News roundup is a collection of things that were interesting but did not get a dedicated post on the Hub. Enjoy!

Niantic fixed Halloween event spawns in water biome

For those unaware of the issue, Water biome spawns were not spawning Halloween ghost Pokémon. According to a reddit thread posted recently, the water biome now correctly spawns event Ghosts.

Curiously, several users reported that the Water biome was also problematic in the past, refusing to spawn grass Pokémon during the Worldwide bloom Grass Event.

Shiny Sableye can be hatched from 10 km eggs

It’s confirmed: Sableye and it’s shiny form can be hatched from 10 km eggs. Credits for the hatch go to /u/garyfack who posted two screenshots confirming the hatch:

New EX Raids on October 27th

A new wave of EX Raid invites has gone live a few days ago, inviting players to participate in an EX Raid on October 27th. Our Indian readers tipped us of about this EX Raid and it seems that only sponsored gyms are eligible as raid venues.

India EX Raid, October 27

GO Hub database updated

The GO Hub database has been updated, bringing new functionality and info to our readers. Changelog:

  • Leo Luo

    It’s “from” not form. Under the shiny Sableye can be hatched from 10k eggs. My bad, guys, my bad. I didn’t read it carefully, and @victor lai lol

    • asd

      It’s confirmed: Sableye and it’s shiny form can be hatched from 10 km eggs.
      Both words are used, and both words are used correctly:)

    • Victor Lai

      Keyboard warrior strikes and missed!

  • Josh Hack

    Seriously Niantic, where are the EX raids? It cannot take 2 Months to test them (coming up on 3). Even if you’re waiting for the rest of Gen3 at least tell us about it!

    • Chris Denton

      I’m just unsure why ex raids are even needed. We already have tier 5 raids that are used for legendaries.

      Where the flip are the birds? I still don’t have any of them.

      • Edwin Fung

        Yeah EX raid test is garbage. Unlimited duration of ‘test’ lol.

        • Chris Denton

          I understand it’s a test and only some people will get an invite. But overall ex raids are not even needed.

          I have 2 mewtwo 😎

      • DishTR

        The birds have already came and went. As for Ex “testing” everyone already knows the systems works so there isn’t a need for further “testing.”

        • Chris Denton

          Lol gone forever?

          • Dan

            Maybe. Right now, there aren’t any known plans to bring them back.

          • Chris Denton

            That would be a huge mistake and I don’t believe they are gone forever. Maybe until these beasts are gone, which can’t be soon enough.

        • Dan

          Not true. The reason they went on rest was to fix an issue (the gyms that disappeared after an EX raid pass went out). They needed to test that their new coding didn’t break the EX raid system, which is why we got 2 more rounds. If they find any other issues, they’ll pause it, fix it, and send out more tests. If not, then they’ll roll it out.

          • DishTR

            Oh, I was unaware of this issue. Clearly I’m just impatient to get an invite 😛

    • Leo Luo

      I did one yesterday at Sprint I don’t feel like I will receive one.

  • Heydavid17

    Gutted about the fact, that I raided at a sponsered gyms, hours before more EX passes were given away, and still nothing… joke system

    • Dan

      It’s a random system based on which group you were in for a raid at that gym (not all raids at a gym that provides an EX Raid pass will get one).

      • scelestion

        It’s not even that. There are people that always do raids together where only one of them got an EX Raid pass, so it’s even more random.

      • Heydavid17

        The system just pretty much suck!

        I’m tired of trying my luck and not getting what I feel I deserve. While other lower levels (many of my friends) have gotten a pass, despite they raid less.

        There are just so many flaws with this system, that it should just be scrapped.

        • Chris Denton

          I haven’t experienced any flaws in the 2 tests I have been invited to.

          If you are raiding only for an invite you should stop doing that. Raids are for xp and good iv Pokémon, not a possible invite to a test. I just raid at every gym whenever I can, usually solo and it has worked for me. Doesn’t mean it will work for you, but spending tons on raid passes isn’t working for you either.

  • Chris Denton

    I will be pissed if the 10ks I picked up today hatch sableye. That Pokémon sucks for everything.

    • Heikki Mustonen

      Trust me. I was very pissed that I wasted a special incubator and got a sableye today from 10k

      • Higher_Ground

        I guess just be glad you guys get 10k eggs. I haven’t gotten any since the equinox event (where I got 5…) I was hoping to cash in on the double candy!

        • Chris Denton

          All of mine have been from gyms. I can’t swear by it but I believe there is a correlation between gyms and 10kms.

          I’m not complaining, I’ve got 40+ chancey candy and 90+ dratini candy from 3 eggs this event. Other than that this event blows.

    • Finn Brown

      my 10 ks have hatched 2 porygons and 3 soudowoudos

      • Chris Denton

        Lol that sucks. Better than gligar. I have over 300 sudo candy lol caught 2 wild

  • Pedro Brito

    The screenshots of Shiny Sableye say it was from a 2km egg. The info below it confirms it, no?

    • Erin

      All egg hatches show a 2 k egg

      • Pedro Brito

        Yes you’re right. That’s stupid though. If they show us what kind of ball we used to catch them why not the eggs? So it only will hatch from 10km eggs received after Halloween event start or they can hatch from old 10k eggs?

        • Dan

          Only eggs that you’ve gotten since 12 PDT on 10/23. Any egg prior is going to be in the old rotation.

          • Pedro Brito

            Thank you

  • Daveish

    quite interesting to see its another Friday lunch time and 45 minutes, they clearly felt that idea is working.

  • Nebojša Simić

    what is with a bug that pokestops give only 2 items?

    • Vlada Stevanovic

      Treba ih j…ti za to

    • Zarach BalTajh

      I receive onnly 2 objets from the fist day that current api was forced

  • William Kelly

    Niantic, just admit you do not know how to time an work ex raids with the player bases schedules. Just do them once a week, give everyone their pass an we can move onto gen3 or whatever surprises you got in store. #freetheexpass

  • Theodore Galanis

    I caught one a few days ago.

  • Reagan Choi

    In your database, Victini should be at the beginning at the Gen 5 list, before Snivy (surprisingly).

  • CyberBishop1

    Did the mewtwo raid today and caught him, this afternoon everyone that participated today got another ex invite from the same sprint store for next week 11/3.