Pokémon GO Lanturn – bright light from the sea!

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USER GUIDE | Submitted by JovJov14It’s a common practice in Pokémon Go to catch and collect those that we are sure will make our Pokémon team strong. The rest are just there for Pokédex completion. There was a time when I too had the same mentality. By the time Niantic got a little stagnant with the First Generation and “minor fixes” were the only updates we get, I decided to try a different approach to the game. I threw Pokéballs at every single Pokémon I encountered. I checked their stats and IVs, and even their move set combinations. It made playing Pokemon Go a little more challenging. Now that the Second Generation is out, I brought that practice with me and made the game a lot more fun.

Chinchou is one of the first Second Generation Pokémon that appeared in my area. To tell you the truth, trainers, I too did not see anything special in Chinchou or Lanturn, until recently.

Who’s that Pokémon?

That’s right! I went there! Don’t you dare say that you didn’t read it in your head with the same voice as the one we hear right before commercial breaks.

Anyway, here’s my take take on Chinchou and Lanturn. They are quite diverse in my opinion. They are both Water type and Electric type. In battle, a Water type versus an Electric type would have both Pokémon receive great damage. Now if a Pokémon is both Water type and Electric type, then you have got yourself something awesome. With a quick comparison on the weaknesses and strengths chart, it turns out that Chinchou and Lanturn are both very strong against Steel, Fire, and Rock types. On the other hand, both are weak against Grass types.

Lanturn can have a CP as high as 2077. It’s not that high but it will suffice. Apparently, Lanturn has a well balanced ATK and DEF, and the HP is usually the kicker. Here are some things you might consider:


  • Chinchou candies are not that hard to find.
  • The diverse combination of types that Lanturn has is a great advantage on both offense and defense. Lanturn does not have many Pokémon type disadvantages and is powerful against many other types as it is both a Water and Electric type.
  • Chinchou is easy to find so you can have higher chances of catching one with good IV and stats.
  • Having a high HP makes Lanturn last longer in the battle.
  • Lanturn is quite quick when dodging incoming attacks.
  • Lanturn only has a handful of possible move combinations, so getting the perfect move combination is not impossible.


  • Having a Grass type disadvantage makes Lanturn vulnerable to quite a number of Pokémon that are easier to catch, such as Exeggcute, Chikorita, and Bellsprout.
  • Despite having awesome damage and quick execution of moves, I find it a little challenging to simultaneously attack and evade with Lanturn like I usually do with my other Pokémon.

I don’t have any major complaints over Lanturn. I guess it takes some getting used to if you plan to keep them on your team – which I do.

Lanturn, ready for battle!

I have used Lanturn quite a lot and here are some things I’ve learned that I would like to share with you trainers:

(Note that my Lanturn has a near perfect IV of 98%. Its moves are better for increased damage but do not charge quickly. I prefer it this way. Quick Move: Water Gun. Charge Move: Thunder. I collected enough candies to nearly max out the CP to 1788, but I ran out of Stardust.)

  • Lanturn is best used as part of your attack team. If you use Lanturn as a gym defender, it will be effective in defending the middle tiers or the bottom tiers. Unfortunately, even if you max out the highest possible CP, it will not be high enough to defend the top tiers.
  • Also, as a defender, Lanturn will not always be able to utilize the advantage of its types because you will have no control over your opponent’s Pokémon of choice.
  • Lanturn’s quick move is very effective if you figure out the correct timing. The charge move does a lot of damage especially  against Pokémon with type disadvantage, e.g. Steel types, Bug types, Flying types.
  • During battles, Lanturn was able to take out 1-3 opponents with higher CPs. To give you trainers a better picture, Lanturn can take out Vaporeon, Lapras, and Rhydon with minimal efforts. More surprisingly, Lanturn can take down Dragonite and Snorlax! It would take a while, and if you do win, the remaining HP is just enough to swap out to the next attacker. Bottom line, Lanturn can do the job. I wasn’t able to find a gym that had any of the Second Generation top defenders so you’ll just have to roll the dice on that one.
  • Since I sat on a park bench for this where gyms were pretty active, other Pokémon with higher CPs got the higher tiers while my Lanturn only got mid to bottom tiers. Also, Lanturn got kicked out of the gyms pretty quickly too because of this.

I would encourage you trainers to test out your Lanturn in taking gyms. They are powerful and they can deliver good results. Don’t let them be just another just-for-show Pokémon.

Best of luck, trainers!

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