Halloween Event 2022 Box Analysis

Part 1 of the Halloween event is here, and of course, it brings with it new boxes in the shop. There are three spooky themed boxes, and while aesthetically they look cool, and fit the event well, they are a little mixed. With an event focused heavily on hatching, we finally have some incubator heavy boxes that offer some savings.

As usual, if an item is not available for sale in the shop, we do not assign it a monetary value. Let us know how you feel about these boxes in the comments!

Creepy Crate

Items Value
Incubator icon 1× Super Incubator 200
Incubator icon 2× Incubator 300
Total Value 500

The cheapest box has a saving of 75 coins, which isn’t particular much. With the new shiny Noibat being referenced as having a higher shiny rate in eggs, Niantic know we will want to hatch 7km eggs and that many folks will accept any saving they can. Not the best, but not terrible. We’ve had better boxes under the 500 coin mark containing incubators recently, but again, at least there are savings to be had.

Pumpkin Pack

Items Value
Incubator icon 6× Incubator 900
Incubator icon 4× Super Incubator 800
Lure icon 1× Lure 100
Incense icon 1× Incense 40
Total Value 1840

With a saving of 640 coins, this box doesn’t look too bad at first glance. With 10 incubators overall, it still is expensive when compared to past boxes focused on incubators, but sadly it doesn’t look like Niantic have any intention of giving us a decently priced Adventure Box any time soon. The Lure Module and the Incense aren’t really necessary, more a little added bonus, so you could remove 140 value, as the majority of people looking at this box are looking to buy incubators. That therefore means a true saving of 500 coins.

Boo Bundle

Items Value
Incubator icon 8× Incubator 1200
Incubator icon 8× Super Incubator 1600
Raid Pass icon 3× Remote Raid Pass 300
Ultra Ball icon 20× Ultra Ball 0
Total Value 3100

With a saving of 1100 coins, this box has the biggest saving of the three current boxes. An even split of super and regular incubators, plus remote raid passes over in person is a good combination, but it does still lack when compared to the older boxes. It’s probably one of the better boxes we’ve had for incubators in a while, or maybe I’m just so downtrodden from writing these analysis that I think it’s good. The recent Test Your Mettle event had a box that was pretty similar, but it contained more super incubators vs regular incubators, as well as some in person passes, for a slightly higher price of 2299 coins. The Ultra Balls don’t have any monetary value so feel more like a bonus addition than part of the actual box. We’d prefer to see those removed and extra incubators added.

As always, while we offer our opinions on these boxes, the choice is ultimately yours. The monetary cost of these can really add up, so make your decisions wisely.

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