the Legendary Pokémon Moltres is appearing in all timezones where Raids are live. Early reports are in: Moltres is a breeze to counter and was already killed by groups as small as 4 players (screenshot below)!

We’ve prepared two guides on how to counter Moltres:

As expected, Moltres is very easy to counter, as most players have access to decent Golems with double rock moves and Tyranitars with Stone Edge. Honestly, outside temperatures are the biggest problem in Moltres raids, as weather channels across the globe reported record high temperatures and humidity.

Moltres taken down by 4 people

As expected, Moltres is far easier to counter than Articuno due to its low Defense and double weaknesses. Lugia and Articuno were the worst matchups for most commonly available counters.

Check the table below:

Moltres vs Articuno and Lugia
Stat Moltres Lugia Articuno
ATK 251 193 192
DEF 184 323 249
Boss CP 41953 42753 37603
Boss HP 12500

For those curious, the official tweet went live roughly 10 hours before this post has been published, around 16:00 PDT (Niantic offices are in PDT time zone):

Raiders, good luck and stay safe!

  • Ray Pryimak

    Defense doesn’t matter much since legendaries won’t be able to put in gyms, still the best bird of the 3

    • PaulKoci

      It does matter, with lower DEF stat, you’ll defeat the raid boss faster.

    • Daniel Doiron

      no it’s the worse LOL, zapdos actually most usefull since there’s many water types in gyms and not many good electric (vaporeon tank), articuno also decent , perfect dragonite/dragon killer, and mos moltres well… nothing special LOL, easy to have 10 + flareon or arcanine.

      nice try tho mr valour team lmao.

      • Dan

        What are you talking about? Articuno is absolutely the worst. There are better Ice attackers (Lapras, Piloswine) than Articuno. Moltres is second to NONE when it comes to Fire attackers.

        • the2000guy

          Of course Articuno is the worst of the three brids. Now, Lapras best attacker than Jynx? I mean, it has more stamina than Jynx but obviously the best ice attacker as of now is Jynx, Look at the stats and you will see that Articuno, Lapras and Piloswine are basically similar and in attack are below than Jynx

          • Dan

            I was replying to the guy that said Moltres is the worst.

        • Robdebobrob

          When Ho-oh arrives itll be loads better than moltres is now. Same typing, much higher CP.

      • Ray Pryimak

        2 good Moltres are worth more than 10 flareon and Arcanine, and again since they’ll mainly be used to attack raids and gyms Moltres will destroy guys easier than Articuno and Zapdos regardless of type advantages since it has the highest damage of the 3, but nice try Mr team mistake

        • Michal Hušák

          Base on battle simulation agianst Celebi 23 Moltreas are equivalent to 31 Flareon. It is useful to beat efective Venousaur an Execute boss . For other raids Lugia and Zapdos give more sense …

        • Daniel Doiron

          and getting 10+ flareon at 2500 + CP is 20X easier than getting 5 moltres at over 2000 CP , unless you have no life and have 10 + moltres and 100 candies.

          nice try mr no life lol.

          • Ray Pryimak

            Actually that’s not true at all since Moltres is usually between 1750-1890 CP at level 20, so it’s far easier to get 5 Moltres above 2k CP than it is to get 10+ Flareon at 2500+ since you’ll be spending boatloads more stardust and candy on the Flareon and would have to be lucky to have them at a decent level beforehand, so nice try Mr no knowledge

          • Daniel Doiron

            evolving a 600-700 evee to get a 2k-2.4k flareon is easier than using 50-100 rare candy to power one bird to near 3000CP.

            And nobody has 5-10 + moltres , or all of them high CP to use, since there gone, and were rare to catch even if you tried 20 raids of them.

            Like lol try harder, your not even past level 35 prob anyways, or even play actively.

            So yeah, my knowledge is way better than yours.

