Niantic (NIA) has officially addressed the growing uncertainty in the Pokemon GO community, following up on the recent Harry Potter: Wizards Unite announcement with a blog post titled “Looking Ahead”, written by John Hanke, NIA’s CEO.

Key takeaways (TLDR):

  • Niantic is doubling down on Pokemon GO
  • Niantic is actively hiring across all development teams
  • We will hear more news about changes to certain Pokemon GO features next week

Players have expressed concern over the state of Pokemon GO feature set and the Niantic’s commitment in the months to come. Surprisingly, Niantic has clearly stated their intentions, reassuring the Pokemon GO community that they are committed to the game.

Hanke responded with the following statement:

We–the Pokémon GO development team–want to say that we are 100% committed to creating an ever-changing and growing game that gets our players exploring, meeting each other, and deepening their connection to the Pokémon universe. We’re actively expanding the Pokémon GO development team to build many more amazing features in 2018. Stay tuned for an update next week on upcoming improvements to certain features.

In a swift turn around from the usual lack of communication, Hanke confirmed that development on Pokemon GO is not going to be impeded by their new Warner Bros engagement. Curiously, this is the first time we’ve seen Niantic hint that more news will be announced in the nearby future (marked bold in the quote above).

The blog post was quickly followed up in a tweet by the official Niantic Twitter account, stating that they are “doubling down” and 100% focusing on adding more features to the game:

In the meantime, websites from the newly formed Harry Potter Wizards Unite reddit community are reporting that Niantic is not the actual developer behind Wizards Unite’s game play loop.

According to, Niantic is partnering with Portkey Games as a “platform developer and AR consultant”, while Portkey will develop the main game play features. We have no confirmation of this as of now, but we’ll reach out to Niantic for possible clarification.

In the mean time, you can join the next week’s hype on the Hub and enjoy the ride. It seems that neither Pokemon GO, nor Ingress, are not going away anytime soon.

  • Josh Hack

    Well, it’s about time that they communicate with us. I think Draconius Go drove them over the edge, and they see what they need to add to engage the player base (PvP and quests perhaps?)

    • Achi

      + stuff for rural players

      • Anders Behring Breitfart

        No, please, everything but this. Keep rural players at bay. Farmers in PoGo are a NoGo!!!

        • Achi

          Is this joke or are you racist?!

          • Anders Behring Breitfart

            I’m a farmist. I don’t like farmers.

          • Achi


          • Mitch

            buddy racist means you are discriminating against a certain race, and last time I checked farmers weren’t a race

          • Chris Denton

            That’s true, it’s just discrimination based on someone’s employment.

            It’s dumb to call anyone outside of a city a farmer, though. In this game, rural just means not in a city.

          • Patrick Terry Jr.

            How was that Racist? ARE FARMERS A RACE NOW?!

    • Edwin Fung

      Josh Hack maybe they’re going to implement our ideas!

    • Simone Amoruso

      Uhm, PvP and trades are surely a 2018 thing… maybe the feature they are talking about is again EX raids or shinies or even thanksgiving event/3rd gen arrival. Who knows, it’s Niantic!

      • Jon Jon Javellana

        Im still not a fan of trading, honestly 🙁

        • Simone Amoruso

          Why? It’s an essential pokemon feature. You just trade pokemon or maybe, tools. Why transfer/dump pokemon/tools when you can give it to a friend who can’t find it or really need it?
          Niantic said they know how to introduce this feature and when, it’s just a matter of time.

    • Derek Emmons

      I didnt read your post before i

    • Darwin Long

      First step Niantic needs to do us bring back all the Pokéstops from the 10/11/17 mass deletion event and resume OPR to Pokémon GO port-over. I’ll see it to believe it for rural game play.

    • Jørgen Tangerud

      Like Draconius Go was anything else than a crappy copy, tryed it a couple of hours, wasted time.

  • Edwin Fung

    I think Niantic wants to spread risk through developing new game.

