Over the past few days, we’ve received a number of inquiries about a rumor claiming “a potential September release date for Generation 3”.

Curious as we are, we went online to research this rumor, only to find that the source of these rumors is a couple of misinformed sensationalist articles, mostly published by media outlets that don’t usually write about Pokemon GO.

To the best of our knowledge, Generation 3 doesn’t have a “potential September release date”.  That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but be aware that there have been no official hints, data mines, metadata dumps or GAME_MASTER leaks in relation to Generation 3.

The only thing we know with relative certainty is that Niantic is planning another content update in the last quarter of 2017, as shared by John Hanke (Niantic CEO) on the Mobile World Congress 2016:

In other words, literary nothing is hinting at a release date in September or any other month. For comparison sake, months before Generation 2 was announced there were leaks left and right:

That’s more than three months before the update was released, with confirmed leaks coming straight from the APKs and game related files.

Take your time, enjoy the summer, catch as many Legendary Pokemon as you can and don’t worry – we’ll let you know if Generation III leaks while you’re on vacation.

  • Megazoa

    Niantic should just release Gen 3 like they did Gen 2.

    • I Don’t Read this

      I would like them to release Delibird and Smeargle too, they still need to do that… they will probably about mid september (c’mon, their signature moves can’t be that hard to program) then they will have to work on gen 3 (no code yet found for them) then release them around Christmas or Thanksgiving, or wait till februrary, when the weather warms up.

  • William Kelly

    They are 6+ months behind and failed there first live event. They have other things to worry about then a gen3 release date for fans lol.

    • Cokraine

      Releasing Gen 3 is not even work. They dont have to invent anything, just add models that are already avaible.

      • Sir Linebeck

        Well they also need animations. And trust me- creating animations for more than 100 character models is very time consuming (considering you want them to make them good quality)
        And then there is the issue of hit boxes.

        • Alice

          No they don’t. They’re already made by the pokemon company.

          • Daemon Brown

            They may already be created by the Pokemon Company, but Niantic still needs to put those already made pokemon into the code of this game that doesnt have the 0’s and 1’s coded like the original Pokemon company has for 20 plus years.
            Niantic needs to make sure the Pokemon look and react the same way that The Pokemon Company wants them too, to make sure the fans are happy.
            Pokemon like Smeargle who can learn a different pokemons move permantly, its not just a case of put the Pokemon in and thats that. That pokemon code essentially needs to know EVERY single move, so that characters 0’s and 1’s need to meaning it needs to have every move programmed……splash, rock throw, extra sensory, bite……every single move……that is a lot of coding just for one Pokemon.

            Its not just a simple job.

            ps, i have NO idea about computers at all, but i do read articles from people who take the data and digs through it and explain it to those of us who haven’t got a clue about this stuff.

          • David Wolfram

            Isn’t transform the same thing … I mean if ditto turns into any Pokemon doesn’t it need to know every move too ?

          • Sir Linebeck

            well on top of all that, they need to create collision data for the models – even if they have animations – so that the pokeballs don’t just pass through.

  • Mutlu Gürsu

    gen 3 or other gen’s dont important… pvp mode is important for us …

    • eMike

      I don’t care about pvp at all.

      • Joel Jensen

        same. and what people dont realize is that is that for trading to come out, the spoofing problem has to be taken care of first. so just give us gen 3 already. it took seven months for gen 2 after the release of the game, so how about 9 months after the release of gen 2 that u give us gen 3. it would make sense since there is about 50 more pokemon in gen 3 than gen 2

        • Austin Tang

          Didn’t Niantic say they were to release trading in spring? Instead the gym rework.

        • Jeff Jeff

          Let’s face it. Spoofing is impossible to wipe out completely. The big things that need to happen are…
          Trading- there are many people that can’t get certain pokemon so it would be great to give people a chance to get new pokemon
          PVP- pvp is another thing that is needed. The problem is the fact that they can’t really make you battle the normal way (by just tapping the screen). They need to make you actually use moves.
          One last thing- they Should and should NOT add breeding. Breeding would break the game because it would just ruin the whole factor of actually working to get a lot of candies for a pokemon.

    • An-D T

      I kind of agree, PvP is more important along with some way of trading your inventory/pokemon. Gen 3 doesn’t really have much to get excited about anyway, besides being one more step closer to gen 4, and then there’s really only so many that might be worthwhile.

