After a full day of raiding and multiple used Premium Raid Passes, we’ve come to terms with the upsides and downsides of the current Raid System.

Like many others, we managed to waste a number of Raid Passes on Tier 3 and Tier 4 Raids, almost exclusively while trying to combat the Boss with less-than-ideal Raid size. There is something off with the current system, but luckily, it’s very easy to fix.

We argue two things:

  • Pokémon GO needs a localised Raid Map – you can’t have cooperative gameplay experiences with no means of local organisation/communication
  • Raids need to be less frequent – Raids are special events and having so many Raids leads to player base fragmentation and alienates players who can not afford multiple Premium Raid Passes a day

A localised Raid Map

Let’s look at the current system at face value: player engagement and your local Raiding scene is strictly tied to what you see on your phone. As Raids have a similar radius as the Nearby tracker, you are limited to an area of roughly 500 meters from your current location.

In a world where you need 4-5 Trainers to beat a high Tier raid, this does not translate well into engaging experiences, meeting people and actually getting down bosses. Additionally, there are no means of organising the local player base, as they all see their little, constrained, portions of the Poké world.

As multiple third party scanners are now allowing players to scan for nearby raids, it’s hard to imagine that a local Raid map is that difficult to implement.

We suggest the following: add additional information to the Gym Badge map. Let the Badge map show Raids taking place at that Gym. Restrict the map to show only Raids on Gyms where you have collected badges.

Less frequent Raids

Our full day experience Raiding showed the following: players tend to save their Free Raid Pass for the best available Raid. If they fail to do so, a number of free-to-play players leaves the group and returns home, as they have no means of participating in Raids anymore.

Additionally, the current amount of Raids leads to players de-syncing and constantly trying to work out if everyone in their group wants to do a particular Raid or if they already spent their Raid Pass.

Just take a look at the Normal Raid Egg Boss List (Pink Egg List) and Rare Raid Egg Boss List (Yellow Egg List), and you’ll understand why. The Yellow List has so much more benefits to offer, that the majority of players simply ignore Normal Raid Eggs!

We suggest the following: reduce the frequency of raids. This will make it easier for players to organise, as the question is no longer “do you want to do this raid”, but rather “guys, can we do this so we don’t waste a day of Raiding”.

What are your thoughts Trainers?

  • Dragonllama33

    I think the same, because more raids means there will be people split up when if you have one raid every hour or so in a small area then everyone in that small area will come to the same raid, not different ones but idk

  • Klasser

    Normal raids should be free, no one is going to participate unless they need that pokemon, rare ones also should have a way to know how many players are willing to play, wasting your free pass is very disappointing.

    • happi

      I have been participating in normals because my town only has had normal raids so far on the 2 gyms there….and rare candy, golden raspberries and a chance at TMs are most certainly not a waste of time.

      • Klasser

        It is a waste of time if you have better options, I wonder how many people is playing against magikarp.

        By the way I do not understand why easier raids have same drops.

        Ah 3-star raids are easy too, with just one player you make it and they have better pokemon, 1-2 are useless (unless you need that particular pokemon).

        If Niantinc makes public the info you will see 1-2 raids are played by very few people.

        • John Truempy

          I don’t know if that is true. First you need Lev 1 and 2 for lower level players. But even players like myself who can do some lev 3 solo will still play a 1 or 2 for the candy, gold berry, and chance of a TM. I don’t need any raid boss Lev 1, 2, 3 or 4 they are only Lev 20 so well below what I already have. So I can spend 100 coin 5 max revives and 1 hyper potion for a Rhydon or Charizard that will be ground anyway or 100 coin and 1 potion still for a chance for a TM.

