Shiny Pokémon to Look Forward to in Pokémon GO: Part 2

With this new series, we take a look at unreleased shinies in Pokémon GO that are really fun and something to look forward to. Many players in the community consider shiny hunting a real priority for GO, so let’s take a look at some beautiful shinies we don’t have in game yet. Currently I am focusing on Pokémon that are in game, with shinies that are not.

Don’t forget to comment and let us know which you are looking forward to!

Frillish & Jellicent

Shiny Male Frillish Shiny Male Jellicent
Shiny Female Frillish Shiny Female Jellicent


Both genders of the Frillish family have such nifty shinies! The male forms take on gorgeous green tones, but the female forms are the more unique of the two in my opinion. Shiny female Frillish is a coral colour that is highly unusual for a shiny Pokémon, and shiny female Jellicent is such a gorgeous lilac colour, it really suits their design so well.


Shiny Chandelure


Whilst I’m only featuring shiny Chandelure here, it’s worth mentioning that Litwick is pretty decent, whereas Lampent is a more uninspired muted colour variant. Chandelure however, so bright! So good! So design appropriate! With Chandelure being meta relevant, and a fan favourite, we really hope it could be October 2022 Community Day. It would fit perfectly for Halloween and be such a popular choice. We can dream

Mienfoo & Mienshao

Shiny Mienfoo Shiny Mienshao


Until I started compiling this article I had zero concept of what the Mienfoo family looked like as shinies, and wow. I am going to need a shiny Mienshao stat. What gorgeous colour tones! Both are so eye-catching and different, what a lavish looking set of shinies. The colours of shiny Mienshao really suit their movements in game, fluid and smooth and pretty. I love these!

Pawniard & Bisharp

Shiny Pawniard Shiny Bisharp


Sticking with egg exclusives, Pawniard and Bisharp are really unconventional shinies. Taking on an electric blue colour, these are so different, and the designs looks oddly futuristic with the colour change. Hatching Pawniard from a 12km egg would be a lot more exciting if there was at least a chance of this remarkable shiny hatching. These were a popular suggestion on Twitter, and I totally see why!

Kalos Starter Pokémon

The Kalos starter Pokémon are some of the best shiny starter Pokémon across the board. I’m going to group them all together here, but wow!

Chespin, Quilladin & Chesnaught

Shiny Chespin Shiny Quilladin Shiny Chesnaught


Perfect autumn tones for these Grass types, and will likely be the next starter we see featured for a Community Day, hopefully in 2022. With the colours of conkers, these work so well.

Fennekin, Braixen & Delphox

Shiny Fennekin Shiny Braixen Shiny Delphox


Beautiful greys and purples, with accents of firey orange, unusual and beautiful! Fennekin will also feature as a Community Day at some point, and no doubt be fairly popular thanks to those beautiful shinies.

Froakie, Frogadier & Greninja

Shiny Froakie Shiny Frogadier Shiny Greninja


Shiny Greninja is one of those unbelievably rare and cool shinies, like Charizard or Rayquaza, that is black. It is a massive fan favourite, and the inevitable Froakie Community Day will be a huge event for the community!

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