a new wave of EX Raids has started, targeting mostly Trainers that haven’t had a chance to raid! As of the time of this writing, we can confirm that this series of EX Raids is worldwide, its taking place both at normal and sponsored Gyms and it includes cities and players which have never had raids before.

The common dates and time slots for this EX Raid series are 9th and 11th November, time slots in the afternoon. The raid time window is still 45 minutes long, the same as with previous raid invites.

Reports indicate the following distribution and coverage pattern:

  • parks and other outdoor locations have been commonly selected this round
  • equal number of sponsored and normal Gyms have been selected
  • a lot of invite recipients are 1st time recipients
  • recent EX raiders don’t have reduced / increased chance to be invited again, with some even receiving two raid passes on the same day

We are really happy to see that the invite distribution mechanism has been improved. Recently, we were not too keen to report on new waves of EX Raid invites, mostly due to how clumsy and randomly they were distributed.

This time around, there finally seems to be rhyme and reason to the mechanism and players seem to appreciate this. After weeks of angry “Why didn’t I get an invite” tweets, it’s refreshing to read something like this (congratulations Mythodical, we hope you catch Mewtwo on your first raid):

Of course, there is still room for improvement, especially for players that receive multiple invites on the same day. Although interesting, we can see how this could end up being an annoyance, especially with EX Raids that start around the same time in different parts of a larger city:

We congratulate to those who got their first EX invite this time around. To those who were not lucky enough, don’t worry, we believe that Niantic will give everyone a chance to catch Mewtwo before the end of this year.

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  • Jermo van der Wal

    So far we discovered 5 people from our group that received a raid pass (group size > 100).
    I still didn’t get one. I did a raid on the gym where it will take place last wednesday!
    Hopefully some day I’ll get the chance to catch it..

    • Antonio Mercurio

      dont worry, Niantic dont understand everyones dissapointment!

  • fredling

    have they read the silphroad thread, the statement that this is targeting players that haven’t gotten an exraid pass before seems based on one tweet, and that to me makes this article sheer bullshit!

    • Sasi Sikares

      I had ex-raid pass last month and lucky enough to got this again for tmr

  • Josh Hack

    I only just got a MewTwo last week, and I can tell you how random the system truly is. It makes no sense whatsoever.

  • note

    Europe – Czech Rep. – Prague also included

  • Mr Martinez

    Good, but late. Just have to brag: GF got a perfect IV Mewtwo! Booyaka!

  • Bellal Amerkhail

    84% mewtwo caught prior to this!

  • Jan Dvořák

    Olomouc, Czech republic, 3 EX raids in the same day, don’t see multiple invites, many 1st EX pass recievers

    • Lukasenec

      a my v ŽILINE stale nic :/ bola len jedna varka pred mesiacom a to dostali fejkeri a ludia, co si to ani nezasluzia.

    • Michal Jirka

      ja mewtwo chytil před měsicem.

  • Robdebobrob

    Breda, Netherlands. 1 location, finally my first. So far ive heared of 6 people in total to have recieved the pass for that raid, out of about 300 people.

  • JJ

    I still haven’t gotten an ex raid pass, and I’ve been one of those people who raid non stop. If there’s anyone how can explain to me why haven’t gotten one, please do so and tweet me @josuelau12341

    • Marco De Freitas

      Ever heard about random ?

      • JJ

        But now there giving it to new people. People who probably haven’t raided before. Not trying to be salty, but… BOIIIIII!!! 👏👏

      • This Marco De Pollo guy keeps saying the same stupid “random” comments. Apparently, he can’t read or understand the premise for the article is about how there is supposed to be a lack of randomness. I suspect possible troll since he sure the heck looks like one. Although, there is just plain stupid or a combination of all of the above…

  • Greg

    None of us 14 hardcore players (all lvl 35-40, 5-17k battles won) yet here. We have decided to do one raid a day and coin collection and play Draconius Go (so much MORE fun) until we get ex raid invites. Two months of waiting since it has been announced and crappy new raid bosses no one really needs, it’s been enough.

