we’ve observed a large amount of confusion on how Trainers around the world can influence the outcome of GO Fest 2017. This post aims to clarify what exactly you gain by participating and what you can do to help.

What do I gain from participating in GO Fest as a non-attending player?

You gain two things: extended in-game bonuses and the Mystery Challenge encounter. According to Niantic’s official event guide, the special Mystery Challenge will be unlocked only if players around the world manage to reach the Gold Tier.

Wait, but isn’t Mystery Challenge only for GO Fest attendees?

Yes and no. Players around the world are responsible to unlock the Mystery Challenge, but GO Fest attendees are responsible to complete it. If Trainers around the world don’t do their part, there will be no Mystery Challenge! Additionally, if the Mystery Challenge is defeated, a major global reward will be available!

Now wait again, does this mean Legendary Pokémon? 

Nobody knows at the moment, but it is possible. The GO Fest map shows four separate Gyms: 3 team gyms and an “ultimate gym”. Given this is the biggest official event, we see no reason why one or more Legendary Pokémon wouldn’t be released.

But then Legendaries are only available at GO Fest?!?!?!

No. Again, as visible from the official infographic, if GO Fest players manage to defeat the Mystery Challenge, the whole world will receive “a major global reward”, that is available from July 23 to July 24. If Legendaries are to be released on GO Fest, we expect them to be available worldwide during this bonus event.

Huh, wasn’t aware of that! What can I do to help?

Get ready to farm, farm, farm! During the three timed-window challenges at GO Fest, you will have to capture everything you see. These challenges last only for 30 minutes, so prepare to Lure the hell out of your local PokéStops.

The problem with these challenges is that they happen at a fixed time of day (CDT timezone), so you need to figure out your local challenge time. Luckily, Antonio has prepared a great table that shows challenge times in major time zones around the world.

Check it out here: GO Fest Challenge Times in various time zones

What will you be doing during these challenges?

We’ll find a spot with a lot of PokéStops, gather a few friends and Lure/Incense it like there’s no tomorrow.

And what if we fail to defeat the challenge?

No Mystery Challenge. Possibly no Legendaries. Let’s not fail it.

  • Higher_Ground

    Gonna laugh if the global gift is Ash’s hat. At least we’ll look good with Ash-hat pikachu on our shoulder.

    But on another note, seems odd they don’t bother to add more clothing items to the store.

    • Abunja 45

      Aside from RL casual clothes, I hope they would add up “medal” clothes, which unlocks when you reach the medal mileage (200 type mons).

  • Pokemon Trainer N

    Let’s fail it- just to see what happens!

  • Pokemon Trainer N

    I’m sure Niantic wouldn’t allow us to fail, no matter what.

    • Antonius Naumann

      They know very good how many Pokemon are caught every hour in average. If they take this number, multiply by 1.5 and set this as a treshold for gold, they should be safe.

    • Andrew James Shirley

      TBH, I don’t think we would fail anyways as there are more than enough people dying to see what we will get, plus the huge amount of serious players and those who will make the time.

    • Kevin Schoemehl

      100% agree. Imagine the negative PR if we did fail. Everyone would say PokemonGo is dead. Any company with half a brain would never allow that to happen. Then again we are talking about Niantic…

  • Mad Mady

    we have that gold medal then ??

    • Reagan Choi

      The medals here are different from the 200 catch medals.

  • Dutch_Soldier

    Do i have to be online for the mystery challenge? And if you do nothing for it, will you be able to get it? (Mystery challenge)

    • Jason

      We (people not at Go Fest) just have to unlock the Mystery Challenge for the players at Go Fest to do.. then if they complete the Mystery Challenge there will be a Global Reward

  • Pokemon Trainer N

    The “Global Reward” will be a special box with 5 incubators and a raid pass for 3000 coins! 😀

    • Dutch_Soldier

      So excited for that!!!

