thanks to our reader LightningLemons, we’ve managed to obtain a copy of the 0.75.1 APK that is currently rolling out worldwide. Unfortunately, APK mining has revealed literally nothing — no significant changes in the code base have been detected.

Several static assets have been updated, mostly changes in resolution, and the entire diff can be observed on the following link: 0.75 to 0.75.1 asset diff. Although the diff states 162 changes, don’t go overboard with excitement – they are all resolution updates.

All in all, 0.75.1 seems to be a bug fixing update. We’ll assemble a list of fixed bugs later today and publish it on the Hub if it makes sense (presuming it’s not as short as the list of changes).

The APK will be later available on APK Mirror.

  • Mayson Ledur

    I miss minor text fixes. xD

    • KatyCro

      They only do minor text fixes when something huge is coming.

  • Leo Luo

    I hope that Gen 3 will come out this year, although at this point that idea seams unlikely.

    • Young Uzi Pump

      PTC hinted that it’s going to be released with the Halloween event.

      • James

        I disagree, what I believe they were hinting at is the legendary beast migration

        • William Kelly

          Explain ?

          • ikato kiyazaki

            The last beast migrates right around halloween time

    • Diskus1

      I think it will come out before Xmas. 😉

  • deemon

    Oh update? Did they at least give us minor text fixes this time? 🙂

  • knoxmickey1

    I don’t know why you’re so disappointed, The bugs need to be ironed out. This is potentially one of the best recent updates.

  • RudyGr

    Well, if they fix the Curve ball and iOS11 PoGo+ bugs, I would be ecstatic!

  • ikato kiyazaki

    Fix the curve ball and raid lobby glitch please

  • khazouss

    Still no Legendary medal thou !

  • asdf

    Does anyone else still have problems with PoGo+?? I hope they fix that soon 🙁

    • Tyrone Sangwall

      Yep, just as bad as it has always been 🙁

  • Chris Denton

    Well, I’m back to hatching junk for no reward. This game blows without good spawns/hatches and next to no stardust makes it impossible to even power 1 Pokémon.

    Double everything and do not ever take it away.

  • Dwight Betita Delleva

    I updated to v. 75.1 and i still get kicked out in gyms during raids and i don’t think bugs got fixed. You still get errors while battling gyms.

  • Timo van Vliet

    They don’t even know how to fix bugs.

  • Michael Lermer

    i think it will they are giving more 5 k eggs and im getting other pokemon out like stuff you would need to complete or it could be just me but i think they are trying to help you to finish