  • Veronika Bednárová

    I still haven’t an ex raid pass, and I’ve been on raid each day, sometimes 2x in one day

    • Kentucky Kate

      Me too. Haven’t gotten one at all. <—Chopped Liver

  • FacePuncher

    Herp derp I don’t know what random means

    • mcfilmmakers

      Article says it isn’t random. People are saying it still is. Herp deep your comment is stupid.

      • FacePuncher

        Herp derp my comment was aimed at the people moaning not the article

        • mcfilmmakers

          I never said you were referring to the article. In fact, I distinctly pointed out that the commenters where pointing out that the article was wrong, thus acknowledging that you complaining about the comments. Herp derp learn to read derpy herp.

  • Federico Martinez

    Again, very unfair distribution. I’m from Uruguay, and have raided the day before the EX pass was distributed. As you imagine, I didn’t receive the pass.
    Last Friday there was a big group raiding at the same gym. A friend of mine with more than 300 legendary raids went that Friday, and he didn’t receive the pass. He is the most active player of Uruguay, with enough XP to achieve level 40 twice. The same day, another guy was raiding, he’s first raid in 2 months. And guess what: he did receive the EX pass.

    • Marco De Freitas

      What part of “random” can’t you guys understand ?

      • Chris Riddick

        Hey Derp. The point is this website said there was a “rhyme & reason” to the passes when there clearly isn’t. That’s what these people are saying. Get it, dumby?

    • peponzio

      Raiding the day before doesn’t meet the cut. Apparently you need to have raided somewhere between 3 to 5 days prior or more in the exact gym where the EX is happening.

      Now the random part is quite unfair. If this is still testing then it is understandable that random is still active, but if this cannot keep true for a true EX release (no more tests).

      • David McBarn

        Nah, I did a Magikarp raid at a gym last Thursday and got an EX Raid Pass for that gym last Friday (the next day). Before last Thursday, I hadn’t been at that gym since July.

        • peponzio

          Hmmm, that is possible.

          Then there may be requirements other than time span that are not met which result in a seemingly random distribution. Or maybe there is also random besides requirements. Regardless it’s annoying we are properly informed.

    • William Kelly

      Me an a few buddys spent 100$ over Halloween event for raids neither of us earned a pass but the folks who took a break over Halloween did ( I think we gotta take a break an show Niantic us lv40 are not interested then we get a pass? Stupid flakes) * Niantic*

  • Rachel Roehe

    Family of 4 in U.S. All level 30+. We raid at least once per day, every day. Have spent plenty of $$$ on coins. No EX raid passes EVER for any of us. The only gym Niantic gives EX passes for within a 2-hour radius from home is a Starbucks 40 minutes away. My family cannot raid there because one of my kids is under 13 and has a PTC account, so Niantic blocks him from seeing sponsored gyms/stops in the game. (The rest of my family can see the gym, but we do not raid there in all fairness to my 9 year old who can’t see it and desperately wants Mew Two.) Even the new release of passes for “outdoor venues” only gave passes locally for the same Starbucks… again! Completely not fair to block users from seeing the ONLY gym in the area that they give out EX passes for. Apparently Niantic forgot about the kids that play. Please, Niantic, can you give more EX passes for locations where ALL players have an equal chance at getting one… not just players over 13?

  • Peter van der Holst

    I did a raid yesterday and got an invite today for a EX raid tomorrow. There are two in our town tomorrow (pop. about 90k) with one raid starting at 15.00 and the other at 18.00.

  • Micah Paape

    When will Niantic fix the raid bugs? Every time I click on a raid an old guy pops up and says I have to join a team of bad guys, team rocket or team skull or team flare. Doesn’t Niantic know teams are the bad guys. level 39, no team.

  • Dan

    I still haven’t gotten one. Unfortunately, I raided the gym NEXT TO a gym that got an Ex Raid Pass. Hopefully I’m included soon.

  • Fuji San

    The caption (which you got from SilphRoad, I guess?) makes no sense whatsoever. Niantic still ISN’T targeting anyone, the distribution is still as horrible and totally random whatsoever.
    You can see that already with that Amith Singh you posted: getting two EX raid passes at once, same day and right after each other.
    A lot of people already got their third or fourth EX raid pass, or even more.

