just a short (and sweet) report: the 2 item drop has been fixed, PokeStops are now giving 3 items again! It seems that someone at the Niantic office has heard our cries and reinstated the season of plentiful drops. May the Gods of RNG be merciful on your drops. Spin away.

P.S. This must be the shortest post ever published on the Hub.

  • P-necio

    In old times (2016) a single Pokestop drops 1 to 6 items 🙁

    • Leo Luo


    • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

      Omg! I remember that!

    • Patrick Terry Jr.

      well this is 2017 bud! xD

      • P-necio

        Never Forgetti!

  • Hank

    I have played Pokemon GO since day one. The first year of playing the game was a wonderful experience and i did not complain about anything (even tho the game had serous problems with buggs). I did not care about the bugs at that time, i thought that “it was a new game, they was not prepared for this amount of players”.
    Time went on and buggs kept coming, more and more.
    Update after update, still no fix.

    The time went on and when summer came and they did their Pokemon GO fest and global event. When people had traveled across the world for this event, just to be a part of it. And nothing works, no one could play, their servers did not work, everything was a disaster. And how they were going to repay the players with pokekoins.
    That’s when i realized what a total horrible company Niantic was.

    Niantic panics and lets all of us have gold badge on the global event, even to nothing worked for them. And the statistics was just a big fat lie.
    They paniked and released legendaries for everyone, 100% capture rate for the people who went to the go fest.

    From this point on everything Niantic did, just destroyed the game. Legendarys everywhere, raids everywhere, nothing hard, nothing fun anymore.
    And the way they took care of os hard core Pokemon GO fans was a DISASTER. It’s like they were spitting in our faces.

    Legendary pokemons who is worthless to use, not beeing able to put them in gyms, and worse then many other common pokemons to battle with.
    Invites to raids, i wont even comment this one.
    And the bugs, buggs after buggs, adding upp. still no solve for the potion bugg. buggs buggs buggs.
    For me, this is where i uninstall Pokemon GO.
    An i see a lot, a lot of other hardcore Pokemon GO players do the same.

    • Miyuka Szczepanski

      Honestly I think they went above and beyond for the unfortunate people at the GO Fest, myself being one of them.

    • Dan

      Go Fest issues were not just Niantic’s fault. Phone companies didn’t boost their network load, except for Sprint. They not only had the 100% capture rate (the Legendaries were coming to everyone anyway), but they were also given a Lugia, $100 worth of Pokecoin, and a refund on the entry fee to Go Fest (they didn’t have to do any of that).

      Legendaries shouldn’t be available for gyms. And you clearly don’t know how to use them if you think they are useless. Sure, Suicune is terrible, but Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Lugia, Entei, and Raikou are all top 2 attackers for their typing and movesets. So you saying that they are useless shows that you don’t know how to play the game.

      What potion bug are you talking about? This is the first I’m hearing about it. Unless you’re referring to the app crashing when you give a potion to a Pokemon, but that was fixed weeks ago.

      They are fixing a bunch of the bugs as we go. They’ve fixed the curveball bug. They’ve fixed several of the error bugs. They are working on it.

      • Mika Laurens

        potion bug still not fixed. when give potion too much, still freeze on ios.

        • Neopiru Games

          it’s the same on android … whatever they do it’s still happening -_-

        • Dan

          I have an iPhone, and don’t have a problem with this? If you still are, use one potion and wait. I’ve never had a problem with it freezing the app and making it crash.

      • Michal Hušák

        Zapdos is perfect for solo fighting vaporeon r3 boss. Mewtwo is perfect for solo fight r3 alakazan boss. Lugia -> machamp. I use them daily …

      • Hank

        Dont know why my Pokemon Go hub deletes my comments. Really fun to have discussions with people with people.
        Hub are you some kind of collaboration bullshit that with niantic trying to protect them?
        My last comment was nothing against the rules, just facts.

        But cool, now i know.

        • peponzio

          Don’t worry too much about it. The spam rules are not very clear and some comments end up awaiting moderation for no evident reason. Some are automatically flagged again who knows why and must await revision. And some are just too long and end up immediately as spam.

          Try to make your comments shorter and don’t use words that might be conflicting. Who knows what words though.

          I have some months-old camments still waiting moderation. It doesn’t seem to be a conspiracy, the comment section simply lack moderation and is automatically arbitrary.

        • Partysaurus Rex

          I’ve noticed if you cuss in any way… it usually gets deleted. So watch your GD mouth you filthy animal!

    • Simone Amoruso

      You do realize you’re just wining with nonsense about a smartphone game, right?

      • coopuser4life

        “Wining with nonsense” people paid actual money to participate in go fest and had to pay for travel and expenses…

        • Simone Amoruso

          Obviously you can’t read. Too bad.

          • coopuser4life

            I sure can and if I’m using something and spending money on it I expect it to work… that’s it!

        • Dan

          They reimbursed the cost of entry, gave a free Lugia, gave 100% catch rate, and gave $100 worth of coin. They’re not going to reimburse travel, because that also wouldn’t be fair (people were there that live in Chicago. How can you give over $1,000 to people who would travel from another location, but nothing to the residents of Chicago that also attended?).

          • coopuser4life

            Again I was replying to Simone statement saying people “wining with nonsense” the bottom line is if I put money towards something I expect it to work that is all….

      • Triton

        These things means different to each person.

        Some people play it all day and are opinionated, dont judge.

  • Piotr Krzywicki

    2 items bug fixed, but they still didnt give us back Pokestops taken when it occured for the first time…

  • Robdebobrob

    Sometimes short is better. (thats not what she said tough)

    • James Johnson

      that missed the mark

  • Greg

    Not implemented yet, I’ve just received 2 items.

  • Diskus1

    I still think they’re going to turn into gyms, or merge…