the Taiwanese Google Play was updated their Pokémon GO app description and imagery to promote the upcoming holiday event. There is no date, but we expect the announcement this week.

This was reported by a reddit user called kk5566, who provided the translation and a screenshot of the store on Reddit.


Catch new sale and Pokemons!

Updated time : 12/14 2017

Pokemon GO provides best anniversary sale and event.  More details :

Why we love this :

  • Special sale boxes include incubator and new item “starpiece” .
  • Catch more than 10 kinds new Pokemons from Hoenn region.
  • Discover the present-delivering Pokemon Delibird and a special festival Pikachu.

Store screenshot:

The inclusion of Star Piece in this year’s Holiday sale would not be a surprise, as the item is fully implemented in the game and was already hinted on top of the Christmas tree featured in the Holiday loading screen.

Here’s a bit more details about the upcoming Stardust boosting item.

About Star Piece

Pokemon GO Star Piece is a special item added in patch 0.85.1 and discovered in the APK data mine done by GO Hub. Star Piece is a purchasable store item that boosts Stardust gain for a fixed duration of time. Star Piece increases Stardust gain by 50% for 30 minutes.

You can purchase Star Piece in following quantities: 1 piece, 8 pieces and 25 pieces.

Item Star Piece
Item Category Stardust boost
In-game description A small shard of a beautiful gem. Earns 50% more Stardust for 30 minutes.
Buff power 50% more Stardust
Buff duration 30 minutes
Description A new item that boosts Stardust gain. At this point we know it will be available as an in-game shop SKU and that it influences Stardust gain via a multiplier
Available from In-game shop
Quantities and prices 1x ?? Coins
8x ?? Coins
25x ?? Coins
  • Josh Hack

    Of course, the obligatory Pikachu with a hat. Wonderful!

    • Patrick Terry Jr.

      It is probably for the new players who, um maybe haven’t gotten one? Sorry new players being able to get something you already have is such a hardship

      • Higher_Ground

        you aren’t really sorry.

        Why bother even saying it?

        • Partysaurus Rex

          Sarcasm is lost on those who speak English as a second language… clearly.

        • Patrick Terry Jr.

          I was proving a point stupid

      • Josh Hack

        Well, it appears that Niantic care more about those new players/inactive players by enticing them with free lures and the Pikachu. Maybe they should give those of us who play every day something special?

        • William Kelly

          Not true havent touched the game in 3 months. Was my towns number 3 lv40 and top raider and cordinator and sense the fail of ex raids i stopped playing, asked niantic to remove to my acc so i can no longer play.. Sense i left i have saved about $100 cash. Alot less life stress and zero nonesense. I do check in to see whats new but till niantic magicaly drops a pass my way OR completly re vamps ( which wont happen in 2018 due to ingress 2.0 and harry potter) . so no they are not giving inactive players anything lol.

          • Robdebobrob

            How do you expect them to sent anything your way when you asked them to remove your account?

          • anne-susan


          • Maybe you are waiting for Niantic’s fairy godmother to drop by your room while you’re about to sleep and grant your wish.

          • Hickstylez

            They Niantic) sent emails out to people that haven’t played in awhile a promo code for 2 super incubators and a premium raid pass. So yes they are doing more for the inactive players than they are for the everyday players.

        • anne-susan

          playing since start and dont have santachu yet so im happy, and u have delibird for x-mas with it this year so dont complain that much (i also play for hours everyday)

          • Hickstylez

            Did you really just admit that you’ve played since the game started (for hours a day) and didn’t catch a santa pikachu? I think I deleted 50 of those. They were around more than pidgeys at the time. Better step up your game! J/K. I actually don’t mind that they bring things back as long as they keep adding new ones to go with it. 👍🏼

          • anne-susan

            lived in a small town back thn, closest stop was like 20minuts with car (didnt had car thn ) so had no pokeballs at the time, also there were like 3/4 santachu spawns there whole event in that town, now i live in a city so now its not a problem to catch some, as closest stop/gym is 10 min walking, really u had to delete 50? didnt u get bored catching them after like say 10?