  • Robert Thompson

    I think level 1 & 2 raids should not need a pass but 3 & 4 should. I also think that only being able to having to use your single pass before you can get another is a rip off. I work and don’t have the opportunity to just leave and go raid if something good comes up and I’m two hours from my home where my local raid group is. Let me collect multiple passes so I can spend my free days raiding

    • David Wolfram

      Yes , I totally agree with that …. if you can’t use your pass one day then you should be able to roll it over till you can use it BUT the idea behind that is so people don’t save passes for a week and go out and raid on their day off and hit 6 or 7 raids and only use free passes . The way they have it set up is so you can do 2 max in a single day , after that you have to buy passes

  • Dorito

    They should have a way to show Trainers interested in raids for the area, I think a raid map that shows raids that you have a badge for is a great idea. I went out to 2 failed raids because it was only me and another trainer. They could add like a raid check in feature or maybe even local team friendly forums. Also they could invest in servers, one raid yesterday was a flop simply because it kicked me off then when I rejoined it never loaded my team, I just had that shiney orb ( it was not letting me attack or take damage, I know sometimes the graphics for the mon won’t load and you can still fight, this was different and frustrating )

    • RLB63

      I’ve had 2 failed raids now. Both times at least one group I was in won. Also at least one other group in the raid faded because i got kicked out….

  • Andy Panks

    Why can’t the raid pass have 3 uses? Like the incubators we purchase. And yeah, there were far too many yesterday.

  • Phillip M. Hicks

    A map is needed. Missed out on a level 4 Tyranitar because I live across town. Also the alerts for need to be sent via text or something, so it would give us warning or be able to communicate with other users that don’t sound creepy to the teenagers asking them for a cell number or to add me on Facebook, lol.

  • JB

    I showed up for my first ever raid at a Charizard Raid yesterday in a CBD location with nobody around, waited around for 15 mins in 5 degrees celsius weather before I just said f**k it and enter the queue (and actually HOPING there are at least spoofers in the queue) but ended up just being in the queue by myself and fighting a Charizard which I inevitably know I cannot beat. This experience has really put me off the Raid system as a whole.

    • Heydavid17

      Same thing for me. In my case it was in the rain with a Venusaur =/

      • Seyit Arda Sert

        I was against a 18k machamp with stray dogs around me. My team was weak I couldn’t beat him in given time.

    • Rovindra Singh

      This is exactly my issue. Went to a raid, saw no one else around. Used my pass and barely two spoofers there. Snorlax just demolished me and I wasted my pass. They should at least let us know how many players are in the lobby BEFORE we use our passes so that we can judge if we wanna go into battle or not.

      • Oscarv

        That sounds useful but assuming you are on the street you can look around… spoofers cannot, although they may communicate among themselves.

    • DevilxDan

      im a solo player and i just fight the 1 and 2 star raids

    • James Conroy

      It’s a raid if you don’t have 10 or 15 friends to help you out you can’t participate that’s the way it should be I don’t think everybody deserves to have a legendary just because I got an eBay and bought a level 30 account it takes time effort and coordination

      • Higher_Ground

        why on earth do you need 10 or 15 people?

        Have you ever played pokemon? They give you a master ball in every game to ENSURE you get a legendary. It would be anathema to restrict it to the point where only very few people can get one.

    • Dutch_Soldier

      I had the EXACT SAME THING also with a charizard. That was a waste of a raid pass. They have to make it a littble bit more rare so people will go together to a gym. They could also make a ‘chatroom’ with people online in your area, chat togeter en go to raids with a couple of people.

      • RLB63

        Not a chance for chat. Parents trust letting their kids play because strangers can’t entice them.

    • GonzoI

      I did the same with an Arcanine. Texted, posted on Twitter, told people I know (who it turned out had already used their free pass), ended up wasting the pass and giving up after 3 tries.

      • David Wolfram

        I also did the same with an Arcanine, posted in my Facebook group waited and got no response and one else showed , I tried to solo it and got destroyed …. didn’t even try a 2nd time

  • Júlio César Stoppa Angelini

    AFter beat the raid the gym is useless. You can´t interact, youn can spin the stop, nothing. Raid for lvl 1 and 2 has to be free.

  • NOh

    Players should be able to create raid group before raid starts and from distance.

