Broadcom, the global leader in semiconductor production and silicon magic, has announced a new GPS chip dubbed BCM47755 that dramatically increases GPS accuracy and improves battery usage.

The revolutionary chip will be available starting in 2018, on select partner phones (not yet disclosed).

BCM47755 supports two type of GPS frequencies: L1 (currently in use) and L5 (deployed on newer satellites) and a suite of technologies that enable ultra low power consumption in usage. The official press release states that the chips drain less than half the power of previous generation GNSS chips!

GNSS is the correct term for all global systems, including GPS, Russia’s GLONASS and Europe’s Galileo. The new chip will be compatible with them all.

With around 30 L5-equipped satellites now in orbit, there’s enough coverage for the system to be reliable.

The list of advantages this chip will provide is incredible:

  • increased GPS accuracy up to 30 cm in various scenarios
  • much lower battery consumption (now in ultra-low range)
  • more resistance to signal jamming and location interference (GPS drift)
  • significantly smaller physical footprint

For reference, the currently available L1 chips are accurate up to 5 meters and feature a significant battery drain.

Some phone makers have already signed deals for the Broadcom BCM47755 to be included in several 2018 flagship phones, but at the moment the chipmaker isn’t revealing who those partners are, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Broadcom will be presenting further information on the BCM47755 in the Ubiquitous Navigation panel at the ION GNSS+ 2017 on September 27th, 2017.

  • Leo Luo

    We can play PGO without bringing bulky portable chargers then!

    • Rejoice!

    • hkmaly

      Unlikely. This chip won’t solve the problem of high CPU and GPU usage. It will prolong the time you can play PGO on battery, but not to whole day.

  • Bartosz Rygielski

    No drift, no good!

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Lets hope it drains half the power on IPhone5s

  • Chris Denton

    I never understood why an empty map drained the battery so fast anyway. Pogo is poorly coded on top of needing to constantly ping the servers.

    Now we just need a new 1000$ phone to run pogo more efficiently, lol.

    My 2 week old iPhone 7 Plus goes from 100% to dead in 2 hours of pogo(up from 45min). I thought my 6 plus was going bad but nope it’s just niantic burning up batteries.

    • Diskus1

      Lucky you! I get 1.5 hours on my 2 year old Nexus 5X. I never walk outside without an extra battery.

    • Tyler Enterline

      My 6sPlus lasts 5 hours…….

      • Chris Denton

        5 hours of pogo on a single charge, without a second battery? That’s impressive and questionable, to say the least.

  • Spetsen

    Great news, but the main thing draining battery is the screen. The constant communication with the servers doesn’t help either.

  • vision33r

    It has nothing to do with accuracy it’s all Niantic’s poor coding. Other GPS apps like Waze and Google maps doesn’t drain the battery this much as PGO. Google Now, is constantly reading and searching data as you walk around and sends you nearby info and it doesn’t drain battery that bad.

    PGO heats up and drains battery even though you’re just standing around and sitting there.