    • Cokraine

      You say it like to add gen 3 to the game they have to invent like 100 new pokemon. These Pokemon are already there, they just have to add the models into the game. It would take them not more than 1 week work or even less. If they keep up the speed we will have gen 7 in 2021??

      • Spetsen

        Lol, you really have no idea what you’re talking about. Adding Gen 3 is way more work than just “add the models”. Remember the Gen 2 launch? Do you think that was just a week of work to create?

        Gen 7 in 2021 sounds fine for me.

      • untamemadman

        Its not just add models, they have to have everything from catch rates to min and max CP values. However trading and trainer battles are things that have been discussed since the initial trailer for the game and that were shown in said trailer. This is backed up by the fact that raids were first shown in that trailer and so I expect they are trying to “knock out” as many of those promised features as they can

        • Higher_Ground

          Gen 3 would be much easier to implement in that it’s just a reiteration of what they already know how to do. Trading and PvP are indeed fundamental gameplay aspects they’ve promised for awhile, but they’re also technologically speaking a puzzle that hasn’t been solved. They might figure it out next week or next year – and then they still have to implement it after they figure out how they want to do it.

          If they want to keep a steady stream of interest they should be working on both in parallel. The gen 3 is just wood that needs chopping and the other staff can work on figuring out the new mechanics.

          • untamemadman

            I’m not saying Gen 3 wouldn’t be easy to do. I was stating that it is more work than “they just have to add the models into the game.” and my point about trading and PvP are due to the fact that thease have been promised since initial relase and are still not features however (at least as far as I’m aware) Niantic have never said they will be adding future generations, its just that everyone expects them to add the others

      • Diego Mendoza

        Yeah, you have no idea what you’re talking about, creating the models for android and iOS takes time, because you know, is not just copy/paste from DS or something like that, they have to do it from scratch, that takes several weeks for desing and creation. After than have to add them to the game, write lines and lines of code to make move them, attack, get attaked, power up, a different animation for every possible attack they will use, test all possible interaction for in gyms or in map… all interation you see in the game, every sigle and little movement and interaction you see in the game has to be coded and tested for all pokemon (I mean someone has to code it, IT IS NOT MAGIC) this takes several weeks as well (meybe this is what takes most of the time).. After they have to test everyting in the game (unexpected crashes, everyting loads well), this takes WEEKS of work!!
        And this is just client-side work, all work server-side like re-balance of spawn points for adding new pokemon, maybe add more, or add nests, and make all that works well thogeter takes a lot of time of develop and testing… So please stop writing things you have no idea about.
        PD. Sorry for my bad english, and yes i’m a mobile software developer.

  • Amir Sama

    I think im still remember back in early 2017 they gonna give us 3 big update i only can remember gen2, gym update and legendary, and other pvp and trading… and we still got unreleased pokemon delibird and smeargle in this case its pretty close with ditto event release.. Im sure those 2 gonna be updated to the game before gen 3.. For now we still have the hype of legendary i think after this fading away they gonna give us another hype, maybe like hype of hunting shiny pikachu for last next 1-2month till it fading again 😂 i was expecting gen 3 to be released in summer 2018.. Since niantic still got plenty of event and content to play the player hype in this gen 2, they not gonna wasting it by releasing gen3.. Remember we still got another content update this year around pvp or trading, delayed safari zone, smeargle and delibird hype, and so.e other legendary raid gonna be out leter like they said in mailed newsleter, and probably they gonna release the gen3 baby pokemon first to increase their incubator sales 😂 #gen3stilllongwaytogo

  • Spetsen

    Missing in the list is the fact that parts of Gen 2 (the babies) were released in the end (December?) of 2016.

    • Good catch!

    • peponzio

      Gen 3 has baby Pokemon as well, but only two: Azurill for the Marill family, and Wynaut for the Wobbuffet family.

      I’m afraid only two babies will not be very exciting. Mantyke is the pre-evolution of Mantine, but it came out in Gen 4.

      • Spetsen

        And the response when they only released the Gen 2 babies was pretty negative as well, so I doubt that’s something they’ll do again.

        But it’s still an important fact for this article because it means the first time we saw signs of Gen 2 was only about one month before (parts of) it was released. I agree with Go Hub when they say that Gen 3 won’t be released for a while, but the article is slightly misleading.

  • slevin kelevra

    Have you heard about the Ho-Oh rumors? Who spread them over weeks again?

  • Reandra Nodi Febrian


  • Reandra Nodi Febrian

    When is the fitur trading and pvp release?