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Last month we asked to see your best photos of red Pokémon, and what an amazing collection of photos you folks sent through! This month I decided to ask for your images of Poison or Psychic types, I’m always so intrigued to see which Pokémon you pick!

Unedited Images

The below AR images have not been edited in any way.

By 007Fireking, New Jersey, USA.

‘「Mewtwo appears」

Is Mewtwo looking for something?’

‘silence’ by ずんだオレ, Edo-Tokyo Open-Air Architectural Museum.

‘Quiet space, tranquility of mind.’

‘Spinarak self portrait’ by Mark, Shipley, Derbyshire, England.

‘Spinarak is checking out his self portrait! Not sure if he’s happy or not … What do you think? ‘

‘Life After the Rain’ by Feresk, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.

‘Taken after a bit of rain, this Dustox almost blends in with its surroundings.’

‘The Soul Duo: Guardians of Alto Mare’ by mingosanch, Venice, Italy.

‘On my recent trip to Venice, I spotted a pair of jet-like Pokémon racing under small footbridges and through narrow canals. Based on their appearance, I suspect those Pokémon were Latios and Latias, guardians of the city and protectors of the Soul Dew. Just moments after I snapped this picture, they appeared to turn invisible, almost as if they had disappeared into thin air! I hope I have a chance to see them again.’

‘Ultra Poison’ by ANK79, Riverfront Flowerpark, Ahmedabad, India.

‘Looks like this Ultra beast likes muddy water of our Flowerpark. I wish I could catch him.’

‘Hisuian Braviary over London’ by PkmnGoMatt, London, United Kingdom.

‘I decided to go on the cable cars near the Pokémon World Championships. Pokémon were everywhere, which was awesome to see. But when I was at the highest point in the cable car I saw a Shiny Hisuian Braviary in the distance, it was a magical sight to see!’

‘My dream is to be a musical star!’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘Pursue a dream that engraves an unforgettable page.

A dream is hope.

Hope is the shine.’

By 007Fireking, Tokyo, Japan.

‘Explore the Pokémon Center in Tokyo.’

‘Lunar Reality’ by Laprasrules12, Washington D.C., U.S.A.

‘When you stare up into the sky at night, you sometimes see the moon staring back at you with its red eyes. I’ve managed to find a diagram of what happens to the unfortunate.’

‘Best Pokémon’ by TIMID0x, Panama.

‘Photo on lunch time’

‘Celebi in the Meadow of Bluebells’ by Mark, Smalley, Derbyshire, England.

‘Spotted this Celebi basking in the bluebells while on my bike. If it wasn’t shiny it may have blended in enough to stay hidden!’

‘Admiring flowers.’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘Her presence admires the flowers in the morning after the rain brought out the beauty of the flowers.

The flowers sang with her as they yearned for her tenderness and beauty.’

‘Encased’ by Feresk, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines.

‘This sculpture looked like the perfect dwelling for my Nihilego.’

‘Where am I? Who… am I?’ by SilverBullet00, Seattle, Washington, United States of America.

‘Mewtwo takes a moment to ponder it’s existence. Meanwhile, Giovanni prepares special armor meant to protect Mewtwo, yet hold back it’s power…’

‘Sunset with Slowbro’ by Mark, Waleswood, England, UK.

‘Ran down to the lake when I saw a gorgeous sunset but the trees shielded most of it from view… Happened to see this Galarian Slowbro chilling out watching too. She didn’t pay me any attention.’

‘Kirlia in Salcombe l’ by Senescallo, England.

‘The Ralts line is my favourite family in Pokémon. I was thrilled to get the costumed Kirlia shiny during Fashion Week last year!’

‘Eternal Rivals’ by mingosanch, Massachusetts, USA.

‘There is perhaps no more iconic Pokémon battle than the one between Gengar and Nidorino from the intro of the original Pokémon games. When I saw that this month’s AR showcase was going to feature Poison- and Psychic-type Pokémon, I knew that I had to recreate that famous battle between the two Poison-type rivals. Getting the positioning and timing right in shared AR mode was surprisingly difficult, but I’m very happy with the results!’

‘nice hot water…’ by ずんだオレ, Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum.

‘Hot springs feel good.’

