the GAME_MASTER file was updated today and it finally contains new Base Capture Rates and Buddy Distances for Legendary Pokemon. You can download the latest decoded GAME_MASTER here.

The whole change log lists more than 400 changes, mostly in regards to item sorting.

The interesting part is as follows (bold shows what was changed in this update):

Pokemon Base Capture Rate Base Flee Rate Buddy Distance Buddy Type
Articuno 0.02 0.04 20 KM Flying
Zapdos 0.02 0.04 20 KM Flying
Moltres 0.02 0.04 20 KM Flying
Mewtwo 0.02 0.1 20 KM Big
Raikou 0.02 0.04 20 KM Big
Entei 0.02 0.04 20 KM Big
Suicune 0.02 0.04 20 KM Big
Lugia 0.02 0.04 20 KM Big
Ho-Oh 0.02 0.04 20 KM Big
Celebi 0.04 20 KM
  • Sam van Dijk

    So we can catch them now, right?

    • Clovis Mello

      No. You cannot catch them now. They still must be unlocked at Go Fest today.

      They will likely only be catchable after raid battles. I imagine their flee rate value is in the code just because they need a flee rate. I don’t believe they’ll be able to be encountered in any way other than a raid battle.

      • Sam van Dijk

        Alright thanks! You know on what time the go Fest is today? I live in timezone Amsterdam Berlin

        • Jared Morgan

          Uhh. Not 100% Sure on this, Sam, but there is a scheduled gym battle from 12:00 to 16:00 (Noon to 4pm) CENTRAL DAYLIGHT Time. That is going to be right about 10am to 2pm Pacific (My time), which adjusts to 7pm to 11pm Your time, I’m i’m correct. in short, Unless you plan on being up all night, You won’t be able to do much until tomorrow morning anyway.

          • Sam van Dijk

            Thank you for this schedule, i started playing again today since 4 weeks so i have to collect rare candy’s etc, just have to figure out how exactly the gyms work now and lets grind this night 😀

        • Robdebobrob

          for phase 1 (global event to catch pokemon to unlock bonusses for later)
          22 july
          18:00 – 18:30
          20:00 – 20:30
          22:00 – 22:30

          Phase 2 (when they are gonna do the legendary raid in Chicacgo)
          23 july
          01:00 – 02:00

          Fase 3 (bonusses from phase 1)
          Kinda unclear? if it starts chicago time 00:00 it will be monday morning 07:00 for the Netherlands (and all other countrys in the same timezome) but that doesnt seem logical. So you will have to keep an eye out for that one.

  • Luke Davies

    So how will Celebi be in the game? Will it be a raid boss or a random spawn?

  • Ben Woodward

    How come Celebi is on this but not Mew

  • Daro.

    Celebi and Mew are mythical pokemon. I think there will be just special events for them. I doubt that they will be obtainable in wild.

  • Sam van Dijk

    Can we catch the legendaries already? And are they raid bosses or just random spawns? Someone answer this question please!

    • Jason

      They will be seen for the first time today at Go Fest in Chicago as a raid boss.. after that most likely will be slowly released as raid bosses throughout the world..

  • Lorddacc

    After a 2061 cp Tyranitar from a raid, fled me two hours ago, I wonder if, with such low catch rates, lower than Tyranitar, I and many others will ever catch a legendary, let alone all of them. Many people will be really mad lol

    • Brian Stevens

      Golden raspberry, curve, ultra ball

      • Lorddacc

        You won’t have ultra balls in raids lol

      • Brandon Moore


      • TheMaskedMan

        You can’t use ultras, and accurate throws/berries work with multipliers and not fixed percentages. That means the normal approaches you take wont work nearly as well. So basically, we’re going to need aboiut 15 people for a successful raid, and then maybe 1-2 of us will actually catch it. I knew Niantic would find a way to screw this up.

        • Jeremiah Kent

          In what way is that “screwed up”? These are the most powerful pokemon in the game. You shouldn’t be able to acquire an army on day one. The catch rate is pretty perfect.

