GO Hub’s data mine of 0.69.1 is complete! This version doesn’t contain a lot of news, as it’s a minor update, mainly consisting of bug fixes and preparation for the upcoming Yokohama Pokémon GO Stadium event.

Be aware that we’re still waiting for the network traffic analysis, which could show more. We’ll update you if there are any big news in that area.

As far as we can see, introduction of Raid Cache and the addition of the Yokohama Badge are the only code changes worth mentioning:


We believe that the Raid Pokémon Cache was added in order to improve Raid performance and stability. The impact is yet to be measured.

A few new image assets were added:

Yokohama Event Badge

Event PokéStop Decoration (changed from GO Fest decoration image)

Petal Cascade (far version, role unknown)

  • PaulKoci

    This Petal Cascade distant version will be probably used for pokéstops in a far distance, so your phone can render the map faster. As a result, the phone will be less overheating, consuming less power and the game should be more stable.

  • MitchO

    One of the things they did in Chicago to reduce game lag was remove the petals from lured stops within the 2 mile radius. There was no way to see that it was lured until you clicked on it and saw the name in the slot. This is probably to replace the usual petals for scenarios like that.

  • hilmanefef

    Will Hooh release world wide?

    • the2000guy

      Is not confirmed as of yet… But it makes sense all the speculation of that appearance of it in Japan first.