UPDATE: PTC is back online. (12:16 UTC)

just a short update for everyone using the Pokémon Trainer Club to log in (PTC). PTC is down at the moment without any ETA. PTC outage has been happening quite often recently, without any explanation from Niantic and the Pokémon Company.

The outage map indicates that PTC is down worldwide, with reports coming in from Australia, Europe, Japan, etc…

We’ve received a number of reports and rumors about the outage. Our sources are heavily rumoring that this PTC outage is connected with new Niantic’s anti-tracking and anti-botting measures.

Apparently, PTC accounts are being updated with new flags that should help Niantic track bot accounts more easily. As bots and third party apps almost exclusively use PTC accounts, it’s possible that PTC outages are connected to a database clean-up or an incoming bot ban wave.

We’ll update this article when the issue gets resolved.

  • Roelf Brouwer

    Poketrack is also not so fast with login in…

    • Samano

      At first I taught j was banned .. but then I check the Pokemon site an my login still worked . Why aren’t Google login Down to

  • Samano

    So now I can’t collect my 10 gym coins .. thanks Niantic

    • Luke Davies

      That you spoofed to. What a shame.

      • Samano

        Using Nexus6p one the latest Android built I can’t spoof even if I wanted to

        • Sean Leckie

          Why not?

          • MLG

            maybe because his phone doesn’t support the trackers and trackers usually support a certain software update like marshmallow 6.0 blah blah blah

          • Samano

            The latest build of Android blocks all GPS spoofing

          • Λευτέρης Σκαρακης

            You can spoof there’s a catch you have to install the spoofing app in the system but only spoofing apps that have the option expert option. Installed in system and root. Search it. Also aluminum foil is the way to go to reduce jumbing. I don’t recomend it for gyms with all the fuss that has been made all i care is to “catch em all” i believe i don’t harm anyone by that and only that.

  • Aep

    PTC up again 🙂

    • Samano

      Thanks good to know

    • pimp2

      Just wanted to post something here cause Im still suprized GO Hub banned my account only because I wanted to help other people get proper DPS charts LOLOLOL.

      You can ban accounts but accounts can be created,

      • MLG

        inspirational, you’re like the next DJ khalid but you are actually pretty normal

    • Sarah Stotts Crawford

      Are you sure? Im trying to log my kid in now and its just spinning.

      • Aep

        Are u seriously replying to a post 1 month ago? -_-

  • Jon

    GoTracker seems to be back up guys

  • Josh Hack

    No Bots, No Trackers. Such a shame…

  • P-necio

    OMG I really hope this is this the end of spoofers.