A Look At The Remaining Potential Community Day Targets

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Trainers, The Pokémon Go Community Day turned one earlier this year and doesn’t feel like its been out for a whole 18 months already! However, to celebrate, I’ve prepared an article to analyze future Community Day Possible Targets. The three-hour-long event is now a staple on most players calendars and something that us here at GoHub like to make plans around (so we can grab as many of those sweet, sweet shinies as possible.) I published an article in April last year to take a look at 2018’s potential next targets and am pleased to say that I was nearly 50% correct! (including predicting the Squirtle Squad) You can view the article here.

You will notice a few of the suggestions are Pokémon that have already had their shiny forms released. While this isn’t typical of a Community Day Pokémon, we wouldn’t rule out any kind of surprise going forward!

As before, however – The below table summarizes my thoughts on which Pokémon could be next and why:

Likely Candidates

Pokémon Reasoning
Turtwig The remainder of starters:

It’s a case of “when” not “if” with the starters at this point. Lots of people predicted the starter Pokémon to be released at back-to-back CD’s. But, Niantic surprised us all when Mareep threw a curveball into the works last year, thus causing these Pokémon to feature every other month instead. This makes us fairly confident that we can expect The Gen 4 Starters to feature in September, November, and January of 2020.

Rhyhorn Rhyhorn:

This one again seems like a no-brainer for Niantic. With its 3 stages of evolution and Rhyhorns incredible brass/rusty looking shiny its the perfect candidate. Can you imagine a Ryperior with Rock Wrecker?!

Ralts Trapinch Ralts and Trapinch:

Another pair that’s a case of “when” not “if” I feel. Niantic has a sweet-spot towards using 3-stage evolution Pokémon for Community Days. Larvitar, Mareep, and Dratini have all had their time in the spotlight. I think it’s only a matter of time until these Pokémon get their own day. They are amongst some of the more interesting shiny Pokémon forms in the game and might make for an exciting Community Day. Gardevoir could have Future Sight or MoonBlast and either Earth Power or Draco Meteor for Flygon.

Porygon Porygon:

My hot-pick for Augusts Community Day now. This would make sense as Porygon is in a similar vein to Swinub (and its shiny form is awesome). We already know that the move Lock-On has been found in the coding. This CD could be good to great depending on the exclusive move!

Poliwag Poliwag:

Same as above – Both Politoed and Poliwrath aren’t great in the current endgame due to their sub-optimal stats and movesets. But, having its own day may inject some life back into this Pokémon family. However, it was spotted on the Pokémon Go Fest Yokohama Banner and therefore might get a Shiny release worldwide through this avenue instead. I think the shiny version of Poliwag is one of those “is it shiny? Oh wait, there are the sparkles!” a little like Seel; however, Poliwrath and Politoed’s shinies look amazing!

Bellsprout Oddish Bellsprout and Oddish:

Both Bellsprout and Oddish are 3-Stage evolution Pokémon that could benefit from having their own day, perhaps into the summer months of 2020. This would buck the current trend, however, but their final evolutions aren’t all that great in the current state of the Meta.

  Gible Gible:

Another Pokémon that we think will be a “when” and not “if.” A controversial choice though as currently, Gible is an extremely rare spawn and even harder to find in 10KM eggs it seems. We envision this being in 2020 – So, a long way off as yet.

Unlikely Candidates

Pokemon Reasoning


Magikarp seems like a no-brainer as it was the first-ever Pokémon to have its Shiny form released in the game back in 2017 during the first Water Festival event, it would be a fitting addition. There are plenty of trainers out there who still do not own a Golden ‘Karp or Red Gyarados. And even though I feel that this would be unlikely, it would make a great event given the sheer amount of candies taken to evolve it. This would also give Trainers a great opportunity to work on their fisherman medal.




Another controversial choice as its shiny form has already been released, but Shinx is still a viable candidate. I for one would relish seeing these little scamps spawning. But for this to happen, it would have to buck the current trend and would be the equivalent to Niantic releasing Absol into the wild (like what happened in Go Fest Chicago!). This would be unwelcome news to those who have raided profusely for a Shiny and/or hatched plenty of 10KM eggs.



While we may not have correctly predicted that Feebas’ shiny form would be released – Last year, we did make an honorable mention to Feebas. While it won’t be getting its community day, it does at least get to share some of the spotlight for a change by having its own research day earlier this year. Another rare spawn though that could benefit from having its own shiny spotlight.



Machop (or more specifically Machamp) is still one of the very few meta-relevant non-legendary Pokémon currently and could have access to Focus Punch or Superpower as its exclusive move. Being a 3-Stage evolution Pokémon also makes this a hot-contender to have its own day even though it has already had its shiny form released.


Crazy Possibilities

Some Pokemon that are less likely to be featured but we think it would be enjoyable if they were.

Pokemon Reasoning
Unown Unown has been heavily speculated to be featured in a community day. With the fact it’s such a rare spawn and also that it only seems to be encountered in larger numbers during special events, it would be the perfect candidate! We imagine that in 3 hours, most players would be able to catch the whole alphabet. This event would also encourage trading.

We know of several players in our local communities that have enjoyed the recent additions of Zigzagoon and Tailow as a shiny, as it gives a reason to “shiny-check” the Pokémon instead of ignoring them. Adding Pidgey, Rattata or Weedle to the list of “useless” shiny Pokémon to have (Like Snorunt or Poochyena) would give them a second wind amongst communities. Also a great opportunity to work on the tiny-Rattata medal. Could possibly be added during a “Bug-catching contest” themed day or event.

Meowth with the move Payday could potentially make for a great event. Imagine for every Meowth caught you gained 1 PokeCoin. This would certainly encourage FTP (Free To Play) players to get involved. Although we admit, it wouldn’t make much business sense for Niantic to give PokeCoins away for free, but still, how many coins could you possibly obtain this way? 100? 200? It wouldn’t exactly break the bank.

Overall Verdict

We here at the Hub feel that any of the above Pokémon would be great additions for future Community Days, the crazier, the better in our opinion.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, Trainers.

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