Box Sale Analysis: Third Anniversary Celebration


Seeing off the end of Raikou Day and the beginning of July, a new group of boxes has been added to the in-game store. These boxes highlight some of the features of the Third Anniversary event, with a good amount of incubators to be sold. Without further ado, let’s see how these boxes break down in this box analysis.

Boxes overview

Items Special Great Ultra
Raid Passes 3 4 15
Egg Incubators 1
Super Incubators 3 6
Star Pieces 2 6
Lure Modules
Lucky Eggs 3 4
Incense 4
Max Revives 5
Total Price 480 780 1480

Box Analysis

The Max Revives in the Great Box are an odd choice, but right away we see the Ultra Box has a good amount of Raid Passes and a few Super Incubators, making it a possible good choice. Before we break them down, I would like to point out that for bulk savings purposes, Lucky Eggs and Incense are priced at 63 a piece to reflect their mid-range bulk price. Star Pieces are priced at 50 a piece for the same reason, and Max Revives are priced at 30 a piece.

Analysis Special Great Ultra
Total Worth 739 1450 3204
Coins Saved Per Box 259 670 1724
Coins Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes -30 220 1220
% Saved 35% 46.2% 53.8%
% Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes -6.67% 22% 45.2%

We have not had a negative number on these charts in a long time, but it is true! The three raid passes and one incubator in the Special Box only cost 450 coins bought individually, 30 coins short of the box itself. This is remedied for the overall box savings by the addition of Star Pieces and Lucky Eggs. If you are looking for raid passes or incubators, the Special Box this round is not your pick.

The Great Box pays for itself in incubators, but the Ultra Box is still the better pick if you have the coins for it. The downfall of the Great Box is the addition of Max Revives instead of a different item, like Lures or Incense. The Ultra Box has enough Raid Passes to sustain its price since 15 raid passes individually would cost, of course, 1500 coins, so there are already some savings to be had there. With the addition of Super Incubators and a few Incense and Lucky Eggs, this is not the worst box we have had. If you need raid passes, this is the better deal instead of buying them individually, plus Super Incubators are always useful.

Adventure Box Analysis

The Adventure Box could be the pick for those players who are after the shiny Alolan Pokémon exclusive to 7km eggs; Meowth, Grimer, Vulpix and Sandshrew. Let’s see how this incubator-focused box can benefit that shiny hunt.

Items Quantity
Super Incubator 15
Incense 4
Egg Incubator 2
Lucky Egg 4
Analysis Adventure
Total Worth 3804
Coins Saved Per Box 2324
Coins Saved from Incubators 1820
% Saved 61.1%
% Saved from Incubators 55.15%

With 15 Super Incubators and 2 normal Incubators you could hatch 51 eggs, that could be 51 chances at a shiny Alolan or baby out of a 7km, if you are into that. A good box for replenishing or stocking up on Super Incubators.

Final Thoughts

If you are after shiny Groudon, or overall, you are more of a raider than an egg hatcher, then the Ultra Box is for you. It is not great, it does not have the best sale on Raid Passes, but at least it is a better deal than buying them individually. If you want to hatch eggs and want more Super Incubators, then go for the Adventure Box. Steer clear of this round of Special and Great Boxes, save your coins for a better box down the road.

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