    • DOCOSU54

      You think Niantic will sell it that cheap? Ha! If we win they will probably extend their awesome 1200 box price for another month. I would rather chase parked cars. Niantic kinda sounds like Titanic! A sinking ship and a sunken ship. When will they begin to listen to their customers. I live in the US. We don’t send all our money on sinking ships. When Japan wakes up then their ship will surely sink.

      • Bosco Da Indigo

        Love your response

    • Reagan Choi

      5 incubators and a raid pass… A legendary raid pass, that is 😈

    • LOL!
      Most probably true.

    • Senita Craigen


    • Royston

      Wahahaha! I think you hit that nail squate in the backside…youre right!!! LMFAO!

  • Tom

    Okay, how are lures and incense going to do anything? They make a pokemon pop up like every 5 minutes, max, and run out in 30 minutes. People would need to be going from nest cluster to nest cluster in populated areas at turbo speed. If this is an actual thing, do it right. And be sure to clear out your box of trash before hand.

    • Jason

      Clear out some of the Pokemon before this event starts is a good idea.. although may not want to transfer ones you need candy for incase they unlock double candy as one of the rewards.. but the lures and incense is a great idea.. the challenges are only 30 minutes long each anyways.. and yea incense I usually only see one every 5 minutes but thats on top of what normally spawns.. and lures you can get even more than that and helps other players too

      • Tom

        I don’t know how it is in most cities. But there are known areas in mine that have like 30-40 spawns clumped together, and it’s easy to drive from one to the next. Even hitting two of those in 30 minutes is more than incense and lures ever did for me. I guess if you’re in the middle of nowhere and have only one pokestop to work with, all you can do is the lure/incense option. And more than likely kids aren’t going to have access to a car most of the time. In other words, if possible, get to a huge clumped nest at the start, then spam catch everything and run to the next one. Better to work out a spawn path before hand. And at least incense is mobile, so that’s a no-brainer. But relying on respawn within a 30-minute time frame is not worth tying yourself down to one lure spot.

        • Jason

          I see what you are saying.. there is no 30+ spawns around where I live.. I live in a town with one gym and one pokestop.. so the incense and lure will be very helpful for people like me.. but if you live in a big city your idea of just finding a big nest is really good

  • Haakon Hovde

    Of course the mysteriy challenge will be unlocking the individual teams legendary and by capturing it, every teamplayer in the world will get the legendary (or a shot at it). To think that niantic will let the grand price slip away because the world doesn’t catch enough pokemon sounds ridiculous.

    • hkmaly

      They would want it to be dramatic – it would be bad if it would be unlocked after five minutes. So, they likely make some estimate which shouldn’t be problem to reach by their opinion but if they guess incorrectly, it MAY fail.

  • Daniel

    Hey all,
    im from Germany and made some thoughts about the possibilitys of the Phase 2 and Phase 3.
    Why are you relative sure that the Mystery Challange belongs to the Legendaries?
    In my opinions its probably the Regionals which will be unlocked in Phase 2 or 3.

    I dont believe Niantic will shut out the American market for Regionals due to the fact there will be Safari Zones coming for Europe. Or will they provide it in this way:
    “Lace up your most comfortable walking shoes and get ready for the Pokémon GO Fest walking course, lined with PokéStops that award special 2 km Eggs which can only be obtained in Grant Park.”

    You said in another article there will be Legendary Raid Passed and Niantic confirmed “that these Passes will be given only to “those who were very active in the gym system to give them a chance at catching legendary Pokemon at a later date.”
    -> In my opinion this does not match to Mystery Challange.

    According to “Catch a wide variety of Pokémon, including some that have never been seen before in Grant Park. This is a great chance to fill in some gaps in your Pokédex.” there will be defintely the possibility to catch them.(including the picture of Scaraborn) So why not as the Mystery Challange?

    Also I can not believe the Legendaries will be only catchable for 2 days at the 23/24 in the whole world. I thought this scenario better machtes to the regional Pokemon.

    According to the fact at Indian iOs store and RAID tests in San Franciso the Legendaries will be released at another way and are catchable all the time via rare level 5 RAIDs.