    This is *extremely* random, not targeting anyone and no check whatsoever.
    If Niantic even had the tiniest bit of sense in their head, they would check beforehand if someone has already got an EX raid pass before and only target those who don’t, but either they’re too stupid to do that, or they simply don’t give a dàmn.

    • Chief Chad


  • Simone Amoruso

    “Improvement”!? Are you serious? On my telegram city-group we are 260+ trainers raiding every day! ONLY ONE OF US GOT THE TICKET. And you call that “improvement”? REALLY!?

    • Marco De Freitas

      Imagine 260 people at the same place screaming like idiots for a mewtwo…
      That as already been the case with a lot of EX raids so niantic won’t let it happen again: 30-40 accounts for each EX raid seems to be the right number.

      Then, you need luck.

      • Simone Amoruso

        You know that your comment just doesn’t make sense, right?
        Did I say “I want ALL of us to get a ticket at the same time”? No.
        Did I say anything about the number of people raiding and “screaming like idiots” (because random insults are cool, right?)? Again, no.
        Last but not least, do you really think we go all 260+ raiding at the same time at the same place? I really hope you don’t, because it’s really bad, man.

        What can anyone (except you, apparently) get from my first comment is “Wow, Niantic’s method is random, ok, but hey, it doesn’t just make sense. How can 10 people raid at the same gym, at the same moment… and just 1 of them get the ticket?”

        We know that Niantic created all this “EX Raid” thing just to make people go out and raid to get a chance, but how can they hope people will keep raiding and spending money on premium passes… knowing they will get the ticket with a chance of 1/260?

        So, next time you try to be cool and “wow I can comment stuff”, think again.

  • Jon Holden

    Raided the SAME EXACT Suicune raid at a park as a bunch of my friends on November 1st. They told me that was the one and only time they raided that park and they received EX Raid Passes and I did not. This system is still broken. Extremely discouraging and makes me want to quit playing all together

    • Julie

      Same thing happened to me last night. About half of the people got the invite, and half did not. It seems the ones who didn’t get the invite already have mewtwo. Except for me. SO disappointing and makes me want to quit.

      • Jamil El Sayajin

        Same 🙁

      • Shokon

        Well how bout finally getting a ex raid pass and I’m totally out of area on vacation, now they’re going to1st timers….and I probably got dinged for not showing up, I’m more than a little annoyed at how things are going. And then New raid bosses, do you really need any of these, waste of time and resources. I am a die hard that’s just about to loose interest, can’t just be looking for the one legendary, all else is
        becoming boring….looking for more excitement!


        • Jakku

          What Niantic should do is allow the player with the EX Raid pass to initiate the boss fight on their faction’s gym. Anyone who shows up can participate.

          This allows for stronger community involvement and player interaction. Niantic doesn’t need to control when and where that happens because it typically screws over people that have families, jobs, and other responsibilities.

          Giving the players that kind of control increases player involvement due to scheduling and planning around those responsibilities.

    • Dan

      Did you raid in the same group as them? It does target specific raid rooms too.

    • Derek Emmons

      Same a bunch of us did suicune nov 1…22 people and only one received a pass but everyone from the last raid received a second and third pass at the same location

      • Derek Emmons

        (Guess thats why alot of us are playing draconius, just for the egg hunt and quests…)

    • Technogal

      Me too. 😢

    • JJ


    • Tatkin Cheung

      just trainer below Lv.33 received Ex Raid pass this time.

      • Simone Amoruso

        Nope. I’m lvl 32 and I got nothing. A friend of mine is 40 and got it.

  • Alaska Stark

    Mewtwo is absolutely pointless and unattractive if everyone has one >_>

    • Jamil El Sayajin

      in fact he is absolutly not usefull in the game.. only for collection and pokedex

      • Dan

        He’s the strongest attacker with one of the highest defensive stats. I’m pretty sure he’s useful.