          • Bobby-dee Arriesgado Mariblanc

            I’m not sure about “most powerful”.

        • Joe Azarcon

          That’s right.. in most raids, I’ve been in, 10-14 people would participate and just 1 or two would be able to catch.. I myself was finally able to get 2 lugias after 8 successful raids, only 1 Articuno after 6.. pretty difficult really. Some cases I had consecutive excellent throws with golden razz, but they still got away…

    • raichu DL

      in the aftermath of a previous machamp raid, i was the only one out of 3 people that failed to capture it despite earning the most balls, threw right and everything. the salt in that wound was once again, no TMs and 6 revives.
      granted, said machamp was only cp1601 which would suggest its IVs were somewhere in the “caught attention” appraisal range, which made me feel better, but still…
      the item drops for a legendary raid better be just as legendary and not just inundate me with revives. if i can’t have lugia because the capture rate lottery said so, then perhaps let me get hyper beam off my numerous dragonites…

  • randomman29

    Makes me glad I have a hundred rare candy for Latias.

  • Ghudda

    Yes!!! I’m glad. I have over 700Rare Candy and over like 400Golden Razzberries. Not to mention im team Mystic 😉 I got this

  • Mohit Vatnani

    Hi, uh, I know this is not the place to ask this, but everyone where I live has got a warning notification the game sent them that told them to prepare for the event, but I haven’t got one yet. Does this mean that I won’t get the legendary pass or something…? I’ve done like 30 raids, am level 31 and been playing since second generation was introduced.

    • Austin Tang

      There are no legendary raid passes. Just use your other passes.

  • Mandy Kota

    Everyone is complaining about how hard the legendary pokemon are to catch, but think for a moment– they are LEGENDARY for a reason! They didn’t gain that status for being as easy or as common as Ratatta. Even in the original games, they were a pain in the @$$ to catch even with Ultra balls and status effects. You only got one Master Ball, and if you were smart, you saved that for catching Mewtwo.

    • Mathew Cline

      Legendary didn’t mean that they were hard to catch it meant that they were hard to find I caught Lugia with a great ball in Pokemon gold

      • ◄[ωнαт●тнє●ғυcк]►

        erm… It also means they are pretty hard to catch. The legendaries always have really low catch rates. Yes, you can catch them with a great ball at your first attempt, because there is a chance, but it doesn’t mean it is easy to do so lol you were just lucky.

        • Higher_Ground

          I doubt anyone spent more than an hour or two catching legendaries, but this could easily take weeks

    • Jean Killen

      Should remember also that you have to find a legendary raid pass first to even be able to get in one. If they only give them out in 4 star raids, and judging about how often you see the tm’s show up, its gonna take awhile just to get the pass. Let alone to catch one if you can find enough others that have a pass lol

      • Kyle Morrissey

        There are no legendary raid passes. It is all the same raid passes.

    • Kyle Morrissey

      I caught both an articuno and a Lugia today with just my leftover free raid pass from yesterday, and today’s free raid pass. No problem.

    • Jorn Janssen

      It’s rediculous that we only get 7-12 Balls to try and catch it when your item bag has 300 balls in it. If you pay 1€ per raidpass you should be able to use your best utility, even all your utility that you carry. After 2 days and 9 raids only 1 catch. 9€ for 1 Bird without travelling costs because in rural areas you don’t find enough players… What are you thinking Niantic. This frustrates more people that want to quit the game in stead of creating a fun experience. At least use the money to hire devs and add PVP and trading…

      • Ticio Mevio

        So what? They already have your money and will probably keep on getting it. Complain all you want, but as long as you give them money by the end of the day Nantic will have done just the correct actions to get what they want.

  • Mandy Kota

    I’d also like to mention something that came to mind while reading this. So, it’s 20k of walking to earn a Legendary pokemon’s candy? Why not just fight some other raid bosses and then use the earned Rare Candy? Or has that been disallowed?