April Community Speculation: Could it be Bellsprout?

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A new video just dropped on Pokémon GO social media, that seems to tease the April Community Day Pokémon who could it be?



It appears that it could be Bellsprout! It seems you can see the waving leaf arm of Bellsprout just hiding amongst the grass.


The Bellsprout family has some great shinies, that I think are quite underappreciated!

Shiny Bellsprout Shiny Weepinbell Shiny Victreebel

Victreebel has long been a menace of PvP, especially Shadow Victreebel, forming part of the infamous ‘grasshole’ line up that was the scourge in Great League for a good period of time. It will be interesting to see what move Victreebel gets with Community Day, and the potential impact this has on PvP, it could be huge! Already armed with the spammy fast move Razor Leaf, we may be about to see a major resurgence for the Flycatcher Pokémon!

This Community Day is scheduled for 20th April 2024, 2-5pm local time, and whilst not officially confirmed yet, this video gives us great reason to think Bellsprout will be the featured Pokémon.

What move do you hope to see Victreebel get? Are you already dreading the potential chaos this could cause in PvP? Victreebel may have dropped out of favour with more recent meta updates, but who knows what a new moveset may bring.

Let us know your thoughts on a potential Bellsprout Community Day!

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