our frame by frame trailer analysis is complete and we have a number of interesting things to report. Mainly, we were able to extract the Raids Boss CPs for all Legendaries in the video and find a few hidden hints on how the Legendary Raids will work.

Let’s get started!

Legendary Raid Pass is distributed via invitations

As we already posted this morning, the new Raid Pass is a Legendary Raid Pass, distributed via an invitation system. Read here for more info: Legendary Raid Battles

Click for full resolution (1920×1080, around 400kb)

Bosses combat power has been spotted!

We managed to extract all of the Trailer Bosses CP Values, but they seem to be fake/placeholders:

Click for full resolution (1920×1080, around 400kb)
Click for full resolution (1920×1080, around 300kb)
Click for full resolution (1920×1080, around 300kb)

Legendary Raid Boss will be available for combat 60 minutes!

We’re quite certain this is here to stay, as the limit is quite practical for organizing local groups and it’s forgiving enough. In other news, the Egg spawn period is closer to 50 hours.

Click for full resolution (1920×1080, around 400kb)

Raid Bosses wrongly seem to be captured as soon as defeated

The trailer shows no capture UI for the raid boss, nor does it show any usage of a Master Ball. Judging by the trailer alone, if you manage to defeat a Legendary raid boss, you will automatically be awarded one. This is not correct, as the official press release states that they need to be captured.

Click for full resolution (1920×1080, around 600kb)

Each team/group has captured a different Boss

At first, we thought that the entire group has captured a Lugia, and that their banners indicated different Team colors. This is not correct!

The trailer shows each team/group capturing a different Boss. There is no clear indication why or will there be any correlation between Teams and Legendaries. It could simply be a form of artistic expression.

Click for full resolution (1920×1080, around 600kb)

Mew Two flies by but no CP shown

And last but not least, the big bad wolf has made a surprise appearance, with no Boss CP shown nor any moves displayed.

Click for full resolution (1920×1080, around 300kb)
  • faizan khalfe

    But what about legendary beasts??

    • Sorin Stancu

      Later, obviously. Maybe for Christmas?

  • Josh Hack

    So if you show up at an event do you just get an invitation? Or do you get them from gym stops? It’s just quite vague.

    • Daniel Doiron

      apparently it’s a invite, if your active in gyms, and did many raids to date to get some, but it’s too soon yet until the 22th

  • eMike

    Not so “extremely powerful” I’m afraid. :/

  • raichu DL

    the one plus of this is that you have 2 days to plan the gathering.
    the answers to wait for now would be:
    – the criteria of earning the L-raid pass
    – the frequency of L-raids compared to the other raid levels
    – whether the pass is either locked to a certain L-raid, or if the pass can be used on any L-raid
    – whether an L-raid pass holding player can “invite” another player, perhaps by sharing a code (think OR/AS’ eon ticket and how it spreaded to other players via 3DS streetpass) or if it’ll be purely by the powers that be of niantic
    – whether the pass is able to expire with its associated L-raid (assuming locked) and vanish from the inventory, or if it can be saved for another L-raid
    – whether the legendary is either immediately caught after defeat (as the video suggests), is encountered as wild post-raid but you are given a master ball to claim it (worry not, hackers running modded clients on emulated private servers found that master balls home in on the pokemon and apparently cannot be deflected), or if we’ll still be throwing premier balls at them (ready the golden razzes!)
    either way, the rural/urban divide just became the grand canyon.
    i urge any rural folk still determined to catch legendaries to do whatever they can to unite the surrounding players.

    • Diskus1

      2 days, the video clearly shows the egg clock starting at 48 hours.

  • Higher_Ground

    I’ve never been to Chicago, but that’s not really how I pictured it with all those palm trees 😛

    • GonzoI

      They’re going to be in so much trouble when Chicago sees the palm trees they planted in Grant Park.

  • Alan Marsh

    The encounter is NOT 60 hours. You can visually see the clock counting down as minutes and seconds.

  • PaulKoci

    “Legendary Raid Encounter will be visible for 60 hours!” – That’s not true!
    Look at the picture again or watch the video closely and you’ll see that the timer shows just one hour.

    • Alan Marsh

      lol I just commented the same thing right before you

      • PaulKoci

        yeah, I know 🙂

        • Alan Marsh

          I’m not sure if you noticed but at the 55 second mark of the video when he received the invitation it looks like there is a 48 hour timer until the egg hatches.

  • Updated a mistake where the article said 60 HOURS instead of MINUTES. Should be all fixed now.

  • Wolvesboy6

    Nobody seems to be mentioning the part that said ‘Team Battles’ when it was labeling the new features

  • Antonio Mercurio

    whats the music used in this??

  • Higher_Ground

    That trailer is a load of garbage. I mean that in the sense that while it seems cool – exciting, visually appealing – it’s in no way, shape, or form a legitimate representation of the game.

    There is nothing in that trailer that resembles actually playing the game. If it did, all those people would have their faces buried in their phones – not pantomiming throwing pokeballs or staring up at the sky.

    It just bugs me because this is the same load of BS they launched the game with. None of that turned out to be accurate, even a year later. This is like McDonald’s teasing a juicy chicken sandwich that turns out to be a piece of warm rubber tossed between two stale buns. False advertising on one end, complete hyperbole on the other.