  • JB

    I think having a single rare egg raid (more raids for larger city/more populated areas) at a well known location in the city/town with at least 6 hours prior notification each day would probably help bring people together easier and we’d see more cooperative play without really need to local organization.

  • Randomman29

    They will change the limit to the free pass from once a day to every eight or four hours. If they want to get players active and outside they’ll have to.

  • JB

    Tip to Free To Play players: All F2P will not show up at Raids unless it’s a Tyranitar or Snorlax. I’ve gone by Charizard and Venusaur raids with nobody in sight.

  • NicolasKingh

    The current system doesn’t work because many people will not participate in raids because they only have one pass a day. People will save their pass for special Pokémon, and will leave the level 1,2 and probably 3 eggs alone. Why spend your pass on a louzy Quilava? Why buy a pass for an Vaporeon? It wont work. Which sucks because you need more players for it to succeed.

    The recommandations that are given are improvements but it wont fix the system. Players need more free raid passes, the shop passes need to give access to more raids, or the shop passes need to be way cheaper.

    • Higher_Ground

      making the premium passes unlimited access for 24 hours sounds like a fair balance to me.

      even doing that would still incentivize players to spend money since they can only earn 1/2 a pass a day for free.

  • El Perdío

    What about the new limit of 50 pokecoins per day? Why no one in the community is talking about this? Am I the only f2p player? This was a huge dissapointment

    • eMike

      You should say Thanks for all those whiners from Reddit for this.

    • Dorito

      I don’t mind the limit as much as I mind my babies being gone indefinitely and don’t even get any stardust. I’ve never paid for coins but I don’t really spend much and I rarely cashed in 100 (usually 50-70) although I’d like to see a higher limit. I see a lot of people who were struggling to get even 10 coins express how happy they are to finally cash in 50, but it’s not fair for my guys to be gone so long and bring me nothing ( I’m talking about after the initial 50 coins have been collected any other mons come home hungry with nothing but bruises)

    • Higher_Ground

      There’s an article with like 100+ comments on it.

  • Richard Sanders

    Ingress has a map and an in-game communication system to contact other players within a given distance (from 5km to global)… Not sure why they can’t implement something similar for PoGo with the new raid system.

    • RLB63

      Ingress is an adult game. Parents don’t want strange game playing adults to contact their kids in the game.

      • Richard Sanders

        Ingress is no more an adult game than PoGo is a children’s game… All ages play both games. There’s no reason Niantic can’t implement a Pokestop/gym map that also shows active or upcoming gyms with raids. Kids are not going to be driving to gyms that are outside of the current 500m notification range… The idea I sent to Niantic was having the new gym badges be able to notify us when a raid is starting. Even if only for higher level badges, like silver or gold.

  • Elusive7

    500m??? Ever since they changed tracking the radius for me has been 750m. From home I positioned between two gyms that are 1100m apart and get raid info from both.

  • Camille Swanson

    My friends and I had a frustrating situation where the 4 level gym we were trying to raid was in a business complex and people were driving up to fight the boss but not getting out of their cars to communicate with us. Then after we lost once, they would just drive off instead of actually coordinating with us to try again! This happened three times with multiple people in each of the cars while we were there. We ended up not being able to beat the boss, but had these people actually gotten out of their cars and talked to us, we would have killed it. Very disappointed.

  • happi

    I agree with the map idea.

    The lowering frequency is a typical response from someone in a city with several raids a day,Pokemon and pokestops all over…I like how often they pop up, and am lucky to finish one a day with my distance from town and only 2 gyms when I do get there.

    If people have a hard time taking raids down, then they should join a group of players and communicate that way….it isn’t the games responsibility to make sure everyone saves their passes for a lvl4 raid and band them together….that is your job as a player…also, you can buy more raid passes if you want to participate more….I don’t see the issue. y’all complain about lack of content…then complain about too much content… Lol

  • NitrogenousBeing

    What they need is exactly 1 raid a day at every gym. Each gym should tell you immediately after a raid ends the time and pokemon of the next raid. This info should be displayed the whole day and on badges. Players should be able to designate 1 gym per pass they have and the number of players designating that gym should also be displayed. I’m sorry niantic but hiding the pokemon in eggs counters the raid system working properly for everyone that doesn’t have a large group of dedicated friends.

