17 minutes ago, we were woken up by this wonderful and surprising Pokémon GO app’s tweet, showing that the global catch counter has reached 2,006,581,156 catches:

Trainers worldwide have reached the 2B catches mark, making the Global Catch Challenge a bit more feasible and possible! This is a major cornerstone for the overall competition and an important reminder to keep on farming. There is still 1B catches that need to be made in order to complete the global challenge!

Tottori Sand Dunes Safari Zone starts!

The  latest Safari Zone event has started, taking place at the Tottori Sand Dunes in Japan, from November 24th to 26th. The event features increased spawn of several GROUND and WATER species and the appearance of Mr.Mime and Unown.

The Unown letter combination for this event has been shared: S A K Y U. All of these letters were already previously released on various Pokémon GO events. Check our Unown: letters released on Pokémon GO events so far guide for more details.

We are expecting something special to happen in Tottori on November 26th, as the Global Catch Challenge ends with a special celebration here. The following image was shared by Pokémon GO JP:

In addition, our friends at GameWith, a japanese mobile gaming website, have assembled a short list of Pokémon with increased spawns during this event:

  • Greg

    Nothing to be really excited about. No mewtwo invites yet as we have been promised. True, there was no time schedule for that. I more than fulfilled all the requirements on the list more than two months ago. OK, more of neverending waiting..Double XP – for us, high level players – no use, we don’t need it, double stardust, OK, will add it to my million+ and save it for GEN3. At least they are talking. That’s a progress I guess.

    • Mr Martinez

      With high level players, do you mean level 40 players? Because for me as L39 it is essential. But i guess i am not a high level player 😁

      • Greg

        LOL, sorry mate, was thinking of highest level players :). You will join the club in a day or two :)) For me, I took advantage of early summer double xp event and made an extra 2.3 mln in a week. Been using lucky eggs all of the time, catching and evolving pidgeys, weedles etc immediately. Since then it’s kinda boring.

    • Lorddacc

      They didn’t say when they would send EX invites… so nothing promised here. By your logic, everyone would have an invite due to “having fulfilled all the requirements”. High level players aren’t limited to level 40s, 35-40 also count as high level. Double XP has a use for anyone else who’s not lvl 40, so stop just looking in the mirror. Dust is super valuable to every player, level 40 or not, yet you act like they it’s nothing. Why so self-centered? You might not care about an event like this, but some others do. It’s not supposed to be an huge event either, it’s just so people can fill their dex before gen 3.

      • Greg

        “Niantic has finally clarified the requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to receive an EX Raid Invite. Unlike the randomly distributed test invites, the new requirements set is clear and simple.”… I’d call it a promise?!

        Been waiting for it since September. It especially annoying when you do raids every day accompanied by one or two mewtwos…They are not so rare obviously.
        Selfish or not – sure I am, after spending several hours a day for 16 months, playing the game, organizing social groups in our town, fighting cheaters and wrestling with an ignorant and greedy company.

        About high level – I’ve already apologized and clarified it an hour ago, see below. Sorry again.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Imagine this worldwide! Image what could be!

  • Tor-Iver Sørensen

    Does The Tottori sand event feature free Wi-Fi, or does one have to have a Japanese phone?

    • MarxBrothers88

      Not free Wi-Fi there, because of the dune .

  • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

    Hopefully all the players in Japan help us get to 3B by Saturday as early as possible so they can catch Sunday as early as possible.

    • MarxBrothers88

      Yeah, We Japanese trainers Do it exactly. And my group of 15 members have taken part in Tottori event from Kyoto.

  • Matthijs Roskam

    Would like to see more Dratini all over the world. I have a real hard time catching them to make a Dragonite. (yeah, still missing it)

    • Felix Gelpke

      Yes, some more dratinis would be nice. I have senn 5 in thw wild, catch 3 of them and got 2 through eggs. 4km and I will get the last candy to do an evolution.

      • Michal Husak

        Harvest stardust. I have tons of dratiny candy but not enough stardust to power up my hi IV dragonitest …

  • John Jorgensen

    Has anyone else noticed any gyms randomly disappearing or randomly appearing? I had two gyms disappear overnight with another one being added to our downtown area….

  • …and Cyndaquil.

  • Melodie Ferrille

    Just caught my first Farfetch’d.