the GAME MASTER file was updated recently (new time stamp is 1514401770897), bringing only one change to the table.

Present animation is now working properly and features a flying gift when Delibird or Festive Pikachu attacks! We are not sure for how long Pikachu will be able to use Present, but for now it can.

This is the only change that was observed in this Game Master update (aside from the mandatory time stamp change) and we’re not expecting anything else to come out soon.

Present animation change

This is how the move animation looks in-game now:

What is the GAME MASTER file?

In short, the GM file is a configuration file that Pokémon GO downloads when it’s started. It’s a file that defines a huge amount of the game: moves, DPS values, costs, requirements, rewards, etc… It’s a very important file and a majority of Pokémon GO websites use it to create accurate Tier lists, move sets, etc.

Game Master is downloaded from Niantic’s servers once and saved on your local Android device, as it’s a rather big file. To reduce the file size, Niantic sends the file using protocol buffers, a technology created by Google. You can think of proto buffers like ZIP for network traffic.

  • Robdebobrob

    I would be happier if they fixed that scroll bug that takes you back to the top after youve transfered a pokemon..

    • Chanderule

      Or the dodge bug
      But no, stupid animation that you never see (because you almost never use this thing in battles) has priority

      • H4rd_B4se

        Dodge bug is not fixable within the current technology
        List bug is a client bug and cannot be fixed within a server update. It is fixed on next client update

        • Michal Husak

          Dodge bug can be fixed if the full battle will be done on client side, only results reported … Fit not well with other players sync. but the question is what is the priority ? Perfect sync or playability ?

          • H4rd_B4se

            Are you serious? Full battle in client side?? 😂 😂 😂

          • Michal Hušák

            I am 100% serious. Can you explain what you do not understand from this concept ?

          • Ysmael Pantaleon

            Doing the full battle on client side will make it easier for hackers to just do raids using bots. If you find it unfair to see flyers take over gyms and raids, imagine bots doing that.

          • Michal Hušák

            Correct. So related step is good encrypted communication with clients an 100% reliable bot protection.

    • Higher_Ground

      if you’re doing a mass evolve, write down the dex numbers of the species you’re using and then put those numbers in the search bar.

      It’ll keep the same pokemon up instead of resetting back to the top. ex. “13, 16, 133, 261”

      • Holmes Jonathan

        Whoa. You can actually use commas to seperate pokemon??? How come this is not a more popular trick when evolving???

        • Xone

          Use symbols (or numbers) as nicknames then sort by name. It will place them all at the top of the list so you have easy access for evolving or mass transferring garbage. Honestly, the new scroll thing never bothered me since you don’t have to open a pokemon’s info to transfer. Nickname stuff you don’t want, then click and hold one and tap the others. Instant mass transferring, no scrolling issue. Also, nicknaming it “zz” or starting with “zz” will place it at the end of your list. If you are blocking or limiting your acquiring eggs from spins, mass evolving/transfering either of these sorting tricks are a godsend. Searching by the numbers like Higher_Ground mentioned is good, but it will list everything even ones you’ve nicknamed. If you haven’t favored the keepers you may accidentally evolve or transfer something you don’t want to.

    • Christopher Andrew Moore

      Couldn’t agree more

    • Czerwik

      F**K YES!!!

    • ferjibaja

      So annoying!!

  • randomman29

    So nothing of value was fixed again.

  • Christopher Andrew Moore

    I wasn’t aware such problem existed. Delibird is weak and quite frankly if your attacking with it be very prepared to see it feint.

    • mcfilmmakers

      You mean faint

    • Dan

      People do put them in gym as a fun defender, so the animation needed to be fixed the other way as well.

  • Krrish Dua

    We can find a master ball hanging on christmas tree of Pokemon go……
    Just under the first round of red cloth…….

    Its true check it…..

  • What?! No minor text revisions?! What are you guys doing?! Playing Pokemon Go on the job?!

    • Coltonandgen

      Dead meme