  • Rovindra Singh

    Agree with the comments. They need to:

    1) Make normal level raids (Level 1 – 2) raids free.

    2) Make premium raid passes good for 3 uses – similar to incubators.

    3) Reduce the cost of premium raid passes to at most 50 coins (the max amount of coins you can earn a day – thanks for that Niantic *sarcasm*).

    4) Borrow from Ingress with the map and ability to coordinate with nearby players.

    5) Let trainers see who is currently in a lobby at any raid (or at least for Level 3 – 4, which cannot be done solo) so that they don’t waste their raid pass hoping that other people are trying to battle.

    • Lorddacc

      Having passes at half the price and 3 uses each would destroy the balance of the game. At the end of the day, some people would have 10 Tyranitars, Lapras, Snorlax, etc just from raiding. This kills the rarity of those Pokemon. 9 months ago having a Lapras was impressive, now it’s getting unnecessarly common. They should limit the number of raids in a set area, and that set area should get at max 2-4 raids a day. Free passes should have 1 use only for each type of egg (normal and rare). Paid passes could be cheaper, but you should only be able to use 1 or 2 per day. Raids shouldn’t be a mechanism to grind top tier, high IV Pokemon.

      • Butplug Maximus

        Too late. Spoofing already broke the balance. I have 6 gyms around me. All of them had a Blissy with 2100+ cp, ALL owned by ONE trainer. Mind you, Chansey and Blissy do NOT spawn frequently in the area.

        • RLB63

          Not as hard as you think. I have 2500+, 2300+, 1300+, and another Chansey. Only started walking Chansey last couple months. Hatched all my Chansey. Think I turned one in. I haven’t bought incubators either. So 6 isn’t unreasonable….

      • Dealer08

        They already killed the rarity of those pokemon. Sadly you can now P2W, although winning is kinda pointless considering the current gym system.

  • Brad

    I’m a casual player by Niantic’s design because I’m rural. Instead of leveling the playing field, all these new “upgrades” have done is further divided the “haves” vs the “have not’s”.
    The last event was meh, I saw 1 Sneasel the whole week. So I just get my dailies and maybe just quit all together. I used to spend $100 a month, mainly for balls, but haven’t spent a dime in the last 2 months since Niantic doesn’t treat rurals as “real”players.

  • squall

    I agree, too many raids, the novelty is wearing off fast.

  • BlackHawk Mercenaries

    My group uses Discord and have had an easy time coordinating over two major cities or about 50 miles. People have disputed the cost of Raid passes and according to white knights on the SilphRoad Reddit, Niantic needs the money to stay a float. (No Comment) I would argue that if the pass was 80 coins for 1, 150 for 2, etc. like the other package deals that most players would buy passes and play in more Raids, especially in a weekend or holiday setting.

    The point that gyms have no real value or purpose anymore, and even the 3 teams are pointless, the Raid system is the only feature that matters now and Niantic should make it more accessible in some way to keep its player base. Its great at the moment that all the cash cows or “Whales” are spending money to play, but when they get bored and leave the players that kept the game alive throughout the Winter months will be gone as they are now alienated for not having the money to participate in the one feature that makes the game fun. This is why so many have said that the lowest tier Raids should be Free, because they understand the importance of keeping the players over making a short burst of money.

    The Raids will be reduced over time, right now Niantic is troubleshooting and collecting data, so the more Raids they have now help them identify problems, but it will not stay at this level. How that affects the overall game in the long run is yet to be seen but again the main features that retain the population have been removed so hopefully they have plans for the future that we are not yet aware of.. hopefully.

