Datamining Report: New Iris AR Mode Texts

With a teaser for the new Buddy AR mode shared recently, more texts have been discovered in a recent datamine hinting towards it! The AR Community are really excited to see how this turns out, and how it will impact our ability to be truly creative with AR.

There are a lot of texts here relating to different aspects of the new AR mode, that if they happen, will be amazing!

💡 Disclaimer: You know the drill by now, everything in this article is data mined, and therefore subject to change or not even being released at all. All this information is publicly provided by the PokéMiners and includes some of my commentaries.


+RESOURCE ID: ar_iris_tutorial_decorate_description
+TEXT: You can use stickers to decorate the snapshots you take. Have fun and share your creations. You never know what you’ll find!
+RESOURCE ID: ar_iris_tutorial_decorate_title
+TEXT: Decorate and share your photos!

It looks like we’ll be able to add stickers to our AR photos, whether they’ll be emoji type stickers, or like the stickers we can attach to gifts is yet to be discovered, but I hope they are the themed stickers! It would be fun to be able to use seasonal themed stickers on our art, and give stickers more use in game.


+RESOURCE ID: ar_iris_tutorial_flying_description
+TEXT: Some Pokémon can be placed above the ground. Drag the placement icon above the horizon line to place a Pokémon in the sky!
+RESOURCE ID: ar_iris_tutorial_flying_title
+TEXT: Positioning Pokémon in midair

Previously we’ve had to use some nifty tricks in order to be able to really photography Pokémon that fly actually up in the sky, so to get a way to do it properly is major!

Group Photos

+RESOURCE ID: ar_iris_tutorial_groupphoto_desciption
+TEXT: Use the group photo mode to take snapshots of your Pokémon together. Play with them to see how they react!
+RESOURCE ID: ar_iris_tutorial_groupphoto_title
+TEXT: Take a group photo

When the previous Shared AR Mode was removed unexpectedly in late 2023, the AR community was really heartbroken. It now looks like we’ll be able to photograph multiple Pokémon without the assistance of other AR photographers, something that was often a struggle. Imagine the possibilities, you could recreate iconic battles from the Pokémon series, photograph evolutions lines together, and so much more!


+RESOURCE ID: ar_iris_tutorial_position_description
+TEXT: Find a flat surface and either tap the footprints or drag the Pokémon from the selection menu to place it.
+RESOURCE ID: ar_iris_tutorial_position_title
+TEXT: Position your Pokémon
+RESOURCE ID: ar_iris_tutorial_reposition_description
+TEXT: You can return a Pokémon to its Poké Ball by tapping the recall button. You can then move your Pokémon to a new location.
+RESOURCE ID: ar_iris_tutorial_reposition_title
+TEXT: Reposition your Pokémon

It looks like repositioning your Pokémon will be even easier than before, and that you’ll be able to use the classic footprints, or simply dragging your Pokémon to their new spot.


+RESOURCE ID: ar_iris_tutorial_rotate_description
+TEXT: Tap the rotate button to start using the toy, which you can move around to get your Pokémon’s attention.
+RESOURCE ID: ar_iris_tutorial_rotate_title
+TEXT: Rotate your Pokémon

A new toy was datamined previously, and it looks like you’ll be able to use this toy in AR mode to rotate your Pokémon by getting their attention with it.

Landscape Mode

+RESOURCE ID: ar_landscape_error
+TEXT: Pokémon can only be placed on the ground while in landscape mode.
+RESOURCE ID: ar_landscape_placement_error
+TEXT: Pokémon cannot be placed in midair while in landscape mode.

Error texts relating to landscape orientation. It seems that landscape will be the preferred angle for Pokémon on the ground, whereas positioning a Pokémon in the air will require portrait mode.

Reality Blending

+RESOURCE ID: occlusions_option_description
+TEXT: Enable Pokémon in AR to fit more seamlessly into your surroundings and move behind objects.
+RESOURCE ID: occlusions_option_title
+TEXT: Reality Blending

Reality Blending came out way back in 2020, but bar it’s initial launch, it hasn’t really seen any updates. Hopefully this means we’ll get some updates and more devices will be compatible with it!

General Texts

+RESOURCE ID: ar_settings_heading
+RESOURCE ID: ar_tap_to_place
+TEXT: Drag or tap to place a Pokémon

General texts relating to positioning. Nothing particularly interesting here.


