it’s now official, after months of rumors and hints – Niantic is making a new AR game, set in the Harry Potter world and titled Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. A Techcrunch article states the following:

The app is now official, but the details are still scarce, with the launch timeframe of just sometime next year, but it sounds like there will be significant influence from the Niantic game Ingress, which allows players to roam the real world collecting power-ups, defending locations and exploring their environment.

An official Niantic statement is yet to be made, but we’re already working hard on figuring out when and where this game is coming out. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you are probably as excited to read this as we are.

If Ingress is to be translated into “Harry Potter GO”, it’s almost a perfect match, with Ingress glyphs becoming spells, links and portals becoming Vanishing Cabinets and Portkeys, etc..

There are very little details about this game, but we’re looking forward to data mining the hell out of it. If anything, we expect this game to be at least as big as Pokémon GO was. We’ll update you on our future Wizards United coverage, most likely published on our sister site!

In all honesty, be sure to follow Critical on Twitter and to bookmark the website, we have some big plans with it in the months to come.

  • Gyo

    This is Harry Potter Hub? Blah blah blah im a hater

    Guys… stop comment this, right? hugs.

    • Patrick Terry Jr.

      why aren’t we allowed to comment?

      • Piotr Krzywicki

        Because extreme fanboys are expected to come and start shouting “Stop commenting it, it’s Pokemon GO HUB, not other game HUB, go to proper website for that game, we don’t want you here, we don’t care about it, go away!”, like they did under Draconius GO articles.

    • Spetsen

      Nobody commented that…

      • Gyo

        at pokemon usum and draconius did

        • peponzio

          After four and three dedicated articles for each respectively (and since the first as well).

          I mean both sides have a fair point. Frustration for lack of information then seeing about something that brings nothing to their interest. Of course Go Hub is not at fault for this as they only report validated information and dismiss baseless rumors which reduce info to less than 1.5 articles every 2 days.

          On the other hand, all of this is relevant information to Niantic’s future and eventually Pokemon Go. Though indirectly. Of course people not interested will expect more dedicated articles on topic with their interest, this is a Pokemon Go website after all.

          Everyone is simply having expectations that are not met. Go Hub wants info but Niantic is too slow. People want articles but info is low becuase Niantic is slow.

          Point being, we are at the mercy of Niantic’s communication behaviours.

    • Simone Amoruso

      Nobody said anything…

      • Gyo

        thanks god

    • Partysaurus Rex

      Don’t say something snarky and then say “hugs” if you’re gonna be a jerk… then own it. Personally I’d prefer we had neither. But unless you’re purposely being obtuse is pretty easy to see that another title by Niantic is far more relevant given their overlap with other titles, than a direct competitor is.

      • Gyo

        I’m not a big fan of Harry potter, but i accept things and Niantic’s releases, i really enjoy this “project”, but comment from who is a fanatic pokemon GO fan and doesn’t allow any other games at pokemon go hub really disturb me.
        sorry to bother you.

        • Partysaurus Rex

          It really has little or nothing to do with being a “Pokemon Fanatic” do you honestly think and feel that when you typed in pokemongohub[dot]net that it would be appropriate to have hearthstone, clash of clans, tinder, pof?

          Why would you expect anything other than Pokemon. Like I said if you’re being honest and reasonable… you wouldn’t.

          Let me put it to you another way… if you were using tinder, and were suddenly bombarded with “escort” ads every other swipe how long would you continue using Tinder? Probably not very long right. But why? I mean the end goal of matching with someone is to get laid. The escorts just get you there quicker.

          If pokemongohub[dot]net wants to branch off into reviewing other mobile games and reporting on them, good for them. I would appreciate it if they changed their name… and I personally may or may not continue to frequent said site. I’m actually not fond of how the HUB interprets data (particularly when it comes to numbers) they jump to conclusions and make assertions that aren’t actually there. For example yesterday they claimed that there was a “growth trend” for DracoGO off of TWO data points. 2 data points does not constitute a trend. Furthermore you would need a weekly update on that number (and not an aggregate) to actually accurately judge growth. So while I enjoy the structure and their ability to give relatively up to date news regarding the game… it isn’t perfect.

          We choose specific websites for different reasons. I don’t frequent this website for other games. I don’t care. It really doesn’t matter that its a recent/direct competitor. DracoGO’s relevance started and ended with the complaint by Niantic that Elyland had infringed upon their copyright. Further relevant new would/should only be updates or developments on that case. Or interactions between the 2 companies.

          • Piotr Krzywicki

            It’s a funtion of newsman, though, to share information that are, in his opinion, important for his audience, and also have to keep their attention. Since there isn’t enough news traffic for Pokemon GO alone (and that’s Niantic fault). Since noone can write articles about upcoming Pokemon or guides for eternity (because will run sooner or later from material for that), guy from this side need to use some fillers, since people expect news on daily basis (and will probably lost interest in site if there won’t be nothing new in few days), and because of that, he reaches for topics that may be interesting for his audience too – other Pokemon franchise elements and other AR games. Basically, he does good in his newsman job – doesn’t limit people to just one thing, but gives them informations, that may/may not interest them, but are tied somehow. You are not forced to read non-PoGo articles, but people who want more information about Pokemon franchise or other AR games will appreciate them.

