New Boxes for Season of Mythical Wishes Analysis

At midnight on 30th November, three new boxes hit the shop for the Season of Mythical Wishes. We’ve had a spate of bad boxes in the Season of Light, so let’s take hope for the best with these new boxes! There are no ‘fluff’ items in these boxes like balls, or other items you can obtain for free by spinning stops, so they are already looking better, because each item has a true cost in the in-game shop.

Let’s get into it!

Trainee Box

Items Value
Incubator icon 1× Incubator 150
Incubator icon 1× Super Incubator 200
Raid Pass icon 1× Raid Pass 100
Total Value 450

The Trainee Box is typically the cheapest option, but it doesn’t necessarily offer the best savings. It is better than previous similar boxes thanks to swapping out balls for a premium battle pass, but it is also 50 coins more expensive. This box offers a saving of 50 coins, not anything dramatic or particularly worthwhile unfortunately. I imagine most people would opt for this because of the incubators, in which case it is actually more expensive than buying them outright as singles in the shop. Don’t buy this unless you specifically need this exact combination of items, it isn’t worth it for the incubators as the main selling point.

Expert Box

Items Value
Raid Pass icon 10× Raid Pass 1000
Lure icon 1× Lure 100
Star Piece icon 1× Star Piece 100
Lucky Egg icon 1× Lucky Egg 80
Total Value 1280

So, we finally have a box with a bundle of raid passes in again! Just in time for the Hoenn Mega Raid Day. Looking at the entire bundle it offers a saving of 380 coins, not too bad. But let’s be honest, this box is all about the raid passes, so let’s ignore the other ‘bonus’ items, and take a look at them. It offers a saving of 100 coins on just the raid passes, so if you plan to raid heavily, in person, 100 coins is 100 coins, so therefore worth it. If you aren’t an in person raider, give this one a miss.

Explorer Box

Items Value
Incubator icon 10× Incubator 1500
Incubator icon 10× Super Incubator 2000
Incense icon 5× Incense 200
Total Value 3700

And finally, a box for the egg hatchers! It offers a total saving of 1850 coins which is pretty massive, and it means this box is actually half price. Even if you take off the incense and consider them a bonus item because most people are buying this box just for the incubators, it still a saving of 1650 coins which is hefty! It is the best priced box we’ve had for incubators for a good while. While we’d prefer to see the split weighted more in favour of Super Incubators, this one is a decent saving. It still doesn’t compare to the Adventure Boxes of old, but it’s the best we’ve had in a long time. Unlike other recent incubator boxes this one doesn’t have remote raid passes in it, which means you can buy multiple if you wish to, without having to worry about spending any remote raid passes.


The are the best boxes we’ve had in a while! We’d still suggest giving the Trainee Box a miss, but the Expert and Explorer boxes are worthwhile for those who raid in person, or who want to hatch a lot of eggs. While they still don’t compare to the boxes of early 2022, I’m not convinced we’ll get much better than this anytime soon.

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