Niantic has shared the dates during which various Legendary Birds will be available:

  • Articuno (Team Mystic) released on Saturday, July 22 and available through Monday, July 31.
  • Moltres (Team Valor) to be released on Monday, July 31 and available through Monday, August 7.
  • Zapdos (Team Instinct) to be released on Monday, August 7 and available through Monday, August 14.

The release was shared in an official blog post titled “An Update regarding Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago”, published on the official Niantic Labs blog. We suggest that anyone interested reads it thoroughly as it shows the level of compassion and dedication we all expect and want from Niantic.

The same blog post shared a number of interesting metrics in regards to the event:

  • 4.6M Raids were completed during the challenge windows
  • 500M Pokémon caught
  • 1.9M Legendaries caught

Trainers from around the world joined in as well. During that same time period they participated in more than 4.6 million Raid Battles and caught more than 500 million Pokémon, including more than 1.9 million Legendary Pokémon.

The Chester Pokémon GO Event got a special mention, our interview with Big Heritage is coming soon:

At the same time we were struggling in Chicago, an amazing event was unfolding in Chester, UK, organized by our partner Big Heritage. More than 17,000 people visited that event over two days in one of England’s oldest and most historic settings. The combination of history and family-oriented Pokémon GO play was a hit.

Interestingly, this post was written and published by no other than John Hanke, Niantic CEO.

  • Joaquín Ignacio

    I wish when Zapdos release ends, we can use legendary pokémon as gym defenders 🙁

    • the2000guy

      Legendaries can’t be deployed in gyms. Niantic said that days ago before release them.

      • Joaquín Ignacio

        I read it, that’s why I wish it after Zapdos ends

  • the2000guy

    4.6M legendary raids? Or global raids? Because if that are legendary only and compared to the amount of legendary Pokemon caught, thats really awful because most of them were successful in Chicago while the rest of the world pain in the @ss.

    • Reagan Choi

      Since there were 0 legendary raids during the challenge windows (11-11:30, 12-12:30, 3-3:30), global raids.

  • Joey Leigh

    A 1 week release time frame is ridiculous. People work and have life hapoening. I guess Niantic expects everyone to drop everything for the game. And to top it off it’s a 2% catch rate😑 except in Chicago of course.

    • Happyam

      Totally agree with you, 1 week for each legend is definitely not enough time …. BTW, chicago catch rate had been return to normal.

    • Armelo Apelete

      Chicago catch rate droped to 2% since monday, they dont have 100% anymore

      • Bob Bodes

        So in holland had only 2% never 100% so I have to battle Zappos 11x I have one in me dex but it cast me al lot of passes lot of balls every rade I got 10 balls 😢So it’s 90 balls fore one zap ore articuno Lugia

    • raichu DL

      i’m sure that once they find it comfortable (maybe after zapdos), they’ll have some schedule in the works to begin rotating them in and out periodically, like what is being done with nests. i’d say allow up to 4 legendary species to appear, 1 big legend and 3 lesser legends. same can be said for non-legendary raids.

  • juan garcia

    Even when Zapdos is the only bird i care about i think the other birds should stay longer, i cant raid with my actual phone, always get error, they should fix that before ending raids of this birds, but it is not that bad idea if the legendary raids become more common during that time, that way we can be sure to catch a different one

  • amvhate

    I agree Limted time is a bad idea I have only have 1 gym at my park other at the outskirts of the park no Legendary have appeared yet! and just saw the first Tyranitar raid a day ago , this limited time frame won’t let see a Legendary let alone catch one 🙁

  • Antonio Mercurio

    so niantic are telling me, that legendaries are limited time only? this is brilliant for people with little players in their city, legendaires in the wild and full time raids would be great, both rare in the wild and both rare in raids , thats how it should be with legendaries allowed to be put in gyms

    • Jason

      kinda what I was thinking

  • hilmanefef

    We just need Mewtwo and Hooh!!

  • eMike

    What about Lugia?

    • Davide Tormene

      I think it’s possible that when ho-ho will be release it will take lugia place but we don’t have any official info at this time

  • Larry Wicklow

    Chant with me:
    “Legendaries remain a Legend”
    I’ll miss Lugia, Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos with this strategy

  • DevilxDan

    legendaries cant be limited time only i cant even play this month cos no data thats bs

  • Trainer

    Anyone knows something about Lugia?