          • Hickstylez

            Yeah, they were everywhere. Just like the Halloween Pikachus. I kept catching them to get a good IV but never got one over 89. good luck getting your 1st one. It should start in about 2 hours.

        • Partysaurus Rex

          One may begin to question… if the game provides little or no motivation for you to login, play, and participate, why do you?

      • I don’t recall Santa Pichu being available previously. So that is a new plus with the return of Santa hats.

        • joshlsmith

          Ah yes, the “plus” of locking an event exclusive behind eggs with the intent of steering people toward buying incubators.

        • Bryan Page

          Yep was available last year around this time

  • Kyle Gribelli

    I would imagine the prices for the star piece would be equal to that of the lucky egg

  • Matija Radeljak

    How do you expect 50% be calculated on amounts ending in 5? Star piece will give you double dust..

    • asdf

      I’d love them to give us twice the dust. But it seems a lot, and, if I’m not mistaken, the data miners already found it is going to be 1.5x 🙁
      As for how they are going to manage the dust ending on 5… well… last event had everything 2X and the dust got by hatching was sometimes odd… which wouldn’t be possible from 2x, x being an integer.

      • Matija Radeljak

        So dust for a boosted catch will be 187.5 dust, rounded 187 or 188, 562.5 for second evolution.. I don’t see it, its not neat enough for such a commercial product
        I remember getting odd dust during double event, yes, but thats eggs. I think for such a specific paid boost itll have to be more clear. Plus it doesnt seam marketable to sell at same price as a lucky egg and not have it be double

        • Higher_Ground

          more likely the bonus won’t be affected, so you’ll get 1.5x dust + bonus afterwards.

          Or, it could round up. I’m hoping for the latter, but there’s a way around having to deal with it.

          Odd amounts from eggs already throw off any OCD dust hoarders 🙂

          • Matija Radeljak

            Hahhaha, so you understand my problem with this prediction 😂

        • Robdebobrob

          So what do you want. Stardus after the decimal? That will be a mess. Stardust isnt a set number that ends with 5 or 10 already so it really doesnt matter if you get 187 for a boosted spawn, or any other odd number.
          In the gym system, the prestige you get is also rounded down. It will be the same with stardust, and thats really not that big of an issue.

      • peponzio

        There was a problem with the stardust calculation on some activities so not all stardust gained was doubled on that event. That was fixed so the bonus was for any stardust gain.

    • Dan

      I would think that they would round up.

    • Grimmiii 25

      They even managed to give us uneven numbers of Stardust with the double Stardust boost during Catch Event…

    • Piotr Krzywicki

      Integer type number operations in all programming languages always give you full number, rounded down in dividing. All they need here is addional variable to keep offset (which is modulo dividing of base number by 2) and add it to every other result.

      • Matija Radeljak

        Discovering sliced bread there, nice.
        Point was it is inconsistent and inprecise in presentation for the 99% of paying users who will need a clear output of what they purchased

        • Piotr Krzywicki

          It’s realy simple, basic math and basics of IT, nothing about being inconsistent and inprecise. Computer cannot keep “half” of integer number by it’s own, because methods of interpretating integer and real numbers from memory are completly different (you can check ISO standards for that, if you are not affraid of technical jargon), and because of that type of number stored in variable must be always predefined. In computer integer numbers dividing (or multiplicating in such manner that there will be fractional part), fractional part is ignored as obsolvent, like in normal integer operations, but because computer can’t round up/down “in memory” by itself, like humans do, the integer part is always used to determine output, and because of that, it will be always rounded down, even if you expect that it should be rounded up. Here comes modulo dividing. It’s type of operation, which gives rest of dividing by number as output (for example, if you do 25%7, you will get 4, because 25/7 is integer 3 and fraction 4/7, that don’t fit into integer). It looks weird at first, but is very useful when it comes to repetable operations on integers, such us giving game player some kind of currency with non-integer (real number, with fraction) bonus modifier. All you need is to set up addional variable to keep offset, which is result of modulo dividing, and add 1 to actual multiplied bonus result each time offset reaches value of modulo divider, at which point you reset it back to 0 (simpliest case is 1,5x modifier, in which you do %2, because the only fraction you can get is 1/2 – in general, base of modulo division is base of lowest fraction possible). For user it means that he will always get expected (numbers of currency-giving actions x amount of currency gained per action x multiplier) number of currency, with precision to 1 (if user won’t do enough actions to bring offset back to 0 with last one, in case with 2 – uneven number), which will be given in-game in turns: rounded up, rounded down, rounded up, rounded down, etc..

