The wondrous Pokémon GO art of Nanoespectro

Trainers, meet Nanoespectro, a redditor who is about to have a really good day.

Nano, we’re featuring your art on the Hub, as we’re huge fans of the style and the sweet titles you come up with. If you’re in the mood, join our forum and share more info about yourself.

Nano’s art has been around for a while, but we simply didn’t have the time to go through it and share it on the Hub before. With that mistake now corrected, enjoy!

Something shiny sparkles Yokohama.

It’s almost been a year. A long journey… and it isn’t over. Not by a longshot.

Oh, you think you’re the best Water starter, huh?

Something strange has found its way inside Onix’s cave.

A familiar scene…

Trust me, it’ll look better in blue.

“You will never walk again, Bran… but you will spoof.”

Eevee through the eons.

“Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, Bulby… but i’ll get you the TMs to learn Solar Beam. That’s a promise.”

“Go on, little acorn, you get this one. I’ll wait for my turn.”

It’s been a long adventure… and it’s not over. Not even close…

“You’ll be fine, Oshie… i’ll get you to safety.”

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