As you’re probably aware, yesterday we were unable to continue the Part I of our data mine due to severe lack of sleep and energy.

At that point, the GO Hub team was already awake for 36 hours and we decided to publish only the most important info: raid support, new gym system and legendary raid battles. You can (and you should) read the Part I of our data mine first.

Now, it’s time to tackle the APK again and focus on a few new discoveries.

Battle Teams!

Trainers, we did not expect this one! Before the hype train starts, be aware that we haven’t found any visual assets to support Battle Teams, only code in the APK. Niantic hasn’t confirmed it either (yet).

Battle Teams are a mechanism to store groups of Pokémon in a team, similar to how teams work in other Pokémon games. Up to 6 Pokémon can be part of a team. Teams can also be named and they seem to have a preference attached to them.


Exciting times, we may see a huge Quality of Life improvement if this happens to get implemented!

Gym Bonus Loot

In addition to everything we know about the new Gyms, this APK has shown us that there is even more hidden under the surface. It seems that there are several levels (or tiers) of Bonus Loot you can get for spinning gyms.

The bonus loot is influenced by:

  • your Gym Badge level
  • allegiance to the Team that is controlling the Gym

Gym Badge Map

This feature went wildly under the radar, although the APK is brimming with code to support it. You will be able to view all of the Gym Badges you have collected on an actual map that supports the following:

  • panning,
  • zooming,
  • clustering badges

Premier Balls

Niantic wasn’t lying, we are getting Premier Balls for capturing Raid Bosses. At this point, we have the Ball icon and some information on the amount of balls awarded:

These factors influence the number of Premier Balls you’ll receive:

  • The base Pokeballs
  • Your damage contribution
  • Team Damage contribution
  • Gym Ownership
  • The percentage of damage inflicted by your team
  • Davelse

    Thank you so much for your hard work! 😉

  • John Jorgensen

    Any idea if we’ll be able to spin the photo discs on gyms with the GoPlus like we do on PokeStops? Or do you think they’ll be ignored by the GoPlus since they’re technically gyms?

    • You should be able.

      • John Jorgensen

        Just thought I’d let you guys know that after doing a little research on my own and visiting 8 different gyms since they went live, I figured out that no, you can’t spin the photo discs on gyms with a GoPlus. I know my research is extremely minimal, but I feel like going to 8 gyms and not being able to spin any of them with the GoPlus is an answer enough for me lol.

  • Eskimo Joe

    You should know that what you do is really appreciated!! Thank you

  • Jack Mehoff

    Thanks for all your work. You guys are the best with this type of stuff.

    Do you know when gyms will be live & available for regular battling (not the raid battles which I know will be rolled out over the next few weeks)?

    • Probably soon, although PTC Newsletter says July.

      • Jack Mehoff

        Thanks – I’m hoping sooner since they initially said, “Once the update has been rolled out to players around the world, Gyms will return.” I know they released the iOS update in Apple store today, at least in the US, but I’m not sure if it’s been released worldwide. I initially thought that they’d only be offline for a day or two at most so early July would be really annoying.

        • Raphael Luceiro dos Santos

          In Brazil the IOS uptade was released today.

          • Jonas Holst

            Denmark has gotten the update as well.

  • pbcomm

    Any word on storage upgrades? with all those new items 1000 is just not cutting it.

    • Nothing yet.

      • pbcomm

        Sad. I live in an area with few stops and try to keep my ball count high, will take a lot more effort to manage the counts.

    • Antonio Mercurio

      1000 storage is enough,
      i have 500 and balls get low when lots of events

      • Jack Mehoff

        If your storage is at 500 and you are content with it, I’d guess that you casually play PoGo and/or don’t spend much time battling in gyms. Because my storage is 1,000 and I’m constantly needing to delete items so I can continue to spin stops. If my storage capacity was cut in half it’d be very difficult for me, but I also spend a lot of time every day playing (I’m level 38). With these new items being introduced and now all berries having more value (bc any berry can be used to feed Defender mons to restore motivation) I won’t just delete the fairly useless nanab berries to free up space, since they are more valuable now since they can use restore motivation which will also earn you stardust for feeding mons. Especially for the very frequent players, increasing the storage limit would be extremely helpful.

        • Higher_Ground

          I guess it really depends on how you play because with only 3-4 items per pokestop you basically need to hit one for every 1-2 pokemon you catch (and there are usually more than that around every stop). Fighting gyms just depletes your inventory even faster.

          I get the desire to have lots of items but it seems to me in my experience that the more often you play the faster you go through them and therefore the less likely you are to fill up your bag. I try to stock up on Friday since I will be less likely to spin stops in my neighborhood, even though there are still pokemon to catch. Ideally I’d have an extra 100 balls on deck.

          • Jack Mehoff

            @Higher_Ground:disqus As you point out, fighting in gyms does deplete inventory pretty fast. As such, it’s important for me to have enough potions/revives on hand so I can spend the time I want battling without having to go spin stops for items. I live in NYC so stops are very abundant, but I’ve found that potions are much less commonly released when spinning stops than they used to be. So even though I play a lot, my bag gets filled to capacity very quickly and it takes a lot of stops to earn enough potions to go on gym-battle “grinds” without having to break to hit more stops for potions. For people who don’t spend much time battling, they have the luxury of being able to delete potions & revives so they can focus on obtaining as many balls as possible.

      • Higher_Ground

        at this point I can’t pick up enough balls to fill my bag. It was a different story when I was leveling up more often. If I get close to filling up I just drop potions/revives now. Plenty of them in inventory and can’t use them until gyms are back up anyway.

      • Stephen Pierce

        For those of us who don’t live near pokestops it’s important to be able to stock up when we are near them. I can easily encounter 100 Pokemon without ever hitting a pokestop. My storage would empty quickly if I could only hold 500. I can get by with 1000, but being able to hold more potions and revives would be nice.

  • Paul0100

    Any idea if we are going to be able to change team?

  • Shaudius

    Any code for how many interactions you need to get the gym badge levels and now much each interaction gives you?

  • LuckyfighterGO

    BRING GYMS LIVE NOW! tweet this to niantic 😀

  • Kothar

    Now gyms are round O.O

    • LuckyfighterGO


      • Kothar

        Their shape, its spherical.

  • Jon Pettyjohn

    I’m having Gym Jones ?

  • shin

    How can you find these data? Please tell me.

    • Diskus1

      It’s in the game client file, the APK.

      • shin


  • Cristian Amaya

    that be interesting. “The base Pokeballs” so, the more pokeballs you have, the more premier you’ll get, or the opposite…. we’ll see

    • Diskus1

      Or it’s a fixed number, I saw 5 mentioned elsewhere.

    • Higher_Ground

      yeah, maybe a tie-in to the 1 in 10 ration you get buying regular balls in the store?