January 2019 Timeline: The Start of a New Year


Hello everyone! We went through a lot in 2018, with Pokéstop submissions, Special Research, Friends, Trading, and even PvP being added to the game! This month is the start of (hopefully) another huge year for Pokémon GO! The amazing OrangeHeart put together this January 2019 Timeline graphic for your viewing pleasure.

January 2019 Timeline
January 2019 Timeline


  • January 2: Adventure Sync Hatchathon – Gave players double candy and stardust for every egg hatched.
  • January 12: Totodile Community Day – The happy-go-lucky teal and blue shiny Totodile came out to play! Trainers who evolved a Totodile into a Feraligatr got the powerful attack Hydro Cannon Water.
  • January 15: Hoenn Event – This event brought an overall increase of Gen III Pokémon, along with the release of shiny Taillow and shiny Zigzagoon. If players evolved a Shroomish into a Breloom during this event, they received a Breloom with the exclusive fast move: Grass Knot Grass. Groudon and Kyogre returned to raids. This was the first time the bright green shiny form of Groudon was made available for some lucky players.
  • January 16: TSUTAYA partnership begins, adding various Pokéstops and gyms across Japan.
  • January 19: Feebas Research Day – Allowed players the chance to encounter a shiny Feebas after completing Field Research quests during a 3-hour window.
  • January 25: Safari Zone in Porto Allegre, Brazil – The South American (LATAM) region finally plays host to an event. Players worldwide could also encounter shiny Psyduck for the first time ever!
  • January 26: Tokaigi Game Party 2019 – Tied in with a special event in Japan, Machop spawns were increased around the center for the Tokaigi Game Party.
  • January 29: Palkia makes its first appearance in raids, bringing the controller of space out into our realm, and giving us a powerful Water and Dragon type adversary.
  • January 30: Pokéstop nominations go live in Argentina.
  • January 31: A new wave of Gen IV Pokémon were released. Raid bosses became more of a challenge due to their health being buffed. New Moves were added to the existing movepools of some Pokémon. Move power for certain moves was rebalanced.

After this fun, but a crazy month in Pokémon GO, what do you all hope to see in the coming months come to the game? Let us know down in the comments below!

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