  • Luke Davies

    To people moaning about legendary being limited time only has it not occurred that…

    1. It might be a rotation they do or more likely
    2. Legendary pokemon will be made available as wild encounters?

    • FullmetalFlam3

      Luke as much as I’m sure some people want to believe that Legendaries might become wild encounters, I just don’t see any chance of that happening due to the level of difficulty and rarity they have in the main series. It just wouldn’t make sense to make them randomly appear.

      • Luke Davies

        Fair point

  • dave barnard

    I live in a city of 20000 people plenty of stops and I have seen both legendaries- by myself with no one around. No way to inform people to come battle with me… Frustrating

    • Charles Ucles

      Well you could’ve communicated to your fb PGO community, believe it or not it does help gather the necessary group to be em.

  • Metrium

    For those complaining about legendaries being available for only 1 week. This is what these pokémon are supposed to be, legendary. If everyone could get them easy they would’nt feel legendary. Try hard to get them during the week. If u do, you will be way happier knowing they will soon not be available and that you managed to get a pokémon that only few will mannage to get. If you don’t, tough luck, it’s just a game, not the end of the world. These are legendary pokémons we are talking about, not Dragonite.

  • Wolvesboy6

    I think that they will release Ho-oh on 14th August, as it’s the same day Zapdos finishes and also the Pokemon Stadium event in Japan. I could be wrong, but it makes sense

    • Davide Tormene

      I agree, I also think that ho-ho will take lugia’s place

  • Biga173rd

    Their insane a week? unbelievable good luck to everyone.

  • Derek Z

    Rarest Pokemon?
    a satisfied pokemon go player

    i mean seriously, legendaries are supposed to be ultra rare powerhouses, of course they will be hard to catch and not everybody will get one.

  • Júlio César Stoppa Angelini

    We don´t have raids at night time! For god sake! I catch a 93 lugia and a Articuno but I skip work for 3 days! This is non-sense! A huge player base has between 17-36 years. We have school, work, etc.

    • Antonio Mercurio

      great point, i have school and i have never done a leegndary raid

  • AverageGamers

    Never mind Legendary being hard to get.

    What I completely didn’t like about this treatment, is that you need to defeat them and catch them just to have their entry in the Pokedex. it doesn’t work like that! In the core game, even if you couldn’t catch them (or decided not too), the moment you encounter those Pokemon in battle (like the Entei, Suicune, Latias, Latios), they would automatically be marked as ‘Seen’ in the Pokedex. Not to mention, the core games will give players infinite tries until they can actually catch one. So legendaries aren’t really THAT exclusive in the Pokemon world.

    So in a way, Pokemon GO is being a bit unfair to those who has continued to take down these Legendaries over and over again, but without a single result/proof of their effort. Some players have even waited a year for these Legendaries, investing time and patience, only to receive absolutely nothing. That’s not a good gameplay IMO. No wonder more and more people continue to walk away from this game.

  • Elliott Cole Varnum

    I think what we really want to see is an easier way to obtain the legendaries. At least that’s what I’m hearing, and I agree completely. For instance, to have to catch a certain number of ice pokemon, to additionly defeat one in a raid battle, and to collect a certain number of blue feathers to have the opportunity to catch Articuno and not be limited by the number of Raid Balls you have. This would also prod people to spend more money for the chance to see more of the particular type of pokemon if they wouldn’t leave their encounters to chance. This way, the only person the player could be mad at is him or herself. I mean honestly, the legendary birds and dogs were never as strong as the raids make them out to be, and what will PoGO do when it comes time for Mew, Jirachi, or even Manaphy?? No matter how much of a fan I am, I can’t keep playing a game that doesn’t somewhat follow the original games.

  • Davide Tormene

    Guys at what time will moltres be released? Will japan have moltres before the other time zones? It would be kind of silly to have to wait for chicago/san francisco time zone to start riding. Maybe this questions sound silly but I think many other players are interested in learning more about when we can start catching moltres, especially with the time limit of one week to get a good iv moltres…

  • Potta Pitot

    I caught a Articuno, got real lucky.. but the CP was 1666 and 3 candies. And to top it off 20km for 1 candy! Tried using Articuno while battling and there was nothing special just meh.. I would rather try to get a Tyranitar and level that. I mean I don’t see much of a reason in trying to catch a legendary. Unless someone else had a better experience.