a new Pikachu hat is expected to become available during the Halloween 2017 event, as shown in the Apple Watch app store today. The app store featured a Pokemon GO advertisement showing several already known Gen III Pokemon and Pikachu with it’s signature Halloween hat!

Titled “Now spookier than ever”, the ad features Misdreavus, Gengar, Sableye, Duskull and “Halloween Hat Pikachu“:

New Pikachu Halloween hat confirmed in the Apple Watch app store ad

We are expecting that the following new Pokemon, collectibles and bonuses will be available for the Halloween event:

It is yet to be confirmed when the Halloween event will start and finish, but judging by the Pokemon Company’s marketing efforts, we should be hearing from Niantic very soon – maybe even this week.

For those who don’t remember, the Pokemon Company silently announced “new Pokemon for Halloween” a few weeks ago, but majority of media outlets, including GO Hub, dismissed that as a wording slip up:

The Halloween season is a special time in Pokémon GO. Plenty of good stuff is coming to the game later this October, and we can’t wait to get out and about to see what sort of excitement we can scare up while catching new Pokémon to fill out our Pokédex.

Fortunately, we were wrong and it’s now fairly obvious that their wording referenced the release of Gen III ghost types. According to the same post, a major marketing push is happening across all Pokemon games and platforms for Halloween – maybe we are going to get even more goodies once the official announcement goes live.

  • eric northman

    I wish they put a little cape on as well, soo cute haha

  • ダーク マウジー

    hope they include dark type 4 the halloween spawn too…

    cz i wish Absol 2 join the party too…

    • Soccer14Magic

      Yeah i really want Absol too

      • Edwin Fung

        🖒for Absol, Glalie, Salamance and Flygon

        • Higher_Ground

          Yeah Glalie isn’t ghost type but that eerie smile is spookier than all the gen 3 ghosts.

          • Edwin Fung

            Froslass is a ghost type Pokemon though.

          • Higher_Ground

            Yeah it’s one of the ones I played with on my last run through on the 3DS. I think it might be gen 4, though. Might need an evo stone too. Looking forward to that one

          • Edwin Fung

            Dawn stone. Gallade needs it too.

          • bhss

            Both Gallade and Froslass are Generation 4

  • Nuclear

    Please Niantic if you are reading this: Please nake those pokemon with a hat some more exclusive. Do not put a hat on every misdreavus or gengar or any other event pokemon

    • peponzio

      Nope, just Pikachu.

  • Soccer14Magic

    I’m still confused why its a Mimikyu hat and not a Gen 1,2,3 Pokemon

    • Higher_Ground

      I’d say it’s not 100% confirmed yet, but probably to tie into actual merchandise. I really like the mimikyu shirt they sell in the pokemon shop but at $24.99 it’s too rich for my blood.

    • Justin Rodriguez

      Just because Mimikyu is a highly marketable and popular Pokemon tbh.

  • Alaska Stark

    Who cares for Pkmn with stupid hats? xD it’s even more pointless than Shiny pkmn… dear lord.
    But yeah, new Pokis is always fun *thumbs up*

    • Curtis Beales

      Shiny Pokemon aren’t pointless. I really want them added to the game soon. They are a rare collectible and could be worth serious $$$ when trading comes out.

      • Edwin Fung

        Always think of money. 😑

        • James Oliff

          I have a hope that pokemon in outfits will someday allow for moves outside of their movepool. Pikachu with Shadowball. Surfing Pikachu, etc etc

      • Dan

        I think he meant useless.

  • Edwin Fung
  • Edwin Fung

    Hold on! Shedinja (from gen 3) is also a ghost type Pokemon!

    • Edwin Fung
    • Dan

      Which means we’ll probably get Nincada and Ninjask, similar to how the rock event got us Slugma.

      • Edwin Fung

        Bare remind Shedinja is a Pokemon in special case.

        • Higher_Ground

          what do you think we’ll have to do to get a shedinja? The mechanics will have to change somehow.

          I’m thinking walking with it similar to espeon/umbreon, but that seems kind of forced.

          • peponzio

            Well, originally you just needed to evolve a Nincada with an empty slot in your party and be carrying at least one type of Pokeball.

            The best mechanic would be the addition of party systems where you could choose up to 6 Pokemons to bring to battle. You can always change parties before the actual battle, switch Pokemons around or change them for other Pokemons, or make a new party from scratch.

