Shiny Pokémon to Look Forward to in Pokémon GO: Part 1

For something different today, rather than taking a look at PvE or PvP Pokémon to look forward to in the future of Pokémon GO, we’re going to take a look at some of the exciting shinies we will see in the future! Hunting shiny Pokémon is a huge part of what many players consider their focus in GO, so let’s take a look at some shinies that are really cool and unreleased at the time of writing.

Let us know in the comments which future shinies you are hyped for!

Gulpin & Swalot

Shiny Gulpin Shiny Swalot


Both shiny Gulpin and Swalot become a gorgeous baby blue colour when shiny. Good shinies are often those that are really striking and different from their original colours, and the Gulpin family fits that perfectly. Bright, easy to spot, and a fun colour switch up! With the potential for a Hoenn Tour in 2023, there aren’t a huge amount of unreleased shinies from Hoenn in Pokémon GO. We therefore might see these shinies held back for release until then to make sure any potential Hoenn Tour has a few new shinies released for it.

Stunky & Stuntank

Shiny Stunky Shiny Skuntank


Following on with the theme of brightly coloured shinies that are really different from their original colours, the Stunky family are amazing! A gorgeous pinky red, the colours work really well with their design and are really funky. You wouldn’t need the sparkles to spot this shiny at all!


Shiny Chatot


As a regional exclusive Pokémon, shiny Chatot doesn’t look set to make their debut any time soon in Pokémon GO, but when it does, it is bound to be highly sought after! Not only because it is a regional, but because it has a really unusual colour palette. Deep blue, yellow and a burgundy sort of pink, Chatot looks totally different in their shiny variant, and super cute!

Finneon & Lumineon

Shiny Finneon Shiny Lumineon


The Finneon family has a really unusual palette for their shiny form, a sort of bronze, pale pink and cream mixture that looks really soft and pretty. It suits the style of the family with their gentle fluttering fins, and makes for a really striking and unique shiny. There aren’t many Pokémon with a similar colour theme, and I can see these being popular to hunt.

Shaymin & Victini

Shiny Shaymin Shiny Victini


I’ve chosen to group Shaymin and Victini together because of their status as Mythical Pokémon. We can probably assume that like Mew and Celebi, we’ll get a research quest line story with Professor Willow that ultimately leads to an encounter with a guaranteed shiny at the end of it. Both have spectacular shinies! Both formes of Shaymin have this amazing teal colour, and Victini’s body becomes white, highly uncommon for a shiny, and particularly pleasant in design.

Munna & Musharna

Shiny Munna Shiny Musharna


Whilst not the most popular Pokémon, in fact, they are pretty creepy when you read their Pokédex entry, Munna and Musharna have really bold shinies. Bizarrely for a family of Pokémon, their shinies don’t look remotely alike! Shiny Munna is my personal favourite of the two, the yellow with green and pink is so eye catching, but Musharna is still pretty startling with that deep purple and blue.


Shiny Scrafty


For most of the other Pokemon featured in this article, I’ve shown the whole family, but for Scraggy and Scrafty, I’m sorry to say Scraggy is a total disappointment. Scraggy is a slightly paler version of their original colours, a real blink-and-you-miss-the-sparkles that will leave you needing to check if it really is shiny. But Scrafty is fun! It’s scarf and weird trousers become line green, the body more yellow, and the mohwak orange. Much more fun than the lacklustre shiny Scraggy. I can see many living dex collections evolving their single shiny Scraggy up to Scrafty rather than keeping a shiny Scraggy in their collection.


Shiny Ducklett


For the Ducklett family, I’m also only featuring Ducklett. Shiny Swanna isn’t noteworthy, but Ducklett is a truly gorgeous shiny. A pale pink and purple pastel delight, what a cutie! Ducklett is another shiny I anticipate to be highly sought after in GO because who doesn’t love an adorable Pokémon that has a startling shiny? We could see Ducklett feature as part of the Water Festival, or a Flying type event, fingers crossed it comes fairly soon!

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