  • 江雲帆


    • Edwin Fung

      等到Ex raids 正式推出先算

  • Auronn

    According to critical… I see what you did there :p

    • peponzio

      I know right.

  • Kenneth Yeo Chye Whatt

    Give us more chances to get Ex passes to raid MewTwo. Too many players are being left out, especially the ones who are actively engaged in the game now. Do that and see your player base rise dramatically overnight 🐼🖒.

    • Andre

      I agree, I’ve been a die-hard player for a year and still no EX pass, while some of my friends have had 4!!! I’m about a week or 2 away from uninstall because of that.

  • Robb B.

    Niantic built the platform and sdk for third parties to make use of. They will license the database and AR features from Niantic, leaving them to develop PoGo.

  • yuififf

    New Feature or ideas:

    An equilibrium raid pass
    EX: You could choose gyms where you do not raid that day and there would
    always be Mewtwo (so there would be no problems for who works or is at
    school at that time) and who has sailed in these gyms last week or month have an EX raid ticket
    Make daily or weekly challenges with stardust reward and rare items (evolutionary objects, rare candies, MT, lucky eggs etc.)
    Added pvp and traging between trainers, pessimism and pokemon center
    Stuff for rural players
    Adding new objects (masterball, IV risen ….)

    • Bilbilis Nikos

      All of this plus an item finder think about treasure hunting and loots with balls and berrys in places without pokestops

    • Derek Emmons

      You just described draconius go

      • yuififf

        draconius go is a gret game!!

  • hkmaly

    Soooo … how many programmers is that doubling down? Two? Three?

  • Chris Denton

    Niantic has said this before and nothing ever came of it. Talk is cheap hanke.

    • Patrick Terry Jr.

      So….when we will get news this week, will you eat your words?

      • Chris Denton

        lol no, this weeks news is irrelevant to the fact they have said this before and done nothing. I will give them props if they actually FIX something.

        • Patrick Terry Jr.

          If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

          • Chris Denton

            Which part of the game works well? None of the game does unless you are in a city.

            It is broken, so it needs fixed. These complaints have been around since launch day and niantic hasn’t even tried to address them.

  • P-necio

    See to believe.

    • Wayren

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Colin

    It says “improvents to certain features.” That leads me to think it’s to change current features and not add new ones as much. Gyms again are high on my list.

    They are not competitive at all and killed the game for most people I play(ed) with. When you WANT your stuff to be knocked out there is just no point in battling and being competitive. You WANT to lose. I am tired of the same old tap tap tap swipe tap tap hold tap…

    Otherwise my guess is to make pokestops more relevant. Not sure how unless you convert them more to like a pokecenter and prepare them to be used as trading hubs. Maybe eliminate revives to a large extent and allow them to be revived and healed at a pokestop/center.

    I don’t foresee trading or PvP until next year at least. Just too many questions to answer and I don’t think they have the capabilities built out far enough. They can’t even get a raid to be reliable for most people. I don’t want to see them rush out half-baked trading or PvP that is just garbage.

    It’s probably just going to be gen 3, though, knowning niantic, to try and get us to want to catch more and hope we will forget how stale the rest of the game truly is.

  • Derek Emmons

    Well adding new features probably has more to do with drac. I know play more of that than pokemon and i was a hardcore player..
    -Gold egg group hunts
    -Hunting treasure chests for dust and artifacts
    -Alters and group work for benefits
    Just some of the features that has brought alot of level 37-40 pogo players in my area to the game.

  • Ruben H

    Double negative in the last sentence.

  • Anders Behring Breitfart

    This will be fine, as long as they keep rural areas as is. I don’t want a bunch of farmers joining my raids.

  • Zappy-N

    about time!!