‘Pleasant chat’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘Have fun chatting today.

The flower and Chimecho smile a lot while holding hands.’

‘The Diva is Here’ by Johnysntpogopics, Lisboa, Portugal.

‘I was in the local park and Gothitelle asked for a photoshoot… What a diva!’

‘Little fairy in secret place’ by pokemoninlife, Yuanshan Water Shrine, Taipei, Taiwan.

‘Shiny Celebi has spotted near Yuanshan Water Shrine. This Shrine built in 1938, until now, it remains well. It is surrounding by trees and located in a secret place. No wonder shiny Celebi pay a visit here sometimes.’

By 007Fireking, Tokyo, Japan.

‘「Block the way」

I can’t let you cross this bridge.

Fight me if you want to cross.’

‘Hue Sneasel’ by ANK79, Riverfront Flowerpark, Ahmedabad, India.

‘I was playing with my local community in park. We were kidding to each other and some anonymously person making noise behind us. When I saw behind plants, I found this Hisui Sneasel. It seemed he also wanted to join us. Didn’t he?’

‘Barriers for Entry’ by mingosanch, Massachusetts, USA.

‘Mr. Mime are pantomime experts that can create solid walls using miming gestures. Those walls are normally invisible, but the lighting was just right for them to be slightly visible in this picture.’

‘Poisonous beauty’ by nana15AR, Hiroshima City, Japan.

‘Poisonous Digitalis and Qwilfish played the resonance of beauty.’

Edited Images

The below AR images have been edited or filtered in some way.

‘The claw of fury’ by ElKhan32, Essex, UK.

‘The monster of comes and attacks from the tree line catching you on the back foot.’

‘Dreamy Mindscape’ by ACE📸, Tokyo, Japan.

‘I had a lot of fun at Pokémon GO Fest 2022 Sapporo’

‘Regional from where?’ by shinyshinx.science, Andalusia, Spain.

‘Honestly, Sigilyph should be a regional from Peru in Pokémon GO. This species is based on the Nazca Lines, which are designs imprinted on the soil of the desert in southern Peru. Scientists think they were made around 20 centuries ago by the Nazca people. Yet, no one today is sure why they were made, and this has surrounded the Nazca Lines by a halo of mystery. I’m sure their purpose was perfectly clear to their creators back in the day though!’

‘The traveller’ by ElKhan32, Essex, UK.

‘It came from a far off world. Lost and alone. Finding solace only in the break of day’

‘The Art of Dance’ by Feresk, Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines.

‘You dance love, and you dance joy, and you dance dreams.’

‘Gengar vs. Nidorino’ by CarloTheAce, San Diego, CA, USA.

‘I like to recreate iconic Pokémon battles. Gengar is my favorite Pokémon and anyone who played gen 1 can recall seeing these two duke it out right before the start of your adventure.’

‘The bird of prey’ by Elkhan32, Essex, UK.

‘It watches you and swoops down from on high, the apex predator taking its prey.’

‘A special way of interaction with Gardevoir’ by Lonerider0009, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

‘Trying out a different way to interact with the Pokémon!! ‘

‘Picture of a Pitcher’ by Feresk, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines.

‘This Victreebel tried to disguise itself as one of the pitcher plant displays. Thought we wouldn’t notice, but we did.’

‘Tick tock’ by Elkhan32, Essex, UK.

‘Watch the pendulum swing, left, right. Keep your eyes on the pendulum as it goes, left, and right. Sleep and let your dreams be devoured.’

AR Masters

The below images are taken by our AR Masters.

‘Bro time’ by Pokegramstm, Lake District.

‘Just me and my bro chilling on the lake with a couple of beers enjoying the long hot summer’

‘Sizzling Snake’ by Ash Ketzchup, Belgium.

‘Don’t want to meet this one!’

‘Princess Unicorn’ by kittypokemonsalot, Lincolnshire, UK.

‘My horn can pierce the sky! Can’t resist an Office quote.’

Next Submission Theme

For our next theme, we want to see photos that fit the theme of ‘favourite‘. Whether that is your favourite place, favourite Pokémon, favourite colour, just something that is your favourite! Submit here by 25th September to be considered. Full submission rules at the link.

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