Recent reports confirm that Niantic has used their new Ingress OPR tool to add a large amount of new PokéStops and Gyms in select countries around the world!

Additionally, the reports confirm that not all countries (areas) were affected. Most of the additions occurred in areas well covered by Ingress players, who have submitted portal requests earlier. In other words, whether you got new PokéStops/Gyms, depends solely on the activity of high level Ingress players in your area.

We’ve created a list of countries that received new PokéStops (data collected via Twitter, reddit and e-mail). Be aware that this list is not exhaustive and definitive.

There’s certainly more countries that received changes, but trainers haven’t reported it yet:

  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • France
  • Slovakia
  • NEW Czech Republic
  • NEW Denmark
  • NEW Taiwan
  • NEW Japan

Unfortunately, no reports for India and general North American region.

Update: 64000 new portals were added to Ingress in the first week of OPR, explaining the influx of new PokéStops!

For those who are unfamiliar with OPR (Open Portal Recon), OPR is a tool used to review Ingress portal submissions. The tool was just recently made available worldwide, in an effort to help Niantic deal with the huge backlog of portal submissions.

High level Ingress players (Level 16) have managed to chew through 25% of the backlog in a matter of days, reviewing tens and hundreds of thousands portals. These changes vary from portal additions, removals to small text and picture updates to existing portals.

How to get new PokéStops using Ingress

Niantic has confirmed that they do periodically sync Pokémon GO map and Points of Interests with Ingress, by importing portal changes (text updates, additions, removals) to Pokémon GO.

That process takes place roughly every five days, as observed by our local Ingress and Pokémon GO masterminds. The process aggregates updates applied to Ingress in the previous X days, mapping them into corresponding Pokémon GO points of interest and changes.

We’ll be updating this article as new info becomes available. If your country was affected and is not mentioned in the list above, let us know.

  • Fabulousyo

    in my neighbour village in germany freudenberg 97896 they added 3 gyms. but in the village where i live they just added 1 pokestop which is little bit sad.

  • Řaýäñ Beññai

    Hey, its easy to get level 16 on ingress? Or no , im in algeria and in my city we just have 1 pokestop?, and i managed to get level 22 in 2 months so if i.can add pokestops and gyms that will really be nice

    • Diego Coutinho

      No, it is not. The amount of XP necessary is way higher than in PoGo. I started PoGo on december/16 and I’m lvl 32 and Ingress two weeks ago, being lvl 6 there.

      • Řaýäñ Beññai

        Ok ? i will continue my suffering

      • Tommy

        That’s quite the difference… Not sure if you’d know, but what’s the pogo level equivalent of lv16 in ingress? Time investment-wise

        • Jakub

          40 lvl

  • I live outside a small village (Sjørring, 7700 Thisted) in Denmark. We used to have 2 stops and 1 gym, now unfortunately they changed one to a gym, so now we have 2 gyms less than 100 meters apart. We did get two new stops, basically outside the village and several 100 meters apart making it a 20-30 minute walk to reach all three. Before it was possible to reach two in a 6 minute loop. IMO that destroyed the game locally, so I have to go to a larger town to play…

  • Jaroslav Staníček
    • Tommy

      Good job ?. It’s ‘queue’ by the way.

  • ayman siddique

    common..guys..u should add some new pokestops and gyms in india,,,too

    • Jay Muni

      Yess mann

  • Dwight DJ-Chong Chong

    What about the caribbean

  • Dwight DJ-Chong Chong

    Island Jamaica need more stops and gyms

  • Steven Randall

    I can confirm there are now more gyms in Australia too.

  • Paolo

    I was an ingress agent in 2015. I submitted 5 portals. I have NOW recived an e-mail that approves my submission. 3 are now pokestops! I live in ITALY.

    • Il Conte


    • Andrea Pesce

      dove ?

      • Paolo


        • Andrea Pesce

          Anche da me è spuntato un Pokéstop ! Basso Piemonte vicino a Sassello ! È già qualcosa !

  • Camryn Walsh

    There of been Gym’s add in North America where I am! Fowler Indiana!

  • Brad

    So play one broke, unpopular (at least where I live) game to fix another? Ummm, no.