  • reygie reyes

    Besides spoofers and whiner legit players. I really enjoyed the raid system.

  • Kehnidael

    The problem is i dont know if other players are ready to join in the raid, then i use the pass but maybe anybody is waiting for the raid and i cant win alone. The solution is use the pass before check if others trainers are waiting.

  • An-D T

    I agree that they should make the premium pass 50 coins, or keep it 100 hundred with it good for 3 raids. What they need to do is add the comms as they have it in Ingress, one part is everyone online within a variable km range and one part that is just your faction/team. That way you could try to get more people for a raid or reach out to just your specific team if you wanted to do so. It would also help with players actually getting to know one another, I’ve interacted with a few people in Ingress that way who have helped me level up more quickly. The raid map would be cool if that is what was intended for the map portion of the gym badges, if not that map is pointless.

  • Leito Alonso

    Normal Raids (Tier 1 and 2) shuold be FREE, no ticket required.

    • griffey9988

      Tier 1 at least.

  • Cody D. Nelson

    Less frequent raids? Are kidding me? Do you NOT want more content in the game? The raid frequency is currently fine. If you waste pass because you didn’t have a good group size, thats on you. What this system needs is yes a local raid map, but also the premium raid passes should either be AT LEAST a 3x use or simply lasts 24hours imo. If the latter, I wouldn’t mind an increase to price of it since it’s 24 hours but no more than 500 imo. With this and if they actually listen to their fan base and fix the coin system back to the Old way, I really don’t see premium raid passes alienating too many of the players. Also you should be able to actually be able to see the lobby you are going to raid with BEFORE you use your pass and along with the map, have a better notification system that maybe tells you there is a lobby searching for other players to join. Although you really shouldn’t need to see the lobby beforehand. Just gather a group outside, once you get a good amount then join together. Problem solved.

  • griffey9988

    You should be able to see how many people are participating in the raid without using your raid pass.

  • Sarah Kastner

    the two hour wait window is to long as well unless we have a raid map

    • griffey9988

      Yes, way too long. No way I’m waiting around for even an hour unless I know it’s going on from my house and can go when it starts.

    • vegetano1

      2 hours or 1 hour or 10 minutes,…. it doesn’t matter,.. XD

      The RAID will start when it starts,.. DUH

    • GonzoI

      Actually, 2 hours is great. Gives me time to call, text, and post on Twitter about tier 4 raids, with time for those people to drive to the raid. I’m rural, so it’s impossible to get a group together with short notice. Hard enough to get one together at all. Just barely got enough people for a Tyranitar raid (which ran…) that everyone was excitedly waiting for.

  • raichu DL

    – allow a switch on gym badges that enable raid notifications for that gym regardless of your location, displaying the raid egg/silhouette of the raid boss and tier.
    – allow anyone within battling range of a raided gym to turn on a “raid beacon”. as multiple people arrive and turn on this beacon on their games, a player count displays on the beacon showing how many players are within that gym’s range. the game should also check if those players have unused raid passes in the inventory in order to add them to the count.
    – the possibility of adapting some of X/Y/OR/AS’s PSS system features to GO. if need be, lock underage accounts to pre-set messages. a profanity filter would be a must.

  • Júlio César Stoppa Angelini

    We need of good amount of raids in small towns and a slow down in major cities. We finally gatherer 8 players here in a town with 2 gyms and all day long we get lvl 1 raids. This kind of thing has to be improved.

