we have an interesting piece of news to report today. We have reasons to suspect this, as Niantic Support doesn’t have a tradition of leaking important info in e-mails, but still, it could be true.

Please, manage your hype responsibly, we’ve reached out to Niantic but haven’t received any confirmation yet. According to a reddit thread that’s gaining traction, the Japanese Pokemon GO Support officials have confirmed the following:

  • Mewtwo EX Raid tests are over in Japan
  • Ho-Oh will start appearing as an EX raid boss in December!

The reddit thread shows an e-mail sent out to a Japanese player, stating Ho-Oh will start appearing as soon as the Legendary Beasts finish rotation. The support officials recommended to enjoy the Halloween and Tottori (JP only, sand dune event) events in the meanwhile.

As stated before, we’ve reached out to Niantic for further confirmation and clarification.

Original e-mail text with translation


We received inquiries about EX raid. If you need additional information to investigate, we will contact you by email. Below is the answer. Field test in Japan of EX Raid is over. The field test runs around the world with 3 sacred animals Sukune Wait until the Hohou EX raid scheduled for official introduction in December. There are Tottori event in Japan and Halloween event in common world, so please enjoy it there. If PokemonGO can not play normally depending on the symptoms currently occurring, try reinstalling the application in the following procedure. In general, reinstalling an application may solve many problems.





The following image is a screenshot that should be a confirmation of the leak, but we’re still unable to confirm if it’s true or now:

  • 9to5Slavery

    wow…Let’s go St. Louis ! We need more mewtwos! Why not all Mewtwo Mew Ho Ohs! Go Instinct!

    • Joel Jensen

      Go Mystic!

      • 9to5Slavery


  • Julian

    So we have to wait for over a Year for mewtwo, then only a few people in the big cities get him and then he dissapears again. F*cking amazing idea Niantic!

    • Harsh Sharma

      Absolutely true. Because me too still didn’t get mewtwo or Ex raid pass

    • Jayden Plays Pokemon GO

      please note that these were only tests. So I’m thinking that maybe during the halloween event, the new pokemon are mewtwo for the people who dont have him and the final beast… along with hopefully lots of candy.

      • Vazio

        There are no “tests” with niantic, they say its in “beta” or in “test” phase, but they never end up changing anything and release it as it was from the beginning.

        • Libby Weston

          thats not true. They had the beta test for the pokemon at pokestops and now look at it! Same goes for raids!

    • Chanderule

      Nobody said Mewtwo doesnt appear anymore

  • Lee Chun Hae

    So easy to fake this!

    • Joel Jensen

      no not really, you cant make an email have the exact same name as one that is created already, and if he used a webpage editor, the email address for pokemon go would not be blue, and it would have a red squigly line under it.

      • Johan Ylinenjarvi

        It’s so easy fo fake I could do it in less than 10 minutes.

  • Do we Need in december to fight in sponsored gyms to get the pass for oh-ho like mewtwo?

    • Anthony Rosner

      I never raided in a sponsored gym. I got an ex pass for a non-sponsored gym where i had only previously battled once for a Machamp

  • Chris Denton

    I’m excited for Ho-oH but I’m not excited about the way they are carried out via ex raid.

    Why is there not a way to practice throws? Simple game mode that allows us to recatch Pokémon we already have and get practice for these high stake raid catches.

    • Charter

      Because it’s part of the game that it’s not super easy. Speaking of the beasts, throwing 100% excellent is actually super easy and I guess it will be similar with Mewtwo. If you do not hit at least 80% of all throws excellent on Entei, that’s your fault and not the fault of the game.

      • Chris Denton

        I haven’t had a problem getting excellents on entei, I just have only been able to catch him 1 time out of 9. I don’t have the ability to raid all day everyday and get practice that way.

        I caught mewtwo on my 3rd ball all excellent curved.

      • Joel Jensen

        dude i have caught like 3-4 out of the 10 entei i caught with pinap no excellent. you dont have to get an excellent. in my town barely anyone catches the legendaries with an excellent. they usually break out on excellent throws for most of us for some reason

    • Joel Jensen

      what im mad about is that they made ho-oh stronger than lugia. in the 3ds games, they are almost equally matched in stats and have around the same strength. Mewtwo is also stronger than lugia and ho-oh in the 3ds games as well.