    • Aleš Podržaj

      Ingress a broke game? Ha! Ingress will be here long after PoGo is dead

      • Brad

        Maybe where you live but NO ONE plays ingress here in El Paso TX that I’ve ever met.

  • CollinstheClown

    I’m a L16 ingress agent doing OPR. I’m curious as to where the 25% stay came from? Niantic hasn’t told us anything in regards to the backlog.

  • inhaltsangabeadmin

    I have been monitoring the ingress portals around here in Germany and can say not only new OPR portals have become gyms and stops also, for the biggest amount here, existing portals converted.

  • Sanjeev C Das

    India.. a developing country.. No pokestop.. people now quite pogo.. no one even care more about pokestop.. No future in india.. games future hang on india..4 sure..

  • Meera Abraham

    Hey I’m a Pokemon go trainer from India.I live in a state called Kerala.As of my report my state has less number of pokestop when compared to the Santa Monica Pier in whole.

  • Il Conte

    What about italy? I need more pokestop in my city near Milan

    • Paolo

      There are 2 new pokestop in my city, Brescia i submitted them in 2015 as ingress player.

  • Muhammad Safwan

    would definitely use more pokestops here in puncak alam, malaysia. Been a few weeks since i can manage to play pokemon go because of the absence of spawn points and pokestops where im staying currently 🙁

  • Júlio César Stoppa Angelini

    We make hundreds of requests on São Paulo´s state, Brazil, just 1 was aprove in a nearby city. My town only have 2 gyms and 2 pokestops.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Great to see so many new pokestops are being added to Australia !!!

  • Peter Winans

    We had a handful of stops and gyms added to my town here in rural Maryland, USA.

  • Eve Eriksson

    New stops in Southern Nevada.

  • Devanshu Chauhan

    I want more pokestop and pokegym near ahamdabad city.

  • Devanshu Chauhan

    What about Gujarat? I need more pokestop and pokegym in ahamdabad city. Please please.

  • Devanshu Chauhan

    In india.what about Gujarat? I need more pokestop and pokegym in my city.please

  • Devanshu Chauhan

    In India/in Gujarat/in ahamdabad city/in Isanpur all the temples should be pokestop and and some of the things like school etc should be pokegym.please.

  • Marco

    Very little stops and gyms in Aruba 🙁

  • Bjellanda Havro

    Lots of new stops and gyms in Norway. I live on a small island and we recieved at least 10 new stops and 3 gyms.

  • Muhammed Sohail

    Why not adding Indian cities,we are the most populated country after China and have highest percentage of youth also,niantic should consider this.

  • Sandra Groen

    I found 2 new PokeStops in my village here in the Netherlands too.

  • Cirithungolem

    I discovered a new pokestop in my town in The Netherlands today.

  • Siddharth

    I saw a new Pokéstop(sponsored by Jio) in a nearby mall(Axis mall, New Town, Kolkata, India) where only 2 gyms(again same sponsore) were present. But that change was mostly a month ago.

  • André Mengel

    Since I knew about portals becoming PoGo stops and Gyms, two weeks ago, I started to play Ingress. For my surprise, it is a very fun game, mainly if you have portals concentrated in some park, to lvl up more easy. I recommend you ppl to play, not only for PoGo, but because it is nice to protect and conquer portals.

  • shandeep hazarika

    I am form India ,Assam , lakhimpur ,north lakhimpur , there are no pokiestop, gym, portel near by me

  • Alex

    By the way, I live in Ohio and I noticed there are two new Pokéstops very close to my house that definitely weren’t there before. So you can add North America to the list.

  • विशद उपाध्याय

    I am from Nepal and there are few pokestops and gym in capital city i.e Kathmandu and Pokhara but i live in District named ” Sindhuli ” where no poke stops and gym is there so anyone who can listen my request please help me to add pokestops and gym in Kamalamai 45900
    27.212886, 85.923794

  • Gavin 98

    2 new poke stops and a poke stop turned into a gym today. In Southern California USA

  • Eric Diclantego

    I live in India,Jharkhand,Ranchi,Bariatu there are few pokestops nearly 5.I started playing ingress but there are no portals near my locality How can I level up?What can we do?We need atleast more than 30 pokestops and 5 gyms to enjoy playing pokemon go.