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    Hmmmmm. What features? Smeargle mayhaps introduced in a Thanksgiving event. Trading I doubt is coming this year. PvP isn’t if they are listening to YTers talking about the current system. It must be LIVE Battles and not necessarily turn based but everything gets raised or dropped to lvl 25-30. But anyways we just gotta wait and see

    • Mitch

      what I want the most is gen 3 or pvp. I dont think there will be a thanksgiving event because of the fact that american thanksgiving is different from every other thanks giving. for example, canadian thanksgiving was weeks ago

      • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

        Yes but we still have Halloween. Not everyone celebrates Halloween. We also had Easter but not everyone is Christian. I know that Canada has there Thanksgiving cuz my friend is Canadian. But HOPEFULLY!, they add an event. Like pokestops give more loot or something along those lines with a smeargle maybe.

      • Higher_Ground

        they had a Thanksgiving event last year, which is why many people think they’ll have one again this year.

  • Joel Jensen

    Let’s hope that we are getting the rest of Generation 3 in December.. I’m getting sick and tired of all the Pidgey and Spinnark everywhere

    • Mitch

      it will start to gradually roll out in december, so what I hope they mean is give us almost all of gen 3 and then legendaries. I hope its not like a new pokemon every week

  • Jaya Ku

    I had a idea that about Pokemon go game New version can add features like make visible of other player who is online and the can see them in the game I thought this would make your game to next level in society

  • Jaya Ku

    Make some poke stop to rural areas

  • sreekanth s

    Plz add more pokestops in our area. Itz a bit difficult for me now to play this game. Am a great fan of Pokemon but the number of pokemons pokestops n gyms are very low in our location.
    Plz this is humble request by me

  • Brian Keith

    have eggs still spawn in the evening, put 1hr timer back, make legendaries drop more golden berries, and remove EX raids. In my opinion, gen 3, pvp, and trading can wait. Just make the game more playable for those who actually work during the day…

    • bassrats

      This. I only have about an hour now to raid after work before spawns stop. It’s like Niantic doesn’t want people to play. I literally do not understand. I could wait for Gen 3, pvp, and trading if they’d just put some of the things back that people already enjoyed.

  • Tomasz Bukowczyk

    1. Make eggs timer 30min (at the most) and raid timer 1h
    2. Make EX Raids feature clear for everyone, like add personal progression bar if raid it fills up if you don’t it shrinks. If you fill up the bar you will get the pass in next invitation wave. Make waves every 2 weeks (or less if we get more bosses to EX system). Or remove EX system and make mewtwo and other bosses rare legendary raids
    3. Add daily quests system to the game that reward stardust for completing them, and bigger reward for doing them all
    4. Add artifact system from draconius go to pokemon go
    5. Add all shiny pokemons to the game. After 1,5 years we have 5 shiny pokemons this is ridiculous
    6. Add abilities and rework battle system (trainer tips go a decent idea)

    Thats just from the top of my head

  • Daniel Doiron

    Enough with the BS and all talk, we’ve been waiting since 2016 for many things, they don’t add anything new because they want us to keep raiding/spending money on it, it’s clearly obvious.

    And for god sake, add more stops and gyms in small towns, it’s not OUR job to make them with your other POS ingress game, never seen a mobile company with so much money that still can’t do %$#% after a year + .

    • Patrick Terry Jr.

      Uh, hey bud, I don’t know if you know, but it takes a lot to make a game and keep it running, and if they all just handed it to us the game would be boring and then they would have nothing to give us

      • Chris Denton

        Lol, they have more than they need to keep the game running and give us all the stuff missing. Why are you making excuses for a multimillion dollar company? We have heard the server excuse for so long now, it’s pretty absurd to think with all the money made, they can’t have reliable servers.

      • Daniel Doiron

        They made billions answers google/Nintendo funded them , and your gonna defend niantic with their lazy and barely stable game Lolol ?

        • Patrick Terry Jr.

          Yep, glad you got that straight bud, don’t like it, don’t freaking play it

    • peponzio

      It was never OUR job to begin with, and is not OUR job now.

