in a true believe it or not fashion, Niantic has managed to release the wrong Zapdos model!

If you take a look at any of the Zapdos caught in your Pokedex, or at your nearby Gym, you’ll see that the Zapdos model currently available in game is actually a shiny Zapdos model, not the regular one.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t imply shiny Zapdos is available. It seems to be a problem completely on their end, as the models are mistakenly swapped – the game is downloading the shiny, instead of the normal, variant.

Big props to The Silph Road subreddit for noticing this using our reference chart. Check out our reference table and the images below:

Normal and Shiny Zapdos differences
Normal Shiny
Leaked models of normal and shiny Legendary Pokemon
Leaked models of normal and shiny Legendary Pokemon

And here are the in-game screenshots submitted to us by worldwide Trainers, clearly showing different coloring of the beak and claws:

Zapdos taken down by three players

In a similar fashion to how Moltres was manhandled, three Japanese players managed to defeat Zapdos using nothing but Golems. All of the players were Level 40 with a wide assortment of Golems, using Blissey in their sixth sloth as a safety anchor.

As depicted in this video, Zapdos can be defeated with only three people, especially if your team consists of Golems with double rock moves. It’s fascinating just how well Golem performs!

For the rest of us, here’s a Zapdos Guide that works with more Trainers.

  • yujie23


  • Josh Hack

    Does this mean my Zapdos is shiny?

    • Zachary Zvonek

      Your Zapdos is fake, they’re taking it back

  • Damon Aplaca-Shorb

    that was a reg zap cause its beak is yellow when the head is down

  • driftw00d

    and I already collected about 1600 magikarp candies from February and still NO shiny magikarp…

    • kj

      I picked up my first through my pogo plus last week and didn’t realize it until I went back to clean inventory. Sadly, it’s extremely weak. 😔

      • jason Keefer

        Do it anyway.

    • Vincent Lim Kj

      Caught 2 so far in Singapore.

  • Wayne Eggert
    • Unforgiveness (Unforgiveness)

      Yeah same for me. These people have no idea what they are talking about half the time and just report FAKE news lol.

    • Dumdidumdum

      Maybe you should look up the gen 6 sprites before you spread false info yourself. PoGo takes their sprites from Gen 6, the one you are referring to is from Gen 4. If you don’t play other pokemon games then PoGo don’t assume you are right from one picture. The picture RIGHT UNDER the one you are using is a picture of the sprites IN THE CODE and the one at the bottom IS SHINY and that is the one we got.

  • Bartosz Ciechanowicz

    Theres a better one, you cannot change movesets using tms on triobirds, lugia is fine, dafuq

    • Higher_Ground

      yeah you can… it’s just that all three birds only learn one fast move so you can’t use a fast TM. You can still use the charge TM.

  • Drew Lakebrink

    So shiny or not? Going by the images in the article, it looks like a mix of the normal and shiny versions. The beak looks normal, but the legs look shiny.

  • JawnyStar

    It would be better if someone actually caught a shiny Zapados and showed it after the catch. The magikarp and gyrados have a sparkling ✨ animation when viewing them (in the menu where you can power them up or evolve) I asked myself why didn’t they post a pic of that instead a pic trying to capture it. But then I thought they probably didn’t catch it.

  • Joel Jensen

    omg i got 4 of em, i cant wait for trading!