in order to understand how new PokéStops are added into the game, we have been monitoring 6 Ingress portal submissions over the past 20 days. We are now back with some solid results.

On Saturday June 24, the portal submissions were accepted via OPR and several new Portals have appeared in Ingress. They had pictures, titles and some had descriptions.

Today, morning of Tuesday June 27 in Croatia, we can confirm that at least 2 of those portal submissions have been added into Pokémon GO as PokéStops. It’s too early to verify all of them, we’ll update the article throughout the day when we verify the rest.

Kaštel Gomilica, the city where the new PokéStops have been added is considered a rural area and previously had only 2 PokéStops.

The list of Ingress portals we were monitoring (means added,  means it was not added to Pokémon GO):

  • ✅ Cemetery Gates, Kaštel Gomilica, Croatia
  • ✅ Lady Fountain, Kaštel Gomilica, Croatia
  • ❌ Crkva (a Church, right next to Cemetery Gates), Kaštel Gomilica, Croatia
  • Shut Portal, Kaštel Gomilica, Croatia
  • Kip Magarca (Donkey Sculpture), Kaštel Gomilica, Croatia
  • Fabijan i Jakov, Kaštel Kambelovac, Croatia

The curious case of “Crkva” and “Cemetery Gates” confirms that there is some algorithm behind the Ingress-to-Pokémon-GO data import, as those two portals were intentionally added one next to another. “Crkva” is a church roughly 20 meters from the Cemetery Gates. No nearby PokéStops exist.

We can also confirm the following:

  • Ingress portal candidates are still being actively imported as Pokémon GO entities
  • PokéStops appear in same places as Ingress portals
  • As rumored, the import happens every week, on Monday evening, roughly around 00:00 UTC
  • It can take as little as one week before a PokéStop is added on top of a newly added Portal
  • An algorithm decides which portals will become PokéStops

Our readers have confirmed that a similar phenomena has been observed worldwide, with reports ranging from Australia, the land down under, all the way up to sunny California.

A huge shoutout goes to RDash123, a level 15 Ingress Agent and a Level 38 Pokémon Trainer for helping us observe, collect and confirm data for this article.

  • Kim Werk

    In my town 2 new pokestops appeared, those appeared last week in Ingress as portals and where submitted more then a year ago in Ingress (according to the person who did the request in Ingress

  • Antonio Mercurio


    • Antonio Mercurio

      i think the range you can see stops have increased

  • Kevin Stratigis

    i wish someone would play ingress in my village… 100 ppl just live there. there is a huuuuuge amount of pokespawns. Ive never seen more in the citys or on reddit and so on.. but I need to drive miles to get to a pokestop so im always out of balls .. this is so frustrating :/ is here a lvl 16 ingress player who would help out ? :DD but as always great job pokemongohub 🙂 thanks for your work

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    In Ingress there are a portal near my home created about years (I talked with creator) and I dont know why it doesnt appear as a pokestop or gym in pogo

  • Kim Werk

    they also should make it so i can spin pokestops at 70km/h :p i know i can hack portals at that speed.

    ONLY spinning, no need to show pokemon., as a passenger it’s always nice to be able to spin pokestops at 70km/h instead of 30Km/h (max speed you can do and spin a stop)

    • Hee Chan Chae

      yes i do understand this situation but the thing is that spoofers will get more advantages, causing more problems for spoofing, as niantic cannot stop spoofers from spoofing

      • Peg Pegasus

        In Ingress you can hack portals at 70Km/h to get items.

        • Hee Chan Chae

          i don’t know anything about ingress :P;; and i personally think spinning pokestops available at 70km/h will not be very good

        • KarloVranjes

          See my reply above

    • KarloVranjes

      You cant Hack portals @70km/h.Its very close window of few seconds if you login to game at that speed.Have you ever wondered why Hack gave you 0 items.Thats because of speedlock wich in Ingress is about 20km/h also if you try to GlyphHack at that speed it would error it after you are done”Server communication error” whit message “Hack unsuccessful”

  • Štěpán Kulina

    Is a way to add a suggest to new pokestop? Thanks for answer.

  • Brodie Yg

    I’m in rural aus and no new poke stops infact there a none within 20km radius of our rural city.

  • Pascal F

    3 gyms (one used to be a pokestop) and 8 new pokestops if my math is right in my small city.
    We used to have just 1 pokestop and no gyms at all.

  • shandeep hazarika

    Can some one add pokiestop in my town … I am waiting for long time . my locution India Assam , pin 787001

  • Raj

    Can you please add more pokestops and gyms in my region. I live in India pin cde is 151103 In my city there are no gyms and only two pokestops please add some here pokegyms and pokestops!

  • Joseph Max Possible

    niantic can give a menu for lvl 25 and above to create pokestops and allow us to apply for the new pokestop help us guy most people who live far away from city were unable to go the city to play pokemon go so kindly help us TO CREATE POKESTOP IN OUR VILLAGE.

  • Higher_Ground

    I haven’t seen any new pokestops yet but a lot of them turned into gyms.

    I wonder who decides that? A lot of the ones they chose to turn into gyms are bad choices, especially compared with some nearby stops that would be a lot better.

    A couple stops that were converted to gyms are on street corners where there’s no where to sit or stand (except on the sidewalk). Literally within eyesight of these gyms there are stops that are near fountains and statues with park benches all around them… would make a lot more sense to have those as gyms instead of expecting people to hang out on the side of the road!

  • AverageGamers

    This is definitely not happening in my area. I don’t see any new PokeStops nearby.

  • Gustavo Dante

    No changes here in my City… Still the same “No Pokestops” 🙁