    • GonzoI

      This is a very easily demonstrated false statement. In the main series, everyone completed the game who wants to, including catching Mewtwo. Mewtwo was seriously overpowered, so it was seriously overused. Up until tournaments that restricted it’s use, EVERYONE was using it, and even after that, it was still extremely popular (so popular that 6 generations later it was given 2 Mega Evolutions).

  • Biga173rd

    This is so stupid the way they are distributing the passes. Just put Mew Two already in a gym but make him harder than any Raid boss. And make it a 25-30 player chance just to defeat him and the catch rate harder. I think that is fair since it’s one of the most saught after mons.

    • Chris Denton

      Yeah make it to where you can’t get him unless you are in a city full of players.

      No thanks.

      • Biga173rd

        To each’s it’s own.

        • Chris Denton

          Not sure that applies here but you are entitled to an opinion 🙂 just remember not everyone lives in an area where there are more than 3 players.

  • Peg Janssens

    pfft, doing 2 raids a day every day different gyms, different towns, all i see and hear, the ex-raid passes always get’s given in the same towns and the same people always get the raid passes, while others who also raid there still have not 1 invite, Yes i raided the same gyms where the ex-invite is!!! i know people with 3 mewto’s, you call that fair! You can aswell just handout mewto for free to all those same people you always invite!. Niantic should hand out invites to people who never had an ex-raid before! already had an ex-raid before, next you are excluded!, i think i stop playing at all, gonna have some fun with the new Ultra sun/moon soon

  • WingedSupernova

    Can confirm this was the first EX Raid Pass I got.

  • Greg

    It’s crying for the Moon guys…
    1. “News” like these bring only frustration to vast majority of us.
    2. I doubt Niantic guys (those in charge) ever read our discussions and even if they do, they couldn’t care less
    3. Time will tell, for my part I sure: Harry Potter by Niantic my a$$..I’ll think twice before even thinking of downloading the game

  • SO UL

    I have done 700 raids so far and never got an ex raid pass! I hate niantic… This is extremly hard when you play fair and have to work! And what do I get for it? NOTHING!

  • Dan

    All you salty people that are crying that you didn’t get an EX Raid Pass yet: grow up. They’re coming. They’re rare. You’ll get one eventually. Patience is a virtue. Some of you lack it.

    • Partysaurus Rex

      And a year from now… if some us still don’t have it. Would it THEN be appropriate to be salty?

      The invite system is garbage… plain and simple.

      • Dan

        Yes, I will. Because they explained it’s by exclusive invite. They never said anyone would be entitled to it, just that you had a chance to be invited.

        • Partysaurus Rex

          So then which is it? “Will we get one eventually” as you stated above… or is there a possibility we won’t? Giving credence to anyone’s saltiness. I mean in reality I’m not really expecting a dirtbag like yourself to maintain any sort of continuity of thought.

          The EX raid system still isn’t functioning according to how they said it would. The only info we ever got was “You successfully completed at least one Raid [recently] at the Gym where the Exclusive Raid is taking place.” Recently being later clarified as “in the past few weeks”. There are/were however reports of people who received invites without having raided… ever, and merely just spinning the stops. This of course means that it isn’t functioning as intended. If such an obvious flaw isn’t functioning, it isn’t unreasonable to think that other things may also be broken, such as the “selection” which can be evidenced by some people having as many as 4 mewtwos, and others who are quite active and have specifically targeted these EX raid gyms for both gym control and for raiding, people who are and have been level 40… and still don’t have an invite. You can take your self righteous attitude and go f**k yourself. Stupid b!tch.

          • Dan

            Dirt bag, eh? How nice of you.

            Clearly you have reading comprehension. I don’t have a Mewtwo. I’ve never received an EX Raid Pass. I’m level 37, raid every day, and have raided at gyms where raid passes were sent out (all though the last time I did one there was when Raikou was out). I know I will eventually get eventually, I just haven’t yet. What I’m not liking is people acting like they deserve one for any reason. Until then, I’ll keep raiding. And hoping I get one. Not feel like I’m entitled to one.

          • Partysaurus Rex

            Yes dirtbag. Calling people salty aka b!tchy… claiming they are crying, when they are expressing distaste for a clearly broken system (which Niantic agrees or they wouldn’t be fixing it). If you’re going to act like a doucher be prepared to have people call you on it.