    What do you think? Why the Mystery Challange and the Global Reward should not be regional Pokemon? Maybe you got some better facts to proof?

    Best regards from Germany and have a nice day or evening in the states! 🙂

    • Spetsen

      For those as confused as me, Scaraborn is a misspelling of Skaraborn, which is apparently the German name for Heracross.

  • Amandy Marie

    But you have to be in certain cities to participate?

  • Marcus Elmore

    So let me get this straight; Niantic has listed the reward tiers but has 0 mention of what it actually takes to complete each one. Vaegly saying catch as many as possible and you might, potentially, unlock the mystery reward…. if you don’t drop legendaries at the Chicago event niantic can kiss their game goodbye. The gym rework was extremely lackluster so if you compound that with; “turns out trainers just didn’t catch enough Pokémon during our select window of time” R.I.P. Niantic if you mess this up. It’s really not hard; give us the opportunity to catch what we want…..

    • Eric Brophy

      Ambiguous rules? From Niantic? Nevar.

      Cough calvinball cough

    • Fantasy Gamer

      To say the gym rework is lackluster is a massive understatement. It is a slap in the face to devoted players. I don’t understand how they believe insulting the segment of their market that stuck through the gaffes over the first year is beneficial in the long term.

      I must therefore assume that the numbers (monetary) were spent at a much higher rate by the short term players (which is the only possible explanation for the anniversary “gift” box) and niantic just doesn’t know how to monetize the product over a longer cycle with a smaller, but more active, market segment.

      Will I stick for the legendaries? Sure, but as someone who doesn’t game a lot otherwise, it’s inconceivable to me that they haven’t at least addressed the obvious flaws in the gym rework.

      • disqus_Wz58Qq14ii

        If you dont like the gym re-work too bad. No one cares what you think. The gym rework is great to me.

  • Jones_P73

    So, what about the “legendary raid pass” ??? What happened to that hole idea ? (You needed to play a lot to earn it)

  • Reagan Choi

    Dual types that count for two of the types are Chinchou, Lanturn, Magcargo, Omanyte, Omastar, Kabuto, Kabutops.

  • This is tremendously unfair for some Asian countries specially, the South East Asian countries, where the WORLD festival challenges begins at midnight and ends at early 4:30 in the morning and expects the normal diurnal person who is just a regular trainer to still be up at 7 am in time for the mystery challenge. Of course, Japanese are not complaining because they will have their own pikachu festival.

    Why can’t Niantic Labs conduct 2 world festivals perfectly timed to benefit the wester and eastern hemisphere residents. Duh!

    • AverageGamers


  • Scott Hadley

    There you have it the event is all about selling more lures for prizes and awards that we may or may not care about. Set your exspectations low so that you are not disappointed.

  • Ra Busa

    Good luck on the global effort for you Westerners, doubt much Asians or Australians gonna join you guys out there. Most of us will not be sacrificing our sleep and safety to join this craze. Good luck from the non-existing Asians for Niantic. I now think we weren’t even Asians in the first place because according to Niantic, our country wasn’t even in Asia since we do not have Farfetch’d over here. Asia is the smallest continent in the world, consisting only Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

  • …and then of course, there is this server issue. It will just be a frustrating event, not to mention that here in Southeast Asia, the event begins at 12 midnight and ends 8:00 in the morning. On regular days, we already have server issues when it comes to battling gyms, and participating in raids. We also have lag time catching mons.

    So, why bother holding a worldwide event?

  • Royston

    So….does that mean we all have to spend money on lures to ‘help the world’?? I bet you my 1 pokecoin that the “Mystery Box”; if unlocked will contain more lures and a 50% discount…..on….you guessed it….more lures!!! Have fun trying…any event is a good event, im chipping in if course; perhaps not on buying lures, but im chipping in!!!😂😂😂

  • Vladamisa

    so i am confused if i have understood what i read everyone not in Grant Park can just catch all day 10-7 to help but only those IN Grant park will get the bonuses and the time frame matters.

  • wayans

    My local time is all midnight to dawn, so cant help, good luck guys 😴