we’ve just received word that a new Shiny Form has been released! Shiny Duskull is now appearing in the wild, side by side with the Shiny Sableye form released at the beginning of the Pokémon GO Halloween 2017 Event!

The following video, uploaded by Devreugkx offers video confirmation of the form:

And this is how a Shiny Sableye looks like in game, kudos to Darren and many others who sent their screenshots to us:

But that’s not all, as reports are coming in that new spawn points have been added, roughly at the same time as the Shiny Duskull went live. It’s not clear whether the number of actual spawn points/locations has been increased or the spawn algorithm has changed.

In any case, the amount of raw Pokemon that spawn has been increased substantially in affected areas. We’re not sure what biomes these areas cover.

What is the chance to get a Shiny Duskull?

Although data is still coming in, it seems that the chance to catch a Shiny Duskull is the same as the chance to catch a Shiny Sableye – 1 in 256 encounters. This is yet to be fully confirmed, but aggregated numbers of normal and Shiny Sableye occurrences were strongly indicative that the Shiny chance is in fact 1 in 256.

We’ve worked with a number of volunteers over the past 3 days of large, collecting a fairly large data set which was later on analysed and data mined.

In general, it should be fairly easy to get a Shiny Duskull, especially with the increased spawns and its common appearance during the Halloween event. In any case, make sure to catch one during the event (ends on November 1st), as their numbers will reduce afterwards.

  • Денис

    Please don’t switch to draconius go, take shiny duskull, but don’t switch (c) niantic

  • Heydavid17

    God damn it!
    They could’ve at least have released all of the new ones then, at the same time instead.

  • Chris Denton

    I do like the red duskull. It doesn’t make me want to drive 35 minutes and grind for hours and potentially multiple days but it looks cool.

  • TryDontDie

    “And this is how a Shiny Sableye looks like in game, kudos to Darren and many others who sent their screenshots to us:”
    Shiny sableye? not shiny duskull?

  • graham barley
    • Edwin Fung

      This is not a platform for you to show off yourself.

      • Heydavid17

        What? How is the guy showing off?
        He just shared a photo of his shiny, which is related to the point of this article.

        • Edwin Fung

          In some views you’re right, but he can post it on Twitter to let GO Hub knows about it just similar to what Darren Johnson (the guy who is mentioned on the article) has done. Obviously, Twitter is a better platform to post stuffs. It’s easy to mislead people by thinking of he is showing off himself.

          • Nick Wilson

            Your just mad cause your lazy butt don’t got one

          • Edwin Fung

            Mad? Lazy? You’re so funny hahaha😂😂😂If you think capturing shiny Pokemon is the reward of putting effort, you’re absolutely wrong. Luck is the main factor why people could get shiny Pokemon. Again, don’t speculate my situation before you’ve proved it. Did you get one? If not, eat your own words.

          • Nick Wilson

            Yes I have two of each…

      • Curtis Beales

        Don’t be nasty Edwin just because you haven’t got one!

        • Edwin Fung

          You have been stalking me for a while is that right? I’m not *NASTY*. I didn’t say I haven’t got one. Don’t speculate my situation before you’ve proved it. If you want to post your screenshot of shiny Pokemon, post it on Twitter.

          • Florian

            Edwin Fung – Or, you know, they could post it anywhere they want because you are not the boss of the internet, or POGO Hub….

  • peponzio
  • Ajberardi

    Maybe they added new spawn points because they’re scared of losing their player base to draconius go 😂😂

    • Darwin Long

      Then if they’re so scared of losing players, they should reinstate all the Pokestops they removed on October 11 from many rural areas, and resume synchronization with Ingress portal submissions again.

      • Siedemnasty

        No, Pokemon GO needs it’s own system for adding pokestops. The necessity to use Ingress to create a chance for the portal to become a pokestop is a sad, purest joke if it comes to rural areas and many countries.

    • Dan

      The people that I know that have started playing Draconius Go are doing it as “something to do”, but haven’t left PGo. With it being such an obvious ripoff of PGo, I don’t think it’ll stick around for too much longer.

      • I am confident that such a big company did their homework before ripping off PGO; what they’re doing is fair game and I think pgo needs to realize it isn’t an immutable presence. I love the game, but tying the ability to play — pokeballs, revives — to real-life monuments is not a long-term solution.

        Neither is treating your players like customers vs. players. Why did some people get 2-drop pokestops for a while? Why didn’t shiny duskull release with the rest of the event, why are we still fighting the same raid bosses we’ve had since launch? Why is this multi-million dollar game so buggy? Niantic was not born a game company and it’s clear where their heart lies: in tech, not little digital monsters.

        I’ll bet Draconius will put out “generations” of monsters faster than PGO ever could.

  • Pokeballdk Denmark
    • G-Walla


  • Suzanne Beekhuis

    I just caught the shiny duskull too!

  • Neopiru Games

    this is sad, Niantic is scared of Draco GO and all they can do is unlock one more 3d model in the game. They better come up with some serious gameplay changes before gen3 drops

    • Patrick Terry Jr.

      And if they don’t? You don’t call the shots bud, Niantic does. And plus Draconius Go looks so stupid, lol it looks like they just copied what Pogo has done, the name is similar, its an AR game, and it has CP in it too, oh and it also is about catching dragons

  • Felix Gelpke

    The trainee has finished a new texture! Where can I pay $ 10 for it and increase Niantics’ wealth? Niantic is the only company that earns millions and makes nothing with this money for its product.

  • Nova

    I’ve been trying to capture a perfect ghost type and hadn’t got one yet. I’ve even got like over 100 candy for most and I hadn’t seen a single shiny either.

    • Curtis Beales

      100 Candy means you’ve only caught 16 of each ghost. Considering it’s 1/256 chance you can’t complain you haven’t seen one yet.

  • Zappy-N

    i literally just got one.

  • Nick Wilson

    Ok got mine. Now where’s shinny shuppet supposedly it is in the games code…

  • Juan Martinez

    It can’t be 1 of every 256 cuz I have seen over 300 an caught almost 200 an haven’t got a shiny yet.

    • Curtis Beales

      That’s not how RNG works my friend. You won’t definitely get one within 256 encounters, it’s just a rough estimate. Many of those 325 you have seen were probably before the Shiny was released anyway.