    • vegetano1

      Iets Random,… XD

  • Peg Pegasus

    In addition:
    – Less frequent raids (i would be happy with 2 raids a day on a 1 gym)
    – Make the raids between 18:00h and 22:00h, this way everybody, even the working man has a change to participate
    – Fix the battery drainage, it’s draining way more juice since last update
    – Fix the overheating issue, phones get way faster warmed up, causing lag and the need to restart the app or even your phone
    – Fix the issue, when you click battle you get thrown out of the whole pokemon go app (on both iOS and Android)

  • Dale Robinson

    I personally don’t want them to be less frequent, i don’t really have much free time to do raids so its nice to know that theres always going to be at least one raid going on in my time when I finish work in my town, but tbh it doesn’t matter if they’re less frequent or not, still cant catch the Pokémon if you’ve defeated them anyway, I solo`d a quilava yesterday, it fled after 11 balls and I solo`d a muk today and that also fled after 11 balls. I used razzberries on every single ball, got great throws on at least 8 on the quilava and 5 on the muk but no luck. I did get 4 rare candies In total though so it wasn’t a complete waste. Going a bit off topic here but I am disappointed in the cut in the maximum amount of coins per day. If I wanted to buy an extra raid pass id have to save up for 2 days to get one and that’s assuming id gotten the maximum amount of coins over the two days. I also think that raids against Pokémon like magikarp should be free (not require a raid pass)

  • Davide Tormene

    I am not sure i want a reduction in number of raids. Of course I already noticed both of the problems and thought of the same solutions but the real and best solution would be to have an active community that cooperate via WhatsApp / Discord. What if niantic would had a public/ team chat for pokemon go? there would be no need to reduce the raid number and to know where you can find lev 4 eggs u just need to interact with the other players. What do you think about it PokemonGoHub?
    Edit: thumbs up for every one saying that normal raids should be free!!!

    • Peg Pegasus

      Agree, there should be a chat in Pokémon GO!, like there is in Ingress.

      And Yes, that’s a good solution, Normal raid bosses should be free, rare should be with a raid pass.

  • Shelly Bishop

    I don’t mind the raids except I can’t feed my Pokemon if there is a raid going on or planning to go on… I feel the frequency of raids is a good thing considering lots of people work odd hours, not everyone has a 9-5 job… I was extremely disappointed when Pokemon returned with no coins after 2 days in a gym… The drop to 50 coins a day is bull! It should be 100 minimum, cause that is what it always was, but… I think if u have a gym for 3 days your Pokemon should get 50 for each day he was there…what good is it to put him in a gym and feed him daily if he might come back with nothing?

    • Higher_Ground

      If they let you get 100 coins a day again but raise the price of the premium pass to 200 coins would you be okay with that?

      I think most people are whining that they can’t get a free pass a day when it seems to me very intentional that they don’t want that happening.

  • Piet

    “Change will come, through the barrel of a gun” is what Niantic may have thought.
    For me, this is working.
    We work in groups now, interaction between team members and between teams has drastically evolved.
    We ll see for hiw long this will last.

  • Mokuro

    maybe more frequent for tier 1 & 2 but less frequent with 3 & 4

  • gamarju

    Local maps or better means to organise the raids would certainly help. I don’t agree for fewer raids , especially for rural areas (and where I live) with few gyms (and just a handful of new ones). Instead, I agree that the pink raids (level 1 and 2) should be for free (no raid pass); in any case, these can be battled solo , unlike the gold ones (level 3 and 4).

  • Jackbot92

    My experience so far:
    I solo’d a Bayleef yesterday, got 4 rare candies, great.
    Today, I saw there was a Tyranitar raid near me by using a third party web app (please make it in-game, Niantic). I got to battle it with another player, but we came nowhere close to beating it, and we both ended up wasting our passes.

    So, I inevitably got to this conclusion:
    I’ll never even try a 4-tier raid ever again, it’s a complete waste of the pass. I’d need to go with some friends, but none of my friends play anymore.
    Since there’s no way to organize in-game with other players (there’s not even a raid map), I’m forced to go solo.
    And since I won’t be able to catch any useful pokemon from lower tier raids, my free pass basically translates to 4 rare candies per day, or any other reward that you can get, which is slightly better that nothing, I guess.

    I can easily say that there’s no such a terrible feeling as wasting your pass because there are not enough players around to play with, because you feel like there was nothing you could have done, since there’s no way to organize with others.

    On the other hand, I like the new gyms so far. I finally feel like I’m actively hunting for gyms, since it’s much easier to catch them.