+RESOURCE ID: photo_countdown_option_10s
+TEXT: 10 seconds
+RESOURCE ID: photo_countdown_option_5s
+TEXT: 5 seconds
+RESOURCE ID: photo_countdown_option_description
+TEXT: Set a timer before a photo is taken automatically.
+RESOURCE ID: photo_countdown_option_off
+TEXT: Off
+RESOURCE ID: photo_countdown_option_title
+TEXT: Timer

A timer for AR? This could mean for some really fun selfies and group photos with your Pokémon!


+RESOURCE ID: photo_hub_featured_groups
+TEXT: featured groups
+RESOURCE ID: photo_hub_hashtags
+TEXT: Use hashtags #GOSnapshot #PokemonGO
+RESOURCE ID: photo_hub_popular_groups
+TEXT: popular groups
+RESOURCE ID: photo_hub_recently_caught
+TEXT: recently caught Pokémon
+RESOURCE ID: photo_hub_select_pokemon
+TEXT: select Pokémon
+RESOURCE ID: photo_hub_share_nudge
+TEXT: Share your GO Snapshots!
+RESOURCE ID: photo_hub_suggestions
+TEXT: suggestions
+RESOURCE ID: photo_hub_take_photo
+TEXT: take photo

Could the Photo Hub relate to a new place to share our AR photos dedicated to it? A way to share AR photos in app would be huge for the AR community, and our chance to grow.

Photo Set

+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_alola
+TEXT: Alola
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_babies
+TEXT: Bundles of Joy
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_battle_pokemon
+TEXT: Martial Masters
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_beach
+TEXT: Sandy Shoreline
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_city
+TEXT: Busy City
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_clawed_cuties
+TEXT: Clawed Cuties
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_cute_pokemon_pink
+TEXT: Pink Pals
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_fall_vibes
+TEXT: Fall Vibes
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_fancy
+TEXT: Feeling Fancy
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_feathered_friends
+TEXT: Finely Feathered 2
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_feathered_friends_small
+TEXT: Finely Feathered 1
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_fossil
+TEXT: Ancient Fossils
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_furry_friends
+TEXT: Furry Friends 1
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_furry_friends_big
+TEXT: Furry Friends 2
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_garden
+TEXT: Relaxing Garden
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_graceful_flyers
+TEXT: Graceful Fliers
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_hisui
+TEXT: Hisui
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_hoenn
+TEXT: Hoenn
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_johto
+TEXT: Johto
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_kalos
+TEXT: Kalos
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_kanto
+TEXT: Kanto
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_little_chonkers
+TEXT: Little Chonkers
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_lovely
+TEXT: Just Lovely
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_mountain
+TEXT: Mountain Pass
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_museum_fossils
+TEXT: Museum Fossils
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_night
+TEXT: Shadows of Night
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_paldea
+TEXT: Paldea
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_playful_pals_big
+TEXT: Playful Pals 2
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_playful_pals_small
+TEXT: Playful Pals 1
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_safari
+TEXT: Safari Trek
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_sinnoh
+TEXT: Sinnoh
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_small_and_cute
+TEXT: Small and Cute
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_small_cute_pokemon
+TEXT: Picture Perfect
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_small_cute_pokemon_pikachu_and_eevee
+TEXT: Let’s GO
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_small_cute_pokemon_pink
+TEXT: Pink Pals
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_small_flower_pokemon
+TEXT: Blooming Buds
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_small_flower_pokemon_medium
+TEXT: Beautiful Blooms
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_small_flower_pokemon_seeds
+TEXT: Small Sprouts
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_small_water_pokemon
+TEXT: Splish Splash
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_spring_vibes
+TEXT: Spring Vibes
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_starters
+TEXT: First Partners
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_summer_vibes
+TEXT: Summer Vibes
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_tiny_tikes
+TEXT: Tiny Tykes
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_unova
+TEXT: Unova
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_wings_pokemon
+TEXT: Busy Bugs
+RESOURCE ID: photo_set_winter_vibes
+TEXT: Winter Vibes

Right now I’m not entirely sure what a Photo Set is, but there are a whole bunch of them! They could relate to themed stickers or borders, or some sort of photo challenge theme.

Burst Mode

+RESOURCE ID: photo_burst_option_description
+TEXT: Capture a sequence of photos with each tap of the shutter button.
+RESOURCE ID: photo_burst_option_title
+TEXT: Burst Mode

Burst Mode is an intriguing option for sure! Taking photos of Pokémon animations can be really tricky, and an option for a burst mode makes that a lot easier.

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