          • Matija Radeljak

            Lol man, you dont need to explain this to me, what you obviously cant understand is that my point was that all that cant be explained to every player, therefor the presentation will be inconsistent and/or inprecise. Read what you are replying to cause its tiresome to get notifications for pointless messages

          • Mr Martinez

            Omg 😂

    • peponzio

      Well, to be honest there is not much point in keeping such tight grip on such small numbers. Probably just rounding will suffice.

      And yes inconsistency is sort of messy (in a system where multiple of hundreds are consumed and multiples of 5 are given), but is it really that bad? Round up or down and then just keep it up on whole number additions and subtractions.

      So, been searching around. I couldn’t really find a solid and concrete list of activities that grant Stardust. The smallest I could find is berry feeding which gives 20 stardust, but I just can’t shake up I’m missing something that ends in 5 stardust. What was it?

      Edit: lol weather.

      • Matija Radeljak

        25% bonus on weather boosted mons.
        Just seams to messy as people will buy the item and will get something is not right. You just can’t allow such uncertainty in such a product, its unprofessional to say the least

        • peponzio

          Guess we’ll have to wait to see. And yeah I agree it is sort of messy but of little significance.

          So approximately 0.5 error per 187 stardust (considering that all other bonuses are additions of 20 or multiples of 100); or 0.5 stardust per catch. That is 20 less (or more if rounded up) stardust for every 40 pokemon caught, which is roughly what we get from feeding one berry.

          That is 400 pokemon caught to get the lowest expendable 200 stardust power up. And considering that 400 pokemon caught is 75,200 stardust (considering 188 stardust each in good weather and with starpiece which is the only way to get this error) that measly 200 is practically nothing.

          This is a 0.26% margin error.

          Now the thing with the weather is that I’m not sure if it is a fixed bonus (+25) or a percentage bonus (+25%). Everyone states it is percentage which means it was probably data mined. But Niantic (as usual) is ambiguous about it and mentions no percentages. If percentage is the case then it is not really the starpiece’s problem but the weather.

          100 x 1.5 x 1.25 = 100 x 1.25 x 1.5 = 187.5

          If we do 100 times starpiece bonus we get 150 and in good weather that is 187.5. The problem is the weather. There is no stardust gain combination that with a 50% increase yields a fraction, except on weather but that can be said is the weather bonus falling in that condition.

          But not really. Starpiece bonus has the potential to get this sort of error if faced with any odd number, if any time possible (I mean my starpiece amount ends in 6, thanks to weird event bonuses).

          So once again this has to be resolved with rounding. And in the end the error margin is practically one fourth of 1% (or 0.2667%).

    • 50% is what the items description says, not our guess.

  • Nehemiah Sorokopud

    It would’ve been more great if the pikachu had an elf hat.
    I used to brag to my friends about my santa pikachu, looks like bragging season is over.

    • Higher_Ground

      yeah, it’s nice to give others another chance to catch one, but it’d also be nice if it was a little different from the first so we’d have a little more variety.

    • Joel Jensen

      or reindeer antlers

  • Chris Denton

    Was excited for star piece but if it’s just a 50% increase it’s not worth the price of a lucky egg and I don’t see myself buying them.

  • Nebojša Simić

    when this event starts?

  • Tim

    Have you anybody ex raid pass from 23-25 December for January ?