the latest GAME_MASTER also contained the new Type Effectiveness values for type advantages and disadvantages, but also a new value for STAB! These changes are amazing additions to the game as they will shake up all of the currently available Tier Lists and ranking charts.

In short, this is what changed:

  • Super Effective increased from 1.25x to 1.4x
    • Double Super Effective moves now deal 1.96x more damage
  • Not Very Effective changed from .8x to .714x
    • Double Not Very Effective moves now deal only .51x damage
  • Other
    • STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) reduced from 1.25 to 1.2

So, what does this change?

Put simply, we’re about to enter a new era of Gym combat and Strategy. For example, Pokémon movesets are now the most important factor when building your team. You want good move type coverage in order to counter Defenders.

STAB is no longer that important, as it’s bonus was only reduced by .5x. Countering defenders’ type is now the king of every Gym strategy, similar to how it is in core Pokémon games.

Although SE and 2xSE moves are king, STAB has it’s place also now, like a cherry on top of a good moveset:

  • STAB + Super Effective: 1.68
  • Double Super Effective: 1.96
  • STAB + Double Super Effective: 2.352

Additionally, a number of high Tier Defenders such as Dragonite, Rhydon and Gyarados will drop a number of spots on ranking charts, due to their double weaknesses.

Pokémon with access to fighting moves now become primary TyranitarBlissey and Snorlax counters. Your Counter / Dynamic Punch Machamp will pick up his boxing belt once again, walking proudly into the arena.

And that’s just the beginning, as Niantic has brought the Pokémon GO meta one step closer to the core game series. Sure, the underlying tap-swipe-dodge mechanic is still the same as 12 months ago, however, the strategy has changed dramatically now.

  • Nightmare

    We only need abilities!!!

  • ダーク マウジー

    still nothing about no effect huh

    • Davide Tormene

      Come on.. it would make abilities and pokemons that potentially deals no effect (ghost->normal) unplayable.
      A gengar with the wrong moveset would die to a 10cp shacles/rattata

      • ダーク マウジー

        i know that niantic said that they wanna do something different from the original games, but that’s where the strategic fun points to it. what pokemon to put on a gym, what pokemon should we use to avoid no damage, which move sets they use and etc. we have been just click and go straight into the battle since it started, and that’s a good way for the players not only move their fingers, but also their brain.

    • I read somewhere that there’s a new tier that does half damage — I think ghost vs normal was cited as an example. Does anyone know if this is true, and which types are affected? I can’t seem to find details anywhere.

      • ダーク マウジー

        you can find them on normal pokemon battle wiki. the type advantage is same with the original game

  • ElectroBlade

    Excellent! This makes me even happier I finally managed to get Counter/D-Punch Machamp a few days ago. 🙂

  • Higher_Ground

    I have just enough candy to evolve a machop into machamp (~130) but I’m torn between a middling level with better stats or a higher level with average stats. Not having a lot of candy makes me want to just evolve the higher level one since I doubt I’ll have enough candy to catch the better stat machop up – unless there’s a fighting event in the future.

  • Mister A

    is dynamic punch better than close combat for machamp?

    • Sazzadul Haque

      ofcourse…bcoz dymanic punch has two charge bar of 90 a piece..whether cc has 100 a piece but 1 charge bar..a machamp with c/dp can easily take 2 tyranatars..

    • raichu DL

      90 * 1.2 (stab) = 108 * 2 bars = 216
      90 * 1.68 (stab+super effective) = 151.2 * 2 bars = 302.4
      90 * 2.352 (stab+W super effective) = 211.68 * 2 bars = 423.36

      100 * 1.2 (stab) = 120
      100 * 1.68 (stab+super effective) = 168
      100 * 2.352 (stab+W super effective) = 235.2

      it can be argued that clocom’s slightly shorter cooldown helps with dodge ease, but dynapunch has obvious leads over it damage-wise.
      thankfully TMs will be a thing. i’ll be able to go counter/dynapunch on one machamp, and kchop/dynapunch on one of my legacy champs.
      priorities first, though. to get outrage on my beloved 97.8% dbreath/dpulse dragonite…

  • DishTR

    “STAB is no longer that important, as it’s bonus was only reduced by .5x.”

    STAB was reduced from 1.25 down to 1.2, a .05 reduction not .5

  • Khentar

    STAB + Super Effective: 1.68
    Double Super Effective: 1.96
    STAB + Double Super Effective: 2.352

    And before? I know that i can do the maths, but would it be clear to see all in the same page 🙂

    Please, thanks! 😛