  • Graham Barley


    • Dylan Dubar

      shut up

      • Bill

        You stuff. I would join a class action lawsuit against niantic if someone would start it.

        • Gryphon Strother

          Agreed! Where tf are our EX raid passes

          • Joel Jensen

            I hope you guys get one, I got one, and I live in a town with a population of over 40,000.

          • Joel Jensen

            And it wasn’t even at a sponsored gym. There were two that day, I only got invited to one of them, as so did everyone else who got an invite, and the second one wasn’t even at a sponsored gym either!

        • Commiesdontlikefacts

          Bill I will join that lawsuit gladly

        • Miyuka Szczepanski

          A lawsuit because you didn’t get picked for an RNG pass that’s in test phase? Seriously?

          • Graham Barley

            wat they have to test had gym raids for ages ,nothink much different in ex raids other then a invite and close gym down for raid ,my 6 year old could do that easy to me we got well mug off here seen lots leave game and see lots more going

          • Bill

            A lawsuit for false advertising.

            The advertising said, “you to will be able to battle mewtwo in the coming weeks”

            Weeks have turned to months. Months of spending rl money in exchange for things we don’t want.

          • Rick Lee

            No1 forced you to spend rl money in the game ever. There was also no indication ever given that you would need to spend rl money to obtain a mewtwo.

      • Commiesdontlikefacts

        Dylan please let us know how hankes deeee tastes like

      • Graham Barley

        shut you got one ,we should all have a chance to get one no one were i live got any passes they just took hour money

    • Joel Jensen

      bro we are getting gen 3 soon chill tf out

  • Daniel Doiron

    EX raids are pure bs, there was only one mewtwo in my town, which only 15 -20 people got the invite, i’ve done 150 + raids still nothing.

    It’s like niantic is saying ‘ oh keep doing 20-30 raids per week or more , you’ll maybe get one, spend more! ‘

    • Charter

      What’s so hard to understand about the fact they are testing the feature and it was not officially launched? Everybody here will get a chance to catch Mewtwo when Ex Raids are out. Makes no sense to cry online just because you were not invited to the tests like 99% of players including me…

      • Mike

        Because the way they are handling a beta is absurd. How is that hard to understand?

      • Joel Jensen

        what makes me mad is that little kids and low levels are getting pokemon like tyranitar and machamp so easy! they will never know the frickin struggle it took to get a machamp in the midwest! heck even the struggle it took to get the starter evolutions! im level 36, a little over 1/4 of the way to level 37, and tbh, i think that there should be a minimum level requirment for each tier of raids. for example, tier one: level 5. tier 2: level 10 for exeggutor, electabuzz, and magmar, and level 15 for weezing and muk. tier 3: level 20 for the eeveelutions, and level 25 for arcanine, alakazam, machamp, and gengar. tier 4: level 25 for venusaur, charizard, blastoise, and snorlax and level 30 for lapras and tyranitar. tier 5: 25 for articuno, moltres, zapdos, raikou, entei, and suicune. level 30 for lugia, ho-oh, mewtwo, mew, and celebi. We also need Unown as an EX Raid Boss!! Who else agrees??

      • Graham Barley

        they nothink to test nothhink different from normal raids other then a invite and close gym for time of raid my 6 year could do that it a lie no need for test just wan you to buy passes and get nothink open your eyes see for your self

      • Daniel Doiron

        when you waste 150$ in raid pass, and over 1000$ over this game, maybe you’ll understand.

        it’s a bs system to do raids everywhere for a % chance of a ex raid pass which most never get, and the fact i have to drive half hour to do lvl 4-5s

        you wanna waste 20$+ per week on passes for tiny % chance of a invite ? be my guess lol.

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Whats the point in getting legendaries if you cant use them as Gym Defernders!!

    • Joel Jensen


    • Nestae

      Gotta Catch Em All, Gotta Catch Em All!

  • Shuji Tsukada

    Did you research about email? Nobody trusts this mail in Japan.


    Can you make this for ordaniary people please and not for Japanese only everybody should be equal