            As for data – 2 sets aren’t enough for determine trend properly, but show that DraGO is doing fine at the moment and grows, which is important news for those hoping that Niantic will wake up, facing competition from other company, and will start working more activly on game. Article about “HP GO” at least partially explains, why Niantic was so lazy in last few months (despite Wizards Unite have their own team, I bet at least some people from Ingress and PoGO crews were delegated to them because of their experience + new game have priority in taking new, cool ideas). USUM info is important for PoGo in longer perspective, as it spoils us what to expect in Generation 8 when (if) it arrive in PoGO.

          • Partysaurus Rex

            You guys keep saying that this is going to “force” Niantic to improve their game. That’s an incredibly optimistic and a little misguided if you ask me. The current downloads for the Draco are just shy of 500k. To put that in perspective PoGo had 900,000 downloads on DAY 1. As of June PoGo was at just over 750 MILLION downloads. To add further perspective Draco will need to grow 15x larger than it currently is, to even be at 1% the downloads PoGo has/had.

            The few anecdotal tales we hear here, suggest that many of those players were either already done with PoGo, or just looking for an excuse not to play anymore. When gen 3 finally hits, most people will be back and Dracos “growth” will plateau.

            The hub has done a good job of stirring this up and making it out to be a far more exciting feud than it actually is.

            Bottom line Draconius GO isn’t the the threat you guys seem to think it is.

  • Spetsen

    I’m very much not interested in this game and I really hope it doesn’t get as big as Pokémon Go. I mean, they can barely handle one game of that size, how are they supposed to handle two? While I don’t really like wishing another game fails I believe if this game will be successful it will hurt the game I’m playing (I.e. Pokémon Go).

    • amen

    • Patrick Terry Jr.

      I think this game is a great idea and I disagree with you, you never thought Niantic would just make Pokemon Go and be done making games, did you? Or did you also think that Pokemon Go would be the one game they focus on?

      • Christian Johnsen

        The thing is Pogo still feels like an unfinished game.

        • Chris Denton

          It is an unfinished game. I do flooring, I wonder how people would react to me doing half their floor and then I go on to another job.

          • Aryx

            So true. So true.

          • peponzio

            If they are paying you a lot, can’t you hire more people and do both floorings at the same time?

            Not that Niantic has proven succesful with that approach but it should be possible, I hope.

          • Chris Denton

            I can’t, but there are other crews we have. And that’s not really how it works. There is a schedule and we don’t dictate the schedule by who pays the most.

            Just seems ridiculous to me that just weeks ago they were stretched thin on resources and now they are starting another game. And nothing has been said or done with pogo.

          • peponzio

            Oh, I meant that if they are paying you a lot as in total, as in you get enough money through that business (regardless of individual customers) and have enough to hire others. I’m glad when businesses remain professional and not prioritize money clients.

            Niantic did announce on interviews a few months back they were working on a third game. This isn’t new, it’s more like a followup. Probably they stretched their resources because of this instead of the other way around.

            Anyways, we do miss some actual news from Niantic themselves about Pokemon Go.

          • Chris Denton

            Yes, in theory that could be done but that would lead to a layoff when the big job got completed. Not many people around here are certified so I would have to poach from another company which I won’t do because I know all the other flooring companies owners.

            All they said was their next title would use audio ques to navigate the real world. Not that they are actively developing another title to be released next year, instead of finishing the current game. But you may be right, they couldn’t fix pogo months ago because they were developing yet another ingress reskin.

          • peponzio

            You sir, tip of the hat to you. Principles, ethics, honor.

          • Chris Denton

            Well thanks but I’m nothing special. Just another dude trying to catch Pokémon.

          • Ethan Hatchard

            Pokemon go isn’t a service.

          • Chris Denton

            Ok, I’m not asking for a service. I’m asking for a game that is playable everywhere. It was just an analogy. It was not 100% apples to apples but you should see the point.

    • Lars Van Zadelhoff

      I very much agree and share your thoughts on this one. I’m getting more and more done with this game seeing we get garbage for updates for months.

    • peponzio

      Well, Pokemon Go was built originally on Ingress “influence” and we all have quite our strong opinions on that approach. Maybe second time’s the charm? As long as they don’t ruin it and go: “Sword Art Online, well third time’s the charm” (or another title, whatever).

      I really like Harry Potter. I am excited about this news. I don’t want to get my hopes up and fall and crash.

      I want this to succeed.

      Then again, if I had to choose between an augmented reality with Pokemon and with Wizards. I’d go with Pokemon instantly no second thoughts. And that makes me sad. I like Harry Potter.

