a reverse engineer by the name Chrales has managed to force the Pokémon GO client app to display all of the in-game items that currently have associated code entries.

Chrales is a regular contributor to the PoGODev discord channel and a reliable source of several leaks / discoveries in the past.

Now, in his latest trick, the “french wizard” as we call him, has managed to load the complete item list, together with sprites and descriptions of hidden items, and display it inside his test backpack:

Please note that some items, like the “Honey Pot” item sprite released earlier, are not linked to any code entries and thus not displayed here. Also, these items are only linked to the code, that doesn’t imply that they will be released.


As you can see, the following hidden items and their visual assets are currently available in the APK:

  • Master Ball
    • “The Best Poké Ball with the ultimate level of performance. With it, you will catch any wild Pokémon without fail.”
  • X Attack
    • No Image
    • No description
  • X Defense
    • No Image
    • No description
  • Bluk Berry
    • No description
  • Wepear Berry
    • No description

Although this is super exciting, please be aware that the majority of these items were in the APK since last summer, silently waiting for release.

It is also true that, despite having a full texture and code support, the Master Ball item still hasn’t been released. We don’t know why, but we can confirm that that item is more or less fleshed out completely in terms of required code and assets.

A number of these textures, including the Master Ball, was last time revisited in 0.67.1:

What are your thoughts? Do you believe we could hear more about these items in this weeks announcement hinted by Hanke? Do you think that the game needs a Master Ball item?

  • Juni


  • Vickey Shivalkar

    Need master ball yes

    • Chris Ng

      not surprising news, however a Master ball would be really exciting! Especially useful if it means if you encounter Ex Raid legendaries like Mewtwo the capture rate would be 100%!

      • Higher_Ground

        probably just going to be premier balls during raids

  • Edwin Fung

    More sign of gen 3 release please Niantic!

    • Joe1407

      None of these items are use or need for GEN 3. Now Gen 4 is something else.

      • Edwin Fung


      • Chanderule

        All these berries originated from Gen 3, and X items were there since generation 1

    • Austin Tang

      Does anyone know that gen 3 is coming in december? Niantic confirmed it.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Um, we saw new items added to the game with gen 2 which gives me reasons to believe that we will be seeing new items added for gen 3! I would hope for the masterball, the Attack X and Defense X could be around pvp? and the bulk and weaper berries could add another aspect into what we get from catching pokemons , likely around the lines of xp and stardust. Small things which will increase the fun of gen 3 hopefully. Gen 3 is almost here, although i dont play much now, when gen 3 gets released I would be playing as much as i did the first month of gen 1 and 2

    • peponzio

      To me it seems like X Attack/Defense will be more like prebattle powerups to give your pokemon more attack or defense (really?) for gym battles (and possibly future features).

      For example using X attack on one of your pokemon puts a timer on it, all battles started within that time frame gives your Pokemon a 1.x boost (possibly 1.4).

      Using X Defend like berries on your defending Pokemon (possibly yours only) could give your Pokemon a defense boost (0.71 damage for example) within a timer’s time frame.

      Maybe both can be used in gyms and outside gyms. I’m just speculating though.

      • vanslyker

        could X Attack/X Defense increase IV? the HP one could be the “undefined” one since they probably can’t decide between “HP” and “Stamina” 😉

        • peponzio


          Sorry. lol. I mean that X (stats) have been items in Pokemon since gen 1 and they are always temporary. In fact the effect they perform stands for as long as a pokemon fights, if the fight ends or the pokemon goes back to its pokeball the effect disappears.

          IV improvements have been a thing since (what?) gen 6 (maybe?)? And they are supposed to be “masks” and hard to achieve on pokemons. They are not just items, they are methods (with NPCs and requirements).

          As for the HP/Stamina there has never been one X (stat) for HP. The undefined is to me a true mystery. It feels like a stamina X stat equivalent but I just can’t see that happening. Maybe an X Speed equivalent to attack faster and doge faster, though that is also unlikely.

  • Karl Sangster

    I love pokemon go hub, but is this really NEWS worthy? i mean, majority people know these items were in the game, so simply just…seeing them in the game… is that news? is that worth an article with 100 words? i dont know man

    • Chris Denton

      Pokemon go hub, making people click articles they don’t want to read.

      • Dorian Adonis Huerta Gamboa

        “Keep in it real, since 1949”

    • William Kelly

      Sell outs is my opinion. But like I said just an opinion. 😉

    • Joel Jensen

      yea it is. at least they are publishing an article on pokemon and not draconius go

    • Finn Brown

      This is a good article i feel

    • Kazugaya –

      well its interesting for those who dont know that these items are in the game/code/whatever.
      nothing new to me either, but u dont actually have to read it.

  • If they ever added a likely limited Master Ball item, I really hope it’s only usable if you explicitly select it. I’ve often swapped from Poke balls to Great balls without even realizing it. I’d hate to accidentally go Great Ball to Master Ball on accident while trying to catch some Sunkern or Rattata.

  • Neopiru Games

    how ist this even related to anything ? Why should I even care about this ? if you don’t have anything relevant to post – don’t do it

    • Marco De Freitas

      Correction: if you don’t care, shut up ang go somewhere else 🙂

    • James

      You’re more than welcome to make your own website and not post things. 🙂

    • Herbert Louis

      Don’t click on it if you don’t want to read it.

      • Neopiru Games

        umm… how am I even able to predict the whole article before clicking on it? Apparently everyone here knows telepathy

        • Herbert Louis

          why would you click if you already know what’s in there? The article helped me since I started playing without knowing much about the game, if you already have the answers, why click on the link. Judging by your profile pic you love the Hub.

          • Neopiru Games

            i come here for quality infos, if you guys think this post is interesting you are probably zombies… i don’t come here to read jokes – you probably too, so if you don’t have anything related to say – don’t comment

          • Chris Denton

            “Animated list of all in-game items, including the hidden ones like the Master Ball and unreleased Berry variants“

            That is what you clicked on.

          • Joel Jensen

            lol its funny seeing all these triggered comments about how they hate how go hub is acting recently. like why tf u click on it then?

          • Herbert Louis

            You’re right this is serious business, that’s why i come here also, for hard hitting facts that will change my life. Not jokes, thanks for putting things in perspective.

    • Austin Tang

      This is relevant. You should care because these are items you will want.

  • James

    I thought they had golden pinaps in code

    • Chanderule

      only the name I think

  • Antonius Naumann

    Two things about the Master Ball (to keep his lore):

    (1) It has to be VERY rare
    (2) It has to be usable as an option in the RAID capture screen. Because it is intended to be used as a ball to catch legendary pokemon. (Maybe they could reward 1 everytime a new legendary species is available, so you can save it to catch you good IV one)

    • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

      Well it’s not actually meant to catch legendaries. I use mine on magikarps. Purposely because I’m a try hard catching legendaries in my ultra balls. (Caught Tapu Bulu in a poke ball cuz I just wanted to get rid of it)

      • Antonius Naumann

        Yeah that’s true. Got my Tapus in Apricot balls (damn hours of resetting)

        But at least it has to be possible to catch legendaries with it

        • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

          Yes. I’m just saying that it’s not what I use my master balls on. Unless I’m out of balls, time, or I’m lazy

  • hilmanefef

    for what? I just need ultraball and golden razz to snipped 5-6 3k cp dragonite & tyranitar a day

    • Kazugaya –

      yea spoofers like u dont understand that a wild 3k tyranitar is worthless for core players.

      but what if u do a raid and u have some 100iv pokemon u want to catch, but it keeps breaking out? thats how u use a master ball, wouldnt waste it on a tyranitar with dumb IV

  • News for games

    So we are getting new stuff and master ball theory hope it comes for everyone

  • Higher_Ground

    we’re getting summer outfits just in time for winter in the northern hemisphere :/

  • Higher_Ground

    Those items probably haven’t been included yet because they’re either not really needed (X attack, defense, etc) or they haven’t figured out a way to implement it. The master ball sounds great, but what happens when you miss with it? In the games the only way to really waste one was to use it during a battle and see it get knocked away.

    • Kazugaya –

      they will just make it that u can throw the master ball anywhere u want and it will hit the enemy in some stupid way i guess

  • Daniel Gomez

    Thank you because on contrary to what people say there are actual non-everyday users who use this website for information. I didnt even know some of these items existed in this game. Thank you Pokemon Go hub

  • Christopher Andrew Moore

    Master ball should be reward for ex raid.