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GO Battle League Impressions by GO Hub

The long awaited Go Battle League has been out for a few weeks now and it is great to see Niantic responding to feedback. The walking distance got reduced from 5 km to 3 km, stacking kilometers became a thing and total daily battles went from 15 to 25. Here’s what some of us at GoHub thinks about Go Battle League so far.


The Good:

  • Niantic is listening
  • It’s really fun
  • Good rewards

The Bad:

  • Blind 3’s will get old and it removes a strategic component of PvP, something has to change.
  • We need a way to get more Pokemon involved.
  • Maybe give us unranked so we can practice whenever we want
  • Might be hard for new players to get rewards.


Go Battle League got me interested in PvP for the first time. I mean, I never liked the Silph Arena thing and was waiting for Go Battle League for a long time. It did not disappoint me at all as you can battle directly from home and earn cool perks for it!

As for teams, I always go with Pokemon that can cover each other (A technique I got from Silph Arena players). I have won some battles with this method and its really cool!

Fitz City

I like the randomness of opponents around the world. Not seeing their team can be discouraging, but knowing the meta helps! Off-meta Pokemon are the key to winning in my eyes! As far as the feature goes, still needs some work on bugs that slow play or cause an immediate loss. All in all, great feature that allows many Pokemon to thrive! Not just the “meta” 😉


I was pretty pumped on getting five charged TMs and being able to battle people from around the world. I’m not sure why Pokecoins are involved in what is considered the “competitive” feature of the game. Blind 3’s can be fun but not when every match is a super meta team or an anti meta team. It would be awesome if we can have a team of six and choose a line of three, maybe there can be a 30-45 second lobby screen where we can see both teams of six? I get it, it’s Pokemon “Go” but I’m not too fond of the walking or paying to battle. I don’t mind missing out on the rewards if battling was for free and without the kilometer requirements. All in all, it’s been pretty fun.


I find the variety challenging! Sure, some folks go for the optimal team compositions and try to min max everything, but the occasional Venomoth or a weird encounter with Vileplume was really refreshing. I do find the difference between matchups a bit daunting, as some fights feel super easy, and others feel like I’m being stomped, but it’s all fun. The lack of a “creative”, aka unranked mode is fairly weird, as that is really missing. Don’t remember seeing any serious PvP games missing out on unranked.

So what do you all think? Hopefully Go Battle League made you interested in PvP!


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