  • yuififf

    Another title that the Niantic will ruin

  • Chris Denton

    1000$ says it’s just another ingress reskin.

    Why would anyone want to play a game by niantic that isn’t Pokémon?

    • I restarted playing Ingress some weeks ago, because Pokémon GO became boring since the new gym system. 🙂

      • Chris Denton

        Cool! I’ve been playing Super Mario Odyssey(which is amazing).

        Ingress is unplayable outside of a city and I don’t live in a city.

        • Ingress is best if you travel a lot between cities and rural areas. These days i live outside a city (where you can make long links without being destroyed) but go to the city regularly with train and bus so i can collect high level items which i can use outside the city 🙂

          • Chris Denton

            Cool. That’s not really an option for me but that’s fine because I am not interested in ingress.

      • Partysaurus Rex

        Do you actually enjoy it? I downloaded it in the hopes of adding more portals, that would in turn translate to pokestops/gyms in PoGo. But I found out very quickly that to get to the level required to add portals… is very time consuming, and the game just isn’t that interesting or fun to warrant such an investment in time.

    • Partysaurus Rex

      I don’t think anyone would take that bet given that is exactly what the article says. It’s pretty clear now though what Niantic’s business model is going to be moving forward. Ingress by itself sucks and received barely 1% the total downloads that Pokemon GO had. Essentially though PoGO has the skeleton and inner workings of Ingress.

      This also explains why we’ve had so little movement on Pokemon GO… they’ve already switched gears to another niche market.

      The real problem is that their skeleton sucks. I imagine the license agreement for both Pokemon and Harry Potter are pretty costly… I wonder what their actual profits look like. I definitely feel more bamboozled today than I did yesterday.

  • Hank

    Why Niantic. Why. There’s so many other companies. Niantic destroys everything that’s already good.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    I hope this game is good on release 🙂
    My friend said, “we need another game like pokemon go, that gets people outside” so this is a step in the right direction

    • Robert Wolfe

      That’s why the Ukrainians made Draconian Go

      • peponzio

        I just love how so many get the name wrong or simply cannot agree to the same acronym. It’s like they barely even know what they are playing, it’s just to pretend there’s something better.

        *Please note I said many and not everyone. Also there are in fact people who consider it better and that’s fine too, but getting it wrong seems like it doesn’t really matter what it’s called, it’s just to do something meanwhile something else you actually want happens.

        • Robert Wolfe

          Draconius autocorrects to Draconian

          • Robert Wolfe

            It has some much needed features that PoGo is missing but definitely NOT a better game.

          • peponzio

            That would explaiin a lot indeed. Though I have seen other names around but that could be a language autocorrect variant.

  • Zachary Zvonek

    Harry Potter was/is dope but it definitely doesn’t fill that nostalgic childhood feeling of seeing/catching Pokemon. I just hope Niantic can really fulfill PoGo to it’s fullest before potentially shifting it’s focus elsewhere. Time.Will.Tell.

  • Mutlu Gürsu

    niantic couldn’t the pokemon go still. I have not hope for harry potter

  • Gustavo Mota

    UUUURRHHH DUUUUUUURRRRHH Is this Pokemon GO HUB or Harry Potter HUB?

    • Pokemon Trainer N

      LOL, you said what we’re all thinking. This is the last time i’m ever visiting this site. First it was Draconius GO HUB, then it was Ultra Sun/Moon Hub, now this, and if you call them out on it, they’ll delete your comments(like they did to mine)…While I understand that there’s not too much happening in PO:GO at the moment, trying to keep readers coming to see your ads by doing these off-topic articles is not what we want. I’m switching to The Silph Road for my Pokémon GO news source now. At least they’re focused on what their purpose is over there.

      • Partysaurus Rex

        Gustavo WANTS to talk about other games though. He’s more or less making fun of those of us who don’t want to see other news outside the realm of Pokemon GO. He’s essentially a Draconius Drone.

      • peponzio

        Gustavo was actually mocking people that want Go Hub to stick to Pokemon Go articles.

        Quite often long comments and posts end up being flagged as spam, or “are awaiting moderation”. I can’t know if your comment was in fact deleted but maybe it was never posted because it looked like spam? Happens to me every now and then.

        The Silph Road is very slow on its news but is by far more focused than Go Hub. Also they don’t have rushed guides over there and their tools are quite straightforward and useful. I check out both sites every now and then.

  • Adam Kline

    When is the walking dead our world comeing out

  • Brad

    When are they going to fix PoGo?

  • Neopiru Games

    no place and no need for another Pokemon go reskin. No one will play it. PoGo already killed AR experience because there is nothing to do. How Harry GO should be different from PoGO ? oh I guess it could succeed but it only means the are abaddoning PoGO for good

  • Ramadhan Sahri F

    This is how niantic try to fighting with draconiusGo dev. So the harry potter will be coming.. hope inside that game had a really new experience using AR, maybe spell wand using hand move on AR camera, etc. We’ll never know, lets waiting..