    • Higher_Ground

      4 rare candies a day, plus golden razz berries or TMs is way more than “slightly better than nothing” it’s exponentially better than anything they’ve ever given us before outside of very limited events.

      • Jackbot92

        I don’t get what you’re saying at all.
        What do you mean by “simultaneously”?
        Also, I once got an error message while I was trying to place my pokemon in the gym that said “the gym is under attack! Try again later”, so I don’t know what you mean with “people can add to the defense without even fighting” (maybe I’m misunderstanding your point, sorry if so).
        Why do you miss training at your gyms? Wasn’t it only useful to raise the prestige so you could place your pokemon in the gym? Now you don’t even have to raise the prestige, it’s always fixed 6 slots…
        And yes, the motivation system makes catching gym WAY easier, I have a gym near home that changes faction daily, while before the update it was a lvl 10 yellow gym since like January… I just don’t understand what game you’re playing, the whole update was to make gyms easier to catch (+ raids)…

    • mortuus82

      come on, tyranitar u have to be atleast 8 or so people, i was today but my luck sucked and i didnt catch the damn thing, a few in my group go tthe tyranitar on first throw,, but not me, but starting a raid on tyranitar knowing uare 2 only is just a waste of the pass, its just impossible beat him on time with 2 people ….

      • Jackbot92

        Yea dude, it was the second day after the update, how could I possibly know it was so hard? lol

  • David Morris

    I like the Raid map you came up with. I was thinking the same thing: let me see what raids are happening at gyms I’ve fought or defended (i think just spinning the the photo disk would be a bit lazy), or perhaps just the gyms you’ve gotten a raid pass from (so you’d have to make sure to attend gyms in a different order, just to shake things up).

  • Kristine Wallace

    How about making the premium raid passes work for 3 raids similar to the incubators. That would be way more beneficial especially since you have to buy them the only benifit they have is being able to have mulitples which isn’t that great for 100coins

  • AverageGamers

    To be honest, I haven’t tried a Raid even once. Why? It’s active only when I’m unable to leave my station. My usual GO time is during m morning walk, and ofc no Raids available ?. The same happens when I’m free after 5pm. They do show up, but only when I’m already comfty on my bed ?. Gah!

    Beside, the Raid Bosses so far are Pokemon I already have with great IV and decent CP, so why bother? ?

    Agreed about the communication feature tho. At least knowing I can actually meet up with others might temp me to go out.

  • Mister A

    always when i find i raid that im interested i have to fight alone. that leaves me fighting muk because thats the only poke i need and i can beat alone. i miss out on that arcanine and other lvl 4 raid bosses because its so unlikely to find players fighting it at the same time

  • Robert Byrne

    Did a raid battle in my own town. Was a teir 4 Snorlax. Joined the battle and was only myself and one other player. Never even got close to taking him down. Tried this 3 times with the hope others would be involved in the battle but alass to no avail. Waste of time. They need to show how many are participating or somehow add other players from other parts of the city or country into the same battle for example have the Pokemon timer for the one Pokemon in 3 separate gyms and the first 20 to register go into the battle and the next 20 go into the next one 120 seconds later and so on otherwise in rural places it’s just a waste of time. I did battle a quilava solo. Was an easy win. My 2850Garados beat it 8000xp and actually cought it first throw with a berry being used. Got 1 rare candy and a berry.

