get your hype glasses on! An advertisement for Generation 3 has been spotted in the Apple Watch store, in several countries around the world, as reported and verified by Hub’s Twitter followers!

This is how the advertisement looks like, featuring the new Generation III starters TorchicTreecko and Mudkip in cute looking poses, with a wrong message above it (it’s wrong in every regional Apple Watch store):

Although we were suspicious at first, we’ve reached out to our Twitter community that helped us verify this in a matter of minutes. As of the time of writing this post, the following country / regional store variants were reported and confirmed:

  • Germany (multiple reports)
  • Spain (1 report)
  • Denmark (multiple reports)
  • France (2 reports)
  • Netherlands (1 report)

We are not sure how to react, Generation III is coming soon, very soon! The last time a similar set of advertisement was observed was before the last year’s Halloween event, when we had one of the best in-game events to date.

We believe that we should soon receive a client update (0.85.x or higher) that will contain all required assets for the Gen 3 release, enabling the potential release in the next two weeks of December.

As of now, we have no information to share on any concrete release date, but it can’t be far off now. When Niantic starts advertising in the Apple Store, they almost always follow up with a relatively fast release.

In any case, the Hype Train is slowly leaving the station, get on board, read up on Generation III on the Hub, check the Pokemon GO Generation 3 Evolution Chart and our Pokémon GO Gen 3 Regional Pokémon predictions.

Shout out to our Twitter community

A HUGE SHOUT OUT goes to our incredible Twitter community that was able to verify this image in less than 10 minutes. It literally took longer to write this post that it was to verify the image authenticity and get more than 30 unique screenshots. You guys are awesome!

  • Curtis Beales

    All aboard the hype train! Choo chooo!

  • Gonzalo Cordoba

    Let the hunger gamOh sorry… the hype beginsss

  • Edwin Fung

    Hopefully gen 3 will be released on 13/12 – my birthday as well as the following day when Ho-oh stop appearing.

    • jokerhck399

      more days for Ho-oH ..there’s a post from their support

    • Jack Nogueira

      happy early birthday

    • Dev’s Channel

      10/12 is also great cuz it’s my birthday😅

    • rens

      14/12 is my birthday soo…..

  • Heydavid17

    Oh… Cool.


  • Marco Van de Kamp

    I’m so hyped. Just hope we get more than “just” the starters after Ho Oh is gone.

    • Finn Brown

      now that you mention that I am starting to consider the posability.
      reason 1 it could be like that is because they said they were releasing it graduly.
      and reason 2 is how they had starters in creased spawns last cristmas.
      i really hope this isnt how it will be…

      • Tom

        That’s probably how it will be, starters and some other generally weak pokes just to keep players hyped enough until they’re actually ready to release the entire gen

        • Jordan Tough

          By gradually, I assume they mean the same way they done Gen 2. Release majority of them at once, minus legendaries, a mystical and a couple others that need their own game mechanic (eg Castform)

          • Tom

            That’s what I thought first but they already released the Ghost type pokes for Halloween and now they’re extending Ho Oh so I’m guessing they’re having some issues with several gen 3 pokes and don’t know how to solve it in time.

          • scelestion

            Ho-Oh is Gen 2. Also, they started Gen 2 with releasing the babies – maybe comparable to the release of the Ghost-type Pokémon this time around. After the babies, they dropped the whole of Gen 2 (minus legendaries and the obvious two), so I expect them to drop all of Gen 3 minus legendaries right away.

      • Marco Van de Kamp

        It turned out we’re (gladly) wrong, haha ! Good catching !!!

  • Zappy-N

    metagross or bust

  • Daniel Doiron

    They extended ho oh , since they always want a lvl 5 monthly, since it’s majority of their revenue, it’s clearly obvious…. and i bet gen 3 is delayed to new year ish in jan

    • hkmaly

      I bet noone is more impatient about gen 3 going out that Niantec executives / managers. There is likely some problem somewhere and they are not sure when it will be fixed.

  • hkmaly

    That message is not “wrong”. It’s irony/sarcasm. You just didn’t got it. 🙂

    … ok they probably copied it from Halloween …

  • Minismurfen3

    10th maybe

  • S-GUTZ

    I do not want a slow release. I repeat. NO. SLOW. RELEASE.

    • Charlie Mangan

      omg same here

      • S-GUTZ

        ok splitting up half and half is fine with me. That seems to be what they are doing

  • Antonio Mercurio

    if they dont drop it in the next 15h I will be dissapointed!

  • Rustam Talibzade

    More spookier than ever 😃