Researchers behind The Silph Road, a Pokémon GO subreddit, have managed to collect and analyse more than 900 Equinox event egg hatches, documenting each hatch meticulously.

Their discoveries are summarised in the following info graphic:

According to the official TSR post, these are the current Egg Pools:

  • 2km eggs: ChanseyLarvitarMareep, Oddish, Remoraid, Slowpoke, Togepi, and Tyrogue.
  • 5km eggs: Eevee, Grimer, Horsea, Houndour, Kabuto, Mankey, Omanyte, Pineco, Pinsir, Scyther, Stantler and Teddiursa.
  • 10km eggs: Aerodactyl, Dratini, Lapras, Miltank, Porygon, Snorlax and Sudowoodo.

Bold indicates a different distance group from the pre-event egg pool

Another redditor provided an explanation why other species were observed in the early hours of the event:

My theory is that double dust started just before they switched eggs. This explains all the people saying they cleared their eggs and got 10km’s with event Pokemon. If they switched it a few hours into the event, all eggs in that first few hours are after the start of the event but before the species were moved to 2km eggs.

I have yet to see any proof of species hatching from multiple egg classes and anecdotally, the dozen or so 10km eggs I have hatched have all been porygon/sudo/aerodactyl.

These hatches are relevant for Eggs picked up from 1:00 P.M. PDT on September 22 to 1:00 P.M. PDT on October 3, 2017 and it seems that not only 2KM eggs are special.

  • Leo Luo

    Yay! I hatched a my first Porygon!

    • Biga173rd


    • Biga173rd

      I finally hatch my first Chansey even though I caught a bunch in the wild.

    • Higher_Ground

      nice, now the hard part is hatching a few more so you can use the upteen dozen upgrades stashed away in your inventory 😛

  • FroZnMax

    Maybe Niantic miscalculated the money they would gain with those new Packs. So they put on a higher chance of dropping 10k eggs so the People had to buy new incubators that you will have atleast the Chance of getting 2k eggs while the Event lasts after finishing all the 10k’s with the bought ones

    • Mayson Ledur

      You said “maybe”? hahaha!

  • Curtis Beales

    So far I’ve gotten 3 Chansey’s from the special 2km eggs out of about 6 or 7. None of them are any good however 🙁

    • Gryphon Strother

      I’ve hatched literally 5 Chansey our of like 7 eggs it’s not cool 🙁

      • Curtis Beales

        Not cool!? I’d be well happy with 5 Chansey hatches.

        • Gryphon Strother

          Maybe with the old gym system! Pretty useless ‘Mon these days would much rather larvitar or mareep or something else!

  • Mr. Latenzo

    I hatched 3 remoraid and an Oddish…

  • Vicky Smithe

    I’ve hatched 2 10km eggs during this event so far that were both Skarmony. Happy since I didn’t have one but why aren’t they on the list?

    • Higher_Ground

      did you pick up the eggs before the event started?

      They may also just be mixing the new eggs in so you might not be guaranteed one of the newer options.

      • Vicky Smithe

        During the event; before I didn’t get any 10km eggs for *weeks*

  • sibbil

    its kind of boring hatching these eggs , if i have all pokemons and missing just regionals pokemons

  • I hatched 1 Porygon, 2 Snorlax and 1 Lapras in 10 Km eggs but everyone with low IV

    • P-necio

      Same here…

  • AverageGamers

    Oh wow, nice to know the 5km and 10km eggs mean something too. Haven’t gotten any 2km so far. Crossing my fingers for Miltank, then! Already got the other ones, though another Mareep would be more than welcome.

  • Darren Jones

    Since the event started and after I cleared out all my old eggs, I’ve hatched 17 new eggs….five 10km’s, eight 5km’s and four 2km’s…From 5km’s, I’ve hatched 2 Stantler’s (best was 87%), 2 Mankey’s (best was 89%), 2 Teddisura’s (best was 91%), 1 Pinsir (87%) & 1 Eevee (93%)….from 10km’s, I’ve hatched 2 Porygon’s (best was 89%), 1 Snorlax (96%), 1 Lapras & 1 Aerodactyl (both were less than 80%)…..From 2km’s, I’ve hatched 1 Chansey (82%), 1 Oddish (82%), 1 Larvitar & 1 Remoraid (both were less than 80%)

  • Steven Theis

    Does this mean I can’t get igglybuff?

  • NToohey19

    I hatched like 6 larvitars so far. Desperately waiting for a few chanseys.

    • Shanmukha C

      you are lucky, i wish i have larvitar want to make my first tryanitar

  • Hemuli

    I’ve received very few 2 km eggs during the event, except for the first day. I bought a bunch of super incubators, but I mostly get 5 km eggs. Hatched at least 5 Stantlers and 4 Horseas. Money well spent. 😂

  • MuSICisLiFman

    wish giriafarig was in on this

  • Hemuli

    Got two more Stantlers today. I now have 130 Stantler candy. Don’t know if I should laugh or cry!

    • Shanmukha C

      cry 🙂

      • Hemuli

        Actually this is getting hilarious, I now have 153 Stantler candy. And no future evolutions?!

  • John E Vota

    Did hatch a 93 Oddish which became a 93 Gloom!
    Couple more candies and I can upgrade… I’m happy so far.

  • Shanmukha C

    so far i did larvitar from 2Km egg, its cheating for me so far. what i got is frm 2km eggs are slowpoke, oddish, togepi, remoraid
    but i need others chansey, tyrogue and larvitar

  • QuagScoped

    Oh man this is nice, I still need a good Dratini.