.

Cyndaquil community day catch bonuses

Cyndaquil Community Day bonuses
Cyndaquil Community Day bonuses

As mentioned before, Niantic has confirmed that during Cyndaquil community day will feature a quadruple catch Stardust reward. The 4x amount of Stardust comes from overlaying two separate events during the same time window:

  • Cyndaquil Community Day bonuses include 2x catch Stardust for three hours
  • Stardust Blast bonuses include 2x catch Stardust until November 13 2018

As a result, during the three hours of Community day event, your catches will reward insane amounts of Stardust:

Stardust bonus chart for catching Pokemon during Cyndaquil community day event
Evolution stage Cyndaquil day Cyndaquil day + weather
Base 400 (600 ⭐) 500 (750 ⭐)
Evolved 1200 (1800 ⭐) 1500 (2250 ⭐)
Final evolved 2000 (3000 ⭐) 2500 (3750 ⭐)

Farming strategy

As you can see above, the sheer amount of Stardust you can farm is simply… staggering, especially during the upcoming Community day event. How do we get the most of it? Well, it’s rather simple when you think about it.

  • Avoid hatching 7 km eggs during the event – they reward the same amount of dust as 5 km eggs, while being harder to hatch. Avoid obtaining them by opening gifts only with a full egg tab.
    • Do spend Super Incubators and Star Piece on 10 km eggs
    • Do hatch 5 and 10 km eggs eggs with a Star Piece, otherwise save it for Community Day (4 catches on CD will reward roughly the same amount as a 2 km egg hatch)
  • Stock up on Star Pieces in preparation for the Community Day – the Cyndaquil community day is the ultimate farming scenario and you want to maximize the gains.
  • Catch everything during the event and especially during the Community Day
  • Using a Gotcha or a Go Plus is highly recommended, although we see this as a top end optimization strategy. Use it if you have it, or if you can borrow it from someone who’s going to skip the event.

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