Clarifying Data Mining differences: Legendary and Exclusive Raid Passes

Pokemon GO APK
Pokemon GO APK


yesterday we received a lot of questions about the difference in data mining results by GO Hub and The Silph Road. Mainely, the questions were directed at a few things: Legendary Raid Pass and Exclusive Raids.

Legendary Raid Pass
Legendary Raid Pass

If you haven’t been following, a new Raid Pass type was found in the APK, and the following interpretations were made by two :

  • GO Hub is calling it Legendary Raid Pass
  • Fev Games is calling it Legendary Raid Pass
  • The Silph Road is calling it Exclusive Raid Pass

In an effort to promote data mining collaboration and critical discourse, we will openly discuss the methodology and the reasoning behind the results of GO Hub’s 0.69.0 data mining.

We hope that The Silph Road will also publish a similar post, explaining their approach.

Is it an Exclusive or a Legendary Raid Pass?

GO Hub has found a new icon in the APK, curiously named “Item_1403.png“, depicting a new type of Raid Pass. This icon is attached to the Raid Ticket group (category 14, 1403) and it is the third item in the group (number 3, 1403).

For those who are not familiar with Niantic’s inventory item naming convention, this is how it looks like:


where XX denotes item category and YY denotes the ordinal number of that particular item in the group. For example:

Item_0001.png => Poké Ball
Item_0002.png => Great Ball
Item_0003.png => Ultra Ball
Item_0004.png => Master Ball

In addition, these values correspond with a set of enumerated values in the code base:


In the same fashion, Raid Ticket icons and enumerations are named as follows:

Item_1401.png => Free Raid Pass
Item_1402.png => Premium Raid Pass
Item_1403.png => Legendary Raid Pass

It’s important to understand that not all inventory items follow this convention, but those that do, follow it without deviating from the pattern.

With that said, it’s evident that the new Raid Pass icon is indisputably the Legendary Raid Pass item referenced in the code base.

But this is not the end of discussion, as we still need to address Exclusive Raids and Invites and how the Legendary Pass relates to those.

Exclusive Raids

In 0.69.0, a lot of code was added to support a new type of Raids: exclusive invite only raids. This is evident from the very top to bottom of the APK, as there are references to exclusive invites, Gyms being closed due to an exclusive raid, error handlers for attempting to join an exclusive raid etc…

In the midst of it all, there is a number of references to a code construct named exclusive_raid_ticket, which is likely the root cause of different data mining results.

Exclusive Raid Tickets are quite often referenced throughout the APK, and we know quite a lot about them already:

  • you’ll be able to have multiple Exclusive Raid Tickets
  • there will be a list of your Exclusive Tickets
  • they have an attached description
  • there is a type of push notifications related to them
  • there are even references to fake Exclusive Tickets (role unknown)

With that being said, it seems like Exclusive Raid Tickets are a different feature that enables Raid Tickets that are specifically tied to a particular Raid.

In other words, we don’t know if this feature can/will be used only for Legendary Raids or it will be a general tool that enables Niantic to create exclusive Raids. It’s also unclear which types of Raid Passes will be eligible to be exclusive.

What we do know is that, currently, there is a reference to a “congratulation you got an exclusive raid invite” message in the code.

So, where does this leave us?

No one is really wrong

After reviewing the code again, it’s safe to conclude the following:

  • The icon in question is an icon linked to the ITEM_LEGENDARY_RAID_TICKET enumeration inside the code.
  • Very likely, it will be first Exclusive Raid Ticket we will receive.
  • It’s possible Niantic is steering away from the Legendary Raid naming convention due to game design/naming choices
  • Both The Silph Road’s, Fev Games and our data mine is correct, but interpretations are different

And that’s it folks.

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