            As far as my “reading comprehension”… you may want to check yourself. Because if you could read yourself you’d see that I never even suggested that you yourself had a mewtwo or had received an invite. It doesn’t matter. The issue here is your obnoxious and contemptible behavior toward people expressing valid concerns with an ongoing system.

    • GonzoI

      Instead of telling others to “grow up”, consider the fact that they have a legitimate complaint. This is a game, not a back-order for a product. Niantic could make them available to everyone, but instead chose a system that has for several months failed to give any indication of what people are to do to earn it while giving a false and vague “participation” requirement that has resulted in a lot of wasted effort. Months of fruitless effort is bad game design. Complaining about it may slightly annoy you, but it’s a legitimate complaint.

      • Partysaurus Rex

        Which by the was this participation, has been proven to be horse manure, by people who have gotten invites on fresh accounts that have never raided. So being that it is not purely random, and is obviously targeted there is potential for people to NOT actually get one “eventually”.

      • Dan

        The EX in the raid passes means EXCLUSIVE. They’ve said that they are invite only. It hasn’t even been 2 months since they launched, so “several” is overshooting it. They never said who was getting it, what you had to do for it (other than a recent raid at that gym) The complaint is that people haven’t gotten one yet. Well whoopdee freaking do. I haven’t either. Am I complaining and crying about it? No. Because I know I’m going to get one eventually. Like I said, patience is a virtue. People need to use it more often.

        • GonzoI

          No, you’re not complaining and crying about the raid passes, you’re complaining and crying about posts other people are making.

        • Daniel Doiron

          You trash talk anyone with a opinion on EVERYTHING or anything , so whats the point with you anyway ?

  • Michele Hinkle

    This isn’t fair to the people like me who spend $100.00s buying raid passes they need to just release more not punish those of us that do 100’s of raids a month

  • AegonTheFirst

    I got a EX raid pass for 11th. There are two waves of EX raids happening on 11th in my City, I got for the first and I did the raid at the second gym too but others who did not get pass in the first wave got for the second.
    I am so happy to see finally Niantic is giving chance to everyone.

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    Ok. I shouldn’t have a say in this because I was invited to one of the first raids in Hawaii that day but I’ve read a few comments and this is sad! Please don’t be insulted but it’s random luck. They are ATTEMPTING to give it to people who don’t have a pass. But nothing is perfect. There are still many more passes to come. Heck! It’s still testing time! So please be patient and calm because I’m sure if you raid enough and don’t quit, your bound to get a pass!

  • News for games

    When will I get ex raid pass I been waiting

  • Joachim Körber

    I am level 39 and I am very disappointed about pogo. With the raids the players effort has no meaning anymore. Every beginner can catch all the pokemons other’s had to collect for months. I think the raid system is stupid and I already stopped playing pogo because all these raids are only about making money. F niantic

  • William Kelly

    I hit lv40 2 weeks ago been skipped from all 3 of our areas ex raids, btw I reported it an “herry “from Niantic claims yes raids have to do with the pass but in test phase ONLY certain accounts get to trial the ex raid. ( so me being level 40 an spent about 2grand over the year doesn’t count as a trial user but a lv26 who spent 15$ an half the time gets 2 of 3 trys) very broke system but at the same time Herry did make it clear it is for certain acc right now * lame *

  • Graham Barley

    we got ex raids and only 7 got them 40 one 32 and one31 rest under 26 impossable to do think they mess up big time here so not doing it

  • Christina Augustine

    All BS! some people I know that got a pass this time have gotten one EVERY single time! I’m sick of Niantic. If you are going to give passes they need to give EVERYONE a pass!

  • Dill

    I guess I’ll continue to wait for mine.

  • Miyuka Szczepanski

    My god people whine too much about RNG in a free to play game. EX raids will continue on and you’ll eventually get one. Nothing has to be immediate.

