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With a new event, comes new boxes in the in game shop, and the Festival of Lights boxes are certainly… interesting! They are quite a departure from other recent boxes we’ve had, but still quite an odd mixture of items, but much cheaper boxes than we have had in recent events. Cheaper boxes is always preferred, but the contents of these are a bit all over the place, and incubators, a popular items for boxes, are scarcely seen.

As usual, if an item is not available for sale in the shop, we do not assign it a monetary value. Let us know how you feel about these boxes in the comments!

Training Box

Items Value
Incense icon 2× Incense 80
Star Piece icon 2× Star Piece 200
Lure icon 2× Lure 200
Lucky Egg icon 2× Lucky Egg 160
Total Value 640

Training boxes are typically aimed at newer or returning trainers, with a stock of premium items that can help you get back into the game. This box has a value of 640 coins, so therefore is a saving of 215 coins. Now, how worthwhile the average trainer will find this box I am not so sure. Incense is often a reward in special research, and we are currently getting one free with every weekly research breakthrough box, so there is a way to currently get one free every week in October. Lure Modules are probably the rarer of the rest of the premium items, and can be useful for community day, but star pieces and lucky eggs are again, often featured in special research. Is this box worth it? If you are absolutely desperate for these items maybe, but it is a bit of a lacklustre box.

Event Box

Items Value
Raid Pass icon 2× Raid Pass 200
Incense icon 2× Incense 80
Incubator icon 2× Incubator 300
Raid Pass icon 2× Remote Raid Pass 200
Total Value 780

Bit of a mixture this box, with premium battle passes, remote raid passes, incense and incubators. It isn’t aimed at anyone who does a specific sort of grind, but instead at the general player who might just need some premium items. It is a saving of 230 coins, which is reasonable enough, and at 550 coins it isn’t horrendously expensive. It is just a bit of an odd box with no real focus. You can still buy 3 remote raid passes for 300 coins if you want remotes, and most players who want incubators want a more significant bundle. It’s a bit ‘meh’.

Lure Module Box

Items Value
Rainy Lure icon 2× Rainy Lure 360
Magnetic Lure icon 2× Magnetic Lure 360
Mossy Lure icon 2× Mossy Lure 360
Glacial Lure icon 2× Glacial Lure 360
Total Value 1440

Now this box technically is a pretty huge saving, with a whopping 1015 coins saved. BUT, the themed lure modules are quite specific, bringing in set Pokémon, alongside event/biome Pokémon, or needing to be used for certain evolutions. While the box is a big saving on buying these individually, these are occasionally given out with special research or events, and it may be more worthwhile to discuss in your community how you can work together to use less of these lure modules for evolutions. For example, agree that on X day at X time you will put a Magnetic Lure Module on at a specific spot, let your local community know, and then people can swing by and do evolutions they may need to do, without using more premium items. If you love these sort of lure modules then it is a great saving, but I’m not sure how worthwhile this box is to the average player.

Catch Box

Items Value
Great Ball icon 25× Great Ball 0
Poké Ball icon 5× Poké Ball 0
Ultra Ball icon 50× Ultra Ball 0
Total Value 0

Now, I am gonna come right out and say this, this is a bad box. Don’t buy it. While technically Pokéballs are for sale in the shop and therefore have a monetary value, you only get 5, so therefore I’m giving them 0 value. It therefore offers no savings, because all of the items are obtainable for free from PokéStops, gyms, gifts and research tasks. The other balls aren’t available to purchase in store, but I’d argue that opening your full set of gifts for the day could give you a fairly comparable amount of balls! at 425 coins, this isn’t cheap, and considering we used to get 30 Ultra Balls for free in the shop each community day (whatever happened to that?!), suddenly selling them for this price feels outrageous.

Even for rural players, I’d advise avoiding buying this because Niantic are relying on rural players being desperate for balls to sell this box. If you need more gifts a day, there are tons of communities online to put your friend code in, heck, our posts on social media usually have friend codes in the replies, add a bunch of random folks, send out gifts, receive them back, try to open your maximum a day. Do this, for free, and watch your ball collection grow.

We are not fans of seeing bundles like this in boxes, and don’t think they should be encouraged or supported. For an alternative method of getting balls last minute for Community Day if you are really low, the daily adventure incense will give you 30 Pokéballs if you have less than 30 balls total in your storage. When you have 29 balls, set your incense going and gain those extra balls. It’s something at least that is free, and not costing over $4 (or your local equivalent) for items that won’t even last long on Community Day.

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