  • Wooky 13

    Generally the possibility of seeing other players or even chatting with them + PVP (!) could be kinda cool, but it won’t happen (soon) anyway… But you should really be able to see how many players are at a certain raid !!! In bigger cities it may be better, if the total number of raids is reduced while increasing the variety of Pokémon as a raid boss ! And I definitely don’t think that raids should be free because of the reward items and the fact that it would make it ‘even’ easier FOR ALL to get those Pokémon (which are usually rare..). I hope they will just make it easier for players to organize the raids !! ^^

  • Robert Byrne

    Even if they had it set up like an online poker game. Register your interest for the raid for up to an hour before battle. Use your pass. You can pull out up to 10 mins before the battle commences and your raid pass is returned to you. Any gyms you have visited in the last 3 days your notified via a small msg that a raid will take place in a certain amount of time and the Pokemon that it’s likely to be. Even if not the exact Pokemon but a possible list of 3 say Snorlax Tyranitar and Dragonnite so one of the above. And the possibility of numerous gyms around the country linked up so that if a gym doesn’t get min of 6 players for a teir 4 battle the remaining trainers are linked up to a different gym with the countdown clocks working in tandem so it wouldn’t make any difference but to Pokemon or niantic but just a better gaming experience for the players

  • vegetano1

    No complaints here 🙂 game works great XD

    Random rules!!

    maybe some bug and glitch fixxes,…

  • Dave

    I think the map is a great idea. The amount of raids is fine for a rural area, I’d say make the passes worth more than 1, and use an in-game general and team chatting system like ingress. Niantic already has the code. It makes a HUGE difference being able to say, “Hey! There’s a tyranitar raid in clayton, anyone wanna come help?” Also I’d like to see more coins and stardust, and the value boosted on rare candies from 1 to 3

  • Ian Piddock

    I support these findings. I’m a very active player and live in a town in the UK. The town size is 80,000 people and there are 24 gyms spread across 22sq miles. I’ve done 17 raids so far. With raids happening all over the town, it dilutes the number of people showing up for each raid. The largest turnout we have had is 17 people for a level 4. Level 1s and 2s don’t need large turnouts, but we need to coordinate the 3s & 4s. It’s like herding cats. Many raids end up with some people having to wait 45 minutes to do raid. We have WhatsApp group to coordinate, but people also have lives to live. What Raids have done is reveal who is active though. I’m a little disappointed to say that it’s the same dozen people showing up for the Raids. Not the big Pokémon Go revival I was expecting to be honest. After just a few days, it’s now only level 4s people are going for and we all wait to see what it is before journeying there. In a week’s time people will only then go out for Tyranitar.

  • Kenny Kwan

    I love your first suggestion of having a localized raid map. Perhaps include some sort of chat function as well to gather people together easier?

    However I disagree with having less raids. Doing raids is a choice. If there is a raid, you have the choice of doing it or not. Just because there is a raid doesn’t mean you have to do it. I feel having less raids limits choices and I think anything that limits choices is probably a negative thing.

    I think raid passes doesn’t necessarily have to be free since we can get 50 coins per day now rather than 10 per day. Plus getting one free pass per day is cool. I guess Niantic needs to make their money somewhere right?

  • JP Alacon

    I agree to both of these points. Raids are i thought were supposed to be special, but if there are a ton around, it’s not as exciting as when I first battled in a Raid. If there wasn’t a map, at least have a list of scheduled (but randomized; and released at least 5 hours out so that we can organize meet-ups) Raids in particular areas maybe 15-20 miles apart.

  • Higher_Ground

    I think it’s okay to have lots of raids as long as they manage the frequency of the difficulty levels. Since you can solo the 1 & 2 star raids it’s not a big deal if nobody else is around. It’s the 3-4 star raids that you need help for, so those need to be relatively infrequent (but at least a couple times a day).

    IDK, the whole thing is a bit of a mess. They increased the # of gyms so that’s just that many more potential raids. Maybe they need a way to limit the # in an area at once, but still have them going on all the time.

  • GonzoI

    I think the frequency is close to good as it is. You need to be able to have morning raids for people who work in the afternoon, lunchtime raids for those who can only play then, and evening raids for those of us who work during the day. Having a few to choose from is ideal, otherwise it starts to feel unfair when the morning players get their second Tyranitar while you get Magikarp for the 8th evening in a row. This frequency might be more of an issue in megacities where there are gyms every 10 feet and a dozen pokestops in every home, but us rural players need about this level to see any good raids at all.