  • Chris Riddick

    You guys are getting dumber and dumber. Rhyme and Reason? Pffffft Total
    Garbage! I did a raid with a group of people, the only one any of us did
    at this location..some of us had a EX pass earlier in the summer and
    some didn’t. After the second round of passes..some of the people who
    got a EX pass in the summer got another one and some of us didn’t. And
    some of the people in the group who didn’t get one in the summer got one
    this time and still some of them didn’t! Niantic is a freakin joke, Too
    busy counting their money to give a crap about being fair to the people
    who have given them their millions. And they wonder why this game is
    dying and people are going to other games, games that are more fair to
    all. It’s almost like they are trying to get people to quit POGO. Start
    giving a crap, Niantic!

  • Dusty Moore

    Still didn’t get one

  • Matthew Fraser

    This coupled with the fact that I lost a perfect IV Suicune because I hit 8-10 excellant, curve, golden razz throws (when the glitch existed) is why I have promised myself never to give a dime to this company again. I have over around 500 raids to my name and absolutely nothing to show for it in Mewtwo invites. The extra money spent didn’t seem to increase my chance so I won’t bother spending anymore period.

  • Daniel Doiron

    I do 10 + raids every week end , and there was 4 ex invites for 11th, didn’t get one…

    I know a family of 5 players all did the raid at same location/time, only 1 got the invite, it’s still a trash system.

    I also have a few friends who’s done 300 to 600 raids TOTAL, and i didn’t get a invite to date lol…..

  • Jeroen Dekker

    Funny thing found today, a village (population circe 7500 people with 40 active pogo players) near my city (80.000 people and about 300 active players) had 3 EX raids in their small village (5 gyms) today while my city had non (123 gyms) .
    Just amazing how Niantic can screw up this EX system.

  • Technogal

    Really? New people getting invites? In my community it is only repeats. Some going on their 5th or 6th Mewtwo raid! BTW, it has been 88 days since the Mewtwo at the Japanese event. Field testing is a hoax. NEXT THOUGHT, if they are trying to “target players without Mewtwo” they could limit how many opportunities we get for a Mewtwo raid and that would SUCK! Once you get 1 Mewtwo, who is going to be happy with a less than excellent IV Mewtwo?

  • Peter de Graaf

    I did an EX raid today, there were only 7 people there, we all caught it on the first ball. I was surprised that there weren’t a lot more people as most reported raids have 30+ people.

  • Joe D

    EX raids are bullshit…

  • AegonTheFirst

    There were couple of raids in my Area

    In one of them, only 5 ppl got the pass. But still managed to beat it in their second try.
    These are the account levels to the best of our Knowledge.
    Level 40
    Level 39
    Level 32
    Level 30 -> Had no ttars.
    Level 24

    The level 40 player had about a Mil+ Stardust and 1K Gastly candy, had to use it to max out few Gengar for the second try. But it went down and all 5 of them caught it too.

    For the other raid there were 22 ppl, myself included.
    We split and did it as two groups, 21 ppl caught it.
    Interestingly the highest cp Mewtwo from these two raids was 2255 on a kid’s account.
    Majority of us got 80% or lower IV ones.

  • KillSpoofingRats

    Not just congratulations but jealousy and hate from those who raided but haven’t received an invite. It’s hard to believe that pogo is a nice community. No way. Pokemon go is managed to have no morality and this is affecting little playing children too. Cheating without punishment? Go! Random raid pass distribution? My raid had 6 players on the ground and 10 privileged spoofers. Well done Niantic. Just continue to fill up your pockets with this filthy game.

  • Daniel Paul

    It is a game. A welcome diversion from the hectic pace of everyday life. When the game itself becomes hectic or bothersome to you, perhaps it is time to find another diversion elsewhere. They are everywhere to be found. Usually I just take a nap. 🙂

  • Pat Guillory

    you are hurting the players that raid all the time – we are the ones that spend money and keep this going = at least let us ex raid twice some players have had mutli invite on 6 different accounts

  • Dan

    New round of raid passes out today for 10/26 at 6 PM local time. I did a raid at a gym with a group of 12 people. All of the other people got an EX Raid Pass. I’m the only one who didn’t. I don’t know they’re logic with this.