            After that make one party be your active, leave an empty slot, evolve a Nincada, and have at least one type of Pokeball in your items. Voilá, Shedinja appears in the active party.

            After all, parties have been mentioned as a feature being worked on. Only problem right now is that when entering a battle you always have all six slots filled. I wonder how it would work with empty slot parties? Could you go into battle with only one Pokemon?

            Problem is shedinja has no HP and relies on its ability to even survive a single turn. So without abilities this Pokemon is kind of pointless.

          • Gaxela

            Probably evolve without having a buddy since u need an empty slot on your team to evolve it in the games

          • Higher_Ground

            I like this idea. It’s uncomplicated and ties in closely enough with the games without having to build extra mechanics for one fairly useless pokemon.

  • Javi jambo

    If you get a pokemon with a pinap berry, do you get 12 candys? Or its useless to give em pinaps on this event

    • Moardin

      During the last candy event, you got 12 candys with pinap. 🙂

      • Higher_Ground

        just think, if that applies to raid bosses you could potentially get 40 candy for Tyranitar/Alakazam/Machamp/Gengar (10 x 2 x 2)

        As it stands now, I generally throw pinaps at Ttar raids unless it’s super high CP.

        • Joel Jensen

          But that’s the thing, during the last double candy event during the 1 Year Anniversary of Pokemon GO, if you gave a Pinap berry to a 2nd or 3rd stage evolution you got 16 candy for 2nd stage evolutions and 24 candy for 3rd stage evolutions.

          • Higher_Ground

            Do you remember if that was when they initially screwed it up or if they just decided that quadruple candy was too good to be true?

            I vaguely remember not getting double stardust for the first few hours/days of that event. I think they added +3 instead of doubling.

        • peponzio

          Would also work with any third evolution wild Pokemon but I can see how that would be harder to find a good one to spend Pinaps on.

          Gengar might be a good one.

  • mcfilmmakers

    Pikachu does not have a signature Halloween hat….

    • Dan

      According to the marketing, it does. Just like it had the Santa hat last Christmas. It doesn’t matter if he had one in the anime.

  • Edwin Fung

    How about increasing the spawn of dark type Pokemon? As I know last year the Halloween event also included Pokemon other than ghost type Pokemon. If Niantic do so, the list of gen 3 Pokemon below will be released during the coming Halloween event.

    261,262: Poochyena, Mightyena
    274,275: Nuzleaf, Shiftry
    318,319: Carvanha, Sharpedo
    332: Cacturne
    342: Crawdaunt
    359: Absol

    • Higher_Ground

      I think they would possibly include Absol and Poochyena. The rest are evolved types so it’s possibly but they probably have enough already just with the gen 1 & 2 dark/ghosts + gen 3 ghosts.

      I could definitely see them abandoning meowth and drowzee in favor of murkrows, houndours, & sneasels.

      I got sick and tired of catching cubones last year. They suck, and I never even got a decent IV the entire event (not that it would have mattered). Hypnos are terrible too. Two of the weakest pokemon of their type.

      • Edwin Fung

        Haha one more addition to the list – Lunatone

        • peponzio

          Lunatone and Solrock are Rock-Psychic. Other than the connection between moon-night-halloween I don’t see much point in Lunatone being Halloween themed.

          • Edwin Fung

            Then why meowth is also involved into the Halloween event last year.

          • peponzio

            Because gastly, haunter, gengar did not cut enough attraction for halloween last year. They literally scraped the barrel and found a cat at the bottom. Same with drowzee and cubone.

  • Higher_Ground

    Man, I can’t wait for the later gen ghost types. It may not be the greatest as a typing in game but it’s always been one of my favorites.

    I’ve been playing with either a Decidueye, Lunala, Froslass, Marshadow or a Shedinja pretty much my entire Alola campaign. Rounding out with Fighting/Ice/Dragon has me getting creamed by fairy types but otherwise it’s been fun.

    TIL – Ghost types can run 100% of the time. Definitely good to know to save on repels.

  • Thevaporeongamer

    I love Pikachu 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Chris Denton

    Who saw another pikachu variant coming? Everyone

  • thearmyofgecko

    Meh. Can we get another Pokemon with costume variants? Please.