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Pokémon Go / Let’s Go – Two Months On

Pokémon Go / Let’s Go – Two Months On

Trainers, it may feel like Pokémon Let’s Go has been out for a lot longer than two months, but in fact, it has only been available for just over nine weeks. This time 9.5 weeks ago, we were playing without the ability to transfer Pokémon over to the Nintendo Switch title, earn ourselves a Mystery Box, or even use a PokéBall Plus.

Today, we’re going to take a quick look at how Pokémon Let’s Go has affected the wider population of Pokémon Go players and how communities feel about the game now that it’s been available for some time.

Since its launch, we have seen the following:

  • Pokémon are able to be transferred from Pokémon Go to Let’s Go. This is a one-way trip but allows the Pokémon to be used in-game and brings us neatly to the next point
  • Once transferred, this allows you to access a “Mystery Box” which works as incense for the Mythical Pokémon: Meltan
  • The release of the accessory: Pokéball Plus. Which works well as an alternative to the Go+ (and dare we mention Gotcha). This grants the Mythical Pokémon Mew for use inside Let’s Go and is the only way to obtain the Pokémon within the game at this time (aside from trading)
  • Pokémon Let’s Go Event within Go itself, featuring boosted Eevee and Pikachu spawns.

The overall vibe from the community, initially, was very positive. With several members of my community (including myself) buying a Switch specifically to play Let’s Go, but has this changed over time? The short answer is yes. For those that have access and have stopped playing it for whatever reason, Let’s Go has become a way to obtain Meltan Candies and nothing more where Pokémon Go is concerned. Let’s Go has lots of great features and even makes things a lot easier for Shiny Hunters, such as myself. However, the bonuses for players in GO remain limited and less attractive over time. Once you have that Melmetal, do you need to worry about Mystery Boxes anymore? Probably not.

PokéBall Plus – What’s it like now?

The PokéBall Plus accessory still works well as an alternative to the Go Plus and Gotcha. In addition – The Pokémon you choose to put inside of it will earn XP faster if it’s used as a Plus rather than simply walking around with it in your pocket as a glorified pedometer.

This largely remains one of the only parts of the game that will “live-on” with some Go players.

Let’s Go – Going Forward

We imagine there will be another Let’s Go event later this year to celebrate 1 Year since the game launched but this may be overshadowed by The Pokémon Company’s decision to release Generation 8 games to the Switch in November. We would also anticipate the games to be revealed at some point towards the middle of this year (likely in a special Nintendo Direct). As well as, shown off at the various gaming Expos towards the end of Summer featuring some sort of connectivity with Go or Let’s Go at the very least.

The decision to have Pokémon spawn in the overworld was controversial but widely accepted as a huge quality of life improvement within the games. The Let’s Go games also did particularly well with sales and have become the 6th best-selling Switch game so far.

This means that there may or may not already be plans in the works to create a follow-up sequel based on the second Generation of Pokémon Games: Gold & Silver.

Overall Verdict

Whilst the games initially had a very strong following and support from most of the Go community, it seems now that this has trailed off and we are back to waiting for the next big Pokémon Switch title. The PokéBall Plus is a decent accessory but is still a little pricey.

What do you think about the subject, Trainers?