our readers and forum users have reported that 0.63.1 is now a required update! 0.63.1 is a forced update and targets both the client side app and the API consumers, as observed on Discord.

Charles, from the pogodev reverse engineering community, managed to obtain a preview of the upcoming Explorer (Adventurer’s) Hat and other images used for event, as they were downloaded once the 0.63.1 update was forced:

Adventurer’s Hat
Adventure icons
Aerodactyl cutout used on the news screen
Adventure event background

We don’t want to start the hype train just yet, but forced updates historically almost always came before a big update, either an event or a new feature release.

Our frequent readers probably already know where’s our money at with this one – rock event, followed by the fabled gym rework.

  • Jarad Glorfield

    Nice can’t wait to get the hat

  • vegetano1

    Hat and whip? XD

    • deekaygames

      i thought indiana jones right away too xD
      and i was sure it would be the safari explorer’s hat xD

  • Antonio Mercurio


  • Stavros Delakezas

    I understand the hat for the style page, but where are the aerodaktyl and candies images supposed to be used for? For the news section?

    • Faizan Arshad

      Yes. It says on the caption of the aerodactyl

  • sanju.singh

    i have dont seen anything til now
    in my game

  • I Already put it on!!! It’s COOL!!!