Earth Power Flygon is October CD Exclusive

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Trainers, Flygon evolved during October Community Day will know Earth Power, a powerful Ground-type charge move. Earth Power will be available for Flygon evolved during and up to one hour after the event ends.

Earth Power deals 100 damage and costs 50 energy, with a 3.6 cooldown, usually reserved for lower tier Ground-type Pokemon. Earth Power is a better performer than Earthquake in Raids, which was the best Ground move available on Flygon to date. Is Earth Power good enough to make Flygon meta relevant in Raids? Let’s see.

Earth Power Flygon in raids

Unfortunately, no. Despite Earth Power being a straight up upgrade coming from Earthquake, Flygon’s stats are not good enough to challenge Groudon, Excadrill, Rhyperior and Garchomp. Here are the results of comparing Flygon with the aforementioned Pokemon:

Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move DPS TDO
Groudon Mud Shot Earthquake 13.79 731.01
Excadrill Mud Slap Drill Run 14.30 525.39
Rhyperior Mud Slap Earthquake 12.40 670.17
Garchomp Mud Shot Earthquake 12.41 650.12
Flygon Mud Shot Earth Power 12.35 458.68
Flygon Mud Shot Earthquake 10.52 350.59

As evident from the table above, Earth Power does improve Flygon’s performance dramatically – 17% more DPS and 30% better TDO – but it’s hardly enough to push him any higher. Rhyperior and Garchomp are still better on the TDO side, while Excadrill leads the charge in terms of DPS. As usual, Groudon reigns supreme with high DPS and strong TDO numbers to back it up.

So, no, Earth Power will not make Flygon a top tier attacker, but it does improve it significantly.

Earth Power Flygon in PvP

Flygon with Earth Power could be interesting for PvP, as Earth Power has a 10% chance to decrease Opponent’s Defense by 1 stage. However, Earthquake is still a better move overall. Earth Power deals 90 damage for 55 Energy, while Earthquake deals 120 damage for 65 Energy. The DPE metric is in favor of Earthquake and it’s always questionable if Earth Power will proc early enough. We’d keep our Earthquake and experiment with Earth Power if you feel creative.

Flygon was always a force to be reckoned with in the Great League, with Mud Shot generating Energy in spades. We don’t think it’s worth trading Earthquake for Earth Power, given that Mud Shot generates +9 Energy per hit. But alas, maths is here to save the day.

Mud Shot deals 3 damage and generates 9 Energy every 2 turns. In order to activate Earth Power you need 7 Mud Shots, and to activate Earthquake you need 8 Mud Shots.

That means the following for the first activation:

  • Mud Shot + Earth Power will deal 7 * 3 + 90 = 111 damage. You’re left with 8 energy.
  • Mud Shot + Earthquake will deal 8 * 3 + 120 = 144 damage. You’re left with 7 energy.

Even if you account for the additional Mud Shot if you have Earth Power (compared to Earthquake build), you will still need 38 Energy (5 Mud Shots) for second activation of Earth Power and for Earthquake you need 58 energy (7 Mud Shots).

The difference in timing feels too small to account for 30 lost damage per activation, but this is just an early look, maybe we’re wrong here.

Community Day details

Community Day Pokémon Trapinch
Featured Bonuses
  • Increased Trapinch spawns,
  • 3x Catch XP, and
  • 3-hour Lure Modules
Date and Time October 12th, 11am to 2pm in local timezones
Exclusive Move Earth Power

Shiny Variants

Shiny Trapinch, Vibrava and Flygon will be released during October Community Day:


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