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Christmas Box Analysis

Christmas Box Analysis

It is that time of year, and Niantic has decided to wish us all a Happy Holidays with some actually decent boxes for sale in the shop for the upcoming Ho-Oh and Lugia weekend, and later, Christmas events! After some rather dull boxes, we are back again with the analysis of these sales, because if you have the funds or the saved up coins, nothing can go wrong with picking up a box or more this time around. The boxes are even winter and festive looking, the Special Box taking on the name ‘Winter Box’ to fit the mood!

Box Analysis

Items Winter Ultra
Raid Passes 2 20
Egg Incubators
Super Incubators 2 5
Star Pieces 2 3
Lure Modules
Lucky Eggs 2 3
Total Price 480 1480

Not a Max Potion or Max Revive in sight, thankfully. These boxes are catching the eyes of many players due to that whopping 20 raid passes in the Ultra Box. It has been a little while since we have had a box with 20 passes, so this is a great time to get stocked back up on those. As always, for calculation purposes, lucky eggs are priced at 63 apiece to reflect their bulk price to better calculate the bulk benefit. Incense are priced at the same for the same reason. Star pieces are priced at 50 coins a piece, also reflecting the bulk price from long ago, when they were once in the shop.

Analysis Winter Ultra
Total Worth 826 3339
Coins Saved Per Box 346 1859
Coins Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 120 1520
% Saved 41.9% 55.7%
% Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 20% 50.7%

All in all these boxes are pretty worth it, especially that Ultra Box. If you need to stock up on Raid Passes, with the bonus of 5 Super Incubators, then the Ultra Box is your bet. Even grabbing just one will help you raid Ho-Oh and Lugia the weekend of Dec 20th, and perhaps even help you save for later Gen 5 raid bosses.

Adventure Box

Items Quantity
Egg Incubators 10
Super Incubators 10
Star Pieces 3
Incense 3

It may not look like much because of how widespread the resources are, but this is a pretty good box. Between the regular and super incubators, that is 20 incubators total, meaning 60 eggs to hatch with one box. Because of that, this would not be a bad box to pick up if you are more of an egg hatcher, as opposed to a raider.

Analysis Adventure
Total Worth 3839
Coins Saved Per Box 2359
Coins Saved from Incubators 2020
% Saved 61.4%
% Saved from Incubators 57.7%

Overall, the boxes this round are solid. Are you planning on picking up one, or a few, or perhaps, a lot? Let us know, and Happy Holidays :).