      Ingress does have its own system so people can expand its interaction in the world. But that has nothing to do with Pokemon Go. Since the first day of Pokemon Go all this information to create stops and gyms was available to Niantic (whereas it came from Ingress or not is irrelevant) and since then their data to create more stops and gyms has been increasing.

      There has never been a way for Pokemon Go players to submit data to expand its interaction with the world. That is sort of an issue. But the thing is that this game is not Ingress (though I’ve heard the term Ingress skin) and this game made it clear since day 1 that it had no such interaction (though it may come eventually, or not).

      Now someone said, go to Ingress, level up, use the OPR, that creates pokestops and gyms. This is false.

      Ingress data becomes available to Niantic and they may choose to use it for PoGo, or not. That is THEIR job. If you want to go to a different game to do something that has a different purpose than you intend, you cannot expect to get the results you hoped nor demand that your actions get an equivalent in a game that has yet to consider that functionality.

      Even if they are from Niantic, they are each its own game.

      • Daniel Doiron

        We have gyms and stops remove recently i our smal towns, and there’s people playing ingress and nothing is being added and everything is taking ages to be approved.

        • peponzio

          Yes, and so happens all over the world, unfortunately. Niantic decided upon a slow system and everyone is paying that price, even them. We can only hope for an improvement and a feature to suggest stops and gyms.

          And a way to balance out numbers with demographics so it can be fair to rural players.

  • Kakarot Kake

    “It seems that neither Pokemon GO, nor Ingress, are not going away anytime soon.”

    Double negative nonsense, that sentence is.

  • Brad

    Only thing that is keeping me hanging around is Gen 3 release. I’m lvl34 and have never seen a Uknown. I’m a rural and get my daily most of the time. Niantic and Hanke can choke on a dingus! All they do is say “it’s coming” and then laugh all the way to the bank. Now they have duped another title into buying their line of bull. I used to spend money on this game but quit about 4 months ago because of their inability to deliver timely information, upgrades, and fixes.
    Like I said, I’m only hanging around for NEW pokemon.

    • Akiko

      I’m 36 and saw (and caught) my first unown last week, and I know I was extremely lucky.

      • peponzio

        34 here. Saw an Unown in my radar, but I was busy and couldn’t go catch it.

  • Dandelion

    I hope they give us back the potions dropping from pokestops. Potions are so rare now that I don’t even want to try beating gyms because of the lack of potions.
    Everything is getting worse in this game: less potions, raid time is shorter, new raid bosses are bullpoop… and the list keeps getting longer.

    • Daniel Doiron

      Potions and balls aren’t a issue unless you have less than 10-20 gyms and stops in your town, i have 16 gold gyms and i’m always with 200 + pokeballs, and 300 + max/hyper , 200 super/regular potions

    • Higher_Ground

      In my experience over the past few days, I’ve gotten a mix of balls, berries, potions, and revives from stops and gyms. I’m not seeing the pattern of balls only from stops and potions only at gyms. I think that may have been temporary. To complicate matters I got 2 evolutionary items on my 1 day streak today (yesterday was my 7 day and I got the usual 1 evo item).

      • Dandelion

        In my case, PokeStops only drop balls an berries, and only a few times potions, and 1 per pokestop. I remember having to drop the potions because I had so many in my bag, now I’ve got to use them carefully if I don’t want to run out of them.

  • Dan

    A little background info first. I’m level 39 (less than 2 million xp from lvl 40) and I played this game everyday until I updated my iPhone to the latest iOS and my Go Plus became pretty much useless. Since the issue started and the end of the less than exciting Halloween Event I have only played Pokemon Go a handful of times. Unless they fix the Go Plus iOS 11 issues and add some new content and not just a couple more gen 3 mon to the game I think I lose even more interest in Pokemon Go. Just my opinion/situation

  • gen

    i hope they fix the GO+ on iOS at least….

  • Shandong Han

    “more Pokemon GO news next week and 100% commitment on delivering new features”

    any news in this week at all?