    • trainer exus cF

      DEF stat doesn’t neccessarily mean only gym defence.. it means it lasts less longer than others in battles, i.e lugia will last a while like a sub-blissey in gym battles and some raid battles when moltres will die 2.5-3x faster than lugia. & also what Paul said, makes it easier to take down

  • Antonio Mercurio

    When can legendaries be put into gyms!! Plz add this so they are usefull!!

    • Michal Husak

      After the fast motivation lose change for sub 3000 pokemon I put in gyms only shuckle, magikaprs and pigeot to exhibit my opinion about the gym system … How much sense does it have to put in a gym Lugia when it is on 30% power in 6 hours changed from a might bird to an innocent chicken …

      • peponzio

        Well, you seem to be exhibiting your opinion to those who can do nothing about it and are most affected by such decisions.

        By putting magikarps and pidgeots all you are doing is frustrating your own team and local players.

        Shuckle might be acceptable just like Ditto and Wobbuffet as even their low CP is made up by defense, HP and transform. They’d probably last 30 seconds at their strongest.

        Pitting pokemon who last less than 10 seconds – at their strongest! – will only hurt your own kind. Everyone plays different so your opinion by playing like this is lost in the playing of millions of others.

        Complaints should go on social media, forums and emails to Niantic support; where fewer people actually speak your voice can be heard better, and your opinion is not lost on all the other ways you play that you do not complain about.

        @disqus_IhFX44Nd2D:disqus The legendaries have never belonged to any gym leader in the games. Personally I don’t think they should be allowed in gyms. As you say their usefulness is severely reduced due to this, though.

        But that doesn’t mean they’ll ever be useful, when PvP is implemented you’ll be able to battle with your heart’s content against others using legendaries. And it will be live and you’ll see your oponent struggling.

  • bandarlogical

    Is this a good place for me to gripe about there not being Raid Eggs anymore? I can’t express how frustrating it is to walk to a gym–or worse, be halfway through overthrowing one–only to have a Raid Boss appear without warning and delay you for 2 hours, whether you beat the boss or not!

    • Dan

      On the flip side, there’s only one team in my town (*cough* Mystic *cough*) that would turn over a gym to try to get the extra balls for gym control, even though the system is fully glitched. I’m not losing gyms due to stupidity anymore. At least that kind of stupidity.

  • TryDontDie

    Tyranitar on lvl 39 can have max 3618 CP not 3620 so it’s fake or they are cheaters.

    • the2000guy

      But using the trick of three phones to power up to lvl 40 instead of lvl 39.5?

      • TryDontDie

        still not trick, using bugs in game is some kind of cheating

        • the2000guy

          Yo said that the maximum is 3618, well someone used that trick to reach 3620 IMO. However, these Pokemon are not allowed to reach gyms I heard.

  • Spetsen

    I’ve seen pictures of three (level 40) players beating it. I’ve played in a group of five people (38, 39, 3×40) and we had more than half the time remaining.

    I think three is the magic number here. Five is the lowest I’ve heard of for Articuno, but it might have been possible with four. Clearly Moltres is much easier.

  • Jordan Tough

    “Honestly, outside temperatures are the biggest problem in Moltres raids, as weather channels across the globe reported record high temperatures and humidity.”

    We had torrential rain and thunderstorms all day. Usual UK weather lol (Still caught one though 😀 )

  • vision33r

    They’re all trophy and not useful. Since you can’t use in gyms it makes them just another check box on Pokedex.

  • Manu

    I do moltres in 3 people, with a solo team golem… think that 2 lvl 40 with 6 maxed golem can do it

    • Luiz Eduardo Pereira

      Yeah, It’s could be possible. I did a Moltres with 3 other people. 40, 35 and 2x 34 lvl. 2 attempts, 3 sec to end.

  • Diskus1

    Weather is the biggest problem? Earth is big, all weather is local. It’s nice and cool here… and in many otehr places I presume.

  • Drahoslav Horvath

    … so? It was beaten by 3 people in Bratislava (Slovakia)

  • Michal Hušák

    Moltres has already been beaten by 